Of the 46 million who watched the SOTU (which excludes out-of-home viewing and live-streaming, which is the ONLY way me and mine now "watch television", which could put the actual number at 55 million) a mere 7% or 3.1 million viewed it on CNN.

So why would CNN claim that even ONE Trump supporter would watch Trump's speech on CNN, much less enough to severely distort their poll which showed 79% gave Trump a POSITIVE rating?

MOST people I know are already sworn enemies of CNN who REFUSE to watch anything on CNN, much less his keystone speech. iow, if CNN was the only option (which it clearly is not) they would NOT watch it.

So CNN is stuck with the knowledge that no matter how hard they TRY to make it appear that Trump is lying 93% of the time, only 21% of THEIR OWN viewers believe them.
And even IF they could come up with a few Trump supporters who are not sworn enemies of CNN, the very most they could claim is that TWENTY TWO PERCENT agree with their filthy character assassination of everything American, not just Trump.

"Anderson Cooper 360 (8pm) also posted the highest adults 25-54 (425k) and total viewer (1.238m) 8p performance on record."

This is LESS than 0.4% of all Americans.

BUT "in January, a Rasmussen poll found that only 33 percent of likely voters who watched CNN trusted its political coverage, while 36 percent said they did not trust it".

IOW, the MSMs own polls PROVED that, of the 1.238 million who watch Cooper, LESS than 410 thousand (or less than 0.13% of ALL Americans), actually AGREE with Cooper.

Why, then, do so many, and in particular James Clapper, consider CNN to be a religion which cannot be challenged?

Compare that to the EXTREMIST LEFTIST wapo poll which claims/admits that 55.5% of the VOTERS support Trump to this day, which is 75 million VOTERS, which is 183 TIMES as many viewers who trust Anderson.

AND to the CBS poll, which, if they are AT ALL representative of the REST of the 320 million people in the country, who were SHOCKED to their socks that 80% of THEIR viewers have a positive opinion of Trump, then we have 256 MILLION, which is 640 TIMES as many Americans, as those who trust Anderson.

President Donald Trump has made accusations of �fake news� a regular tactic in his administration�s war against the media in general and CNN in particular. Now, the president�s allies are leaning into that assault with polling indicating popular distrust for CNN.

According to a new poll from pro-Trump nonprofit America First Policies, only 31 percent of Americans agree with CNN�s slogan that they are �the most trusted name in news.� Furthermore, when asked what network they found most trustworthy, a plurality of respondents�29 percent�favored Fox News over CNN, MSNBC, or BBC America.

The CNN question comes from AFP�s �National Tax Reform Survey,� details of which were shown to THE WEEKLY STANDARD ahead of publication. The nationwide poll of 1,200 respondents was conducted Sept. 15-17 by Republican-affiliated pollsters the Polling Company and National Research, Inc.

To the surprise of no one, CNN fared better among Democrats, "with 48 percent agreeing they were the most trusted source" than among Republicans (14 percent) and independents (31 percent).

This isn�t the first time pollsters have detected that many American voters distrust CNN. Back in January, a Rasmussen poll found that only 33 percent of likely voters who watched CNN trusted its political coverage, while 36 percent said they did not trust it. On the other hand, trustworthiness can be a relative question: a July Axios poll found that Americans trust CNN more than President Trump.

The pollsters involved in the America First Policies poll are tight with the White House: The Polling Company is Kellyanne Conway�s old outfit, and National Research, Inc. is run by the Trump presidential campaign�s pollster. And the questions similarly seem skewed to give the group the answers they wanted: only 48 percent of Democrats might think CNN is the most trusted name in news, but that doesn�t mean 52 percent find them untrustworthy. Nevertheless, look for White House surrogates to begin using these figures as talking points in the days ahead.

CBS forced to admit 76% liked Trump's 2019 SOTU









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[�]gjvggh3 56 points don't forget Washington Post is fake news!

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we all really appreciate the headache. once it is finalized, it and won't have to do it again.

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Great job centipede! The only thing I would suggest is that in the future you use larger text and different colors. it doesn't catch people's attention is much unless you actually WANT to read it

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Man Kaiser was a fucking idiot

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Mods, this entire post needs to be stickied to t_d for a long while please.

