Hitler, Stalin ... and Clinton?
             Newspaper poll ranks president
             second among most evil

             ? 1999

             A New York Post survey of readers sampling
             nearly 20,000 people ranks Bill Clinton second
             to Adolf Hitler as the most evil person of the

             Hitler received 8.67 percent, or 1,664 votes,
             and Clinton received 8.47 percent, or 1,625,
             placing him well above mass-murdering Soviet
             leader Josef Stalin, who got 6.69 percent, or
             1,284 votes.

             What makes the president's appearance on the
             survey more astonishing is respondents had to
             write his name in, while Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot,
             Dr. Josef Mengele and others were listed on
             the survey. First lady Hillary Clinton came in
             sixth on the survey, with 3.99 percent and 765
             votes -- all write-ins.

             Others on the list included Saddam Hussein,
             Charles Manson, Idi Amin, Genghis Khan,
             Jeffrey Dahmer, Benito Mussolini, Ayatollah
             Khomeini, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy,
             Ivan the Terrible, Fidel Castro, Vlad the
             Impaler, Timothy McVeigh and Marquis de


                           ? 1999, Inc.

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