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Agreed - Sidebar this Fake News failing pile of garbage!

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Sidebar is to the side.

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"Mediocre negroes?" They're trying to say Trump is a racist by being racist? UGUHHHHHH

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[�]hyalineyeUSA 38 points  

Steve Harvey is just a mediocre negro. You know, because he's from West Virginia, the son of a coal miner, used to be a boxer, an autoworker, an insurance salesman, a carpet cleaner, and a mailman. Oh, and because he felt that meeting with President Trump could spark positive changes.

All which undermine Marc Lemonts narrative.

Marc and Don definitely butt cuck each other. That much is certain.

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[�]mre5765 37 points  

It's easier to compile every CNN story that told the truth about Trump since he became the nominee.

Here it is:

horizontal rule

There, done.

... drops mic ... Internet won today

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[�]UnexpectedDubstepCA 23 points  

My favorite are the Politifact articles that headline "Mostly False," then in the article say "Well it's true but we don't like it."

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[�]Devil-sAdvocate 5 points  

Yes. We need another of just all the fact checking sites biases.

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Go to the Daily They've been keeping tabs on all the fake news from every station since the election. So far there at 140

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A lot of these are interesting except 34

Using stock footage of green screen terminal "hacking" from a video game is hilarious but hardly fake news.

It just calls the other ones into question

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[�]ohdirkadirkadirka 18 points  

Eh yes and no.

True, it's not a false piece of information being reported by CNN. But it is just another piece of evidence for the claim that CNN is not the serious & reputable news network it holds itself out to be.

Hell, that's how the MSM was really using the term 'fake news' before we took it over. They would call anything 'fake news' that wasn't well established, that made mistakes, or that they didn't like. Now that we have control of the term, we can throw it back in their face at all angles, too.

If we keep pointing out every instance of 'hilarious' reporting -- even if for the most minor events like this -- people will subconsciously associate CNN with 'laughable, not to be taken seriously'

Besides, most people who aren't T_D supporters won't see this post directly; they'll only see the images as they are re-shared. Just share all of them except that one if you think its no good.

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Since your old comment with 25-50 was removed, I'll say it again:

The #42 is so absurd...who the fuck ARE these can't make this shit up

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i think 28 is the worst - CNN makes up that Bannon said the N word and start sobbing about it

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[�]ohdirkadirkadirka 26 points  

Lol those are both good ones.

Personally I'm a big fan of #16 and #19 in tandem. Chris Cuomo on 10/12 tells his viewers its illegal to read WikiLeaks ("so everything you learn about this, you're learning from us"). Exactly one week later, on 10/19, Congressman Collins is on Cuomo's show and Collins begins to say "We now know through WikiLeaks that---"


Oh, nooo. They lost the satellite--that sucks!

(We've all seen both of those but it never clicked with me that it was Cuomo in both of them and they happened so close in time to each other. Cuomo likely knew that if Collins started talking, his viewers would realize that Cuomo had been withholding a lot of info after having told them that they had to get their wikileaks info from him)

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LoL, OP's links are scattered all over the page but if you do a quick Ctrl-f for "Loses Connection" you'll find 7 different posts of their satellite feed conveniently cutting out...

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23 still my favorite.

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Proverbs 26:11 applies... As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly. CNN's new slogan.

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[�]damnittohelll 7 points reporters are just like black people now?

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Thanks for your hard work. It's greatly appreciated. MAGA 👌🐛🐸🇺🇸

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Yes can see it

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Can see.

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I can see it

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The Bernie Sanders one was so transparent and sad. The guy in charge of cutting the feeds has a really sensitive trigger-finger.

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As Requested, here is an album with all the pictures

It's got 76 images in total. Some of them are far less significant than others (e.g., La La Land story was understandable). But I included them all in there because I figured I'd let the masses decide which ones they thought were worth sharing. If enough people object to a particular one, though, I can remove it if it will make people more willing to share the whole album.

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I want to make clear that the list of things I posted on here does not even come close to covering all of CNN's bullshit stories. Hell, I mostly covered 2016 and 2017 (65 of the 77 memes are from mid 2016 onward), and I didn't even get all the bad reporting in that period. Here are some notes I had on other bullshit stories by CNN that I never got around to memeing (but again, this don't think this covers all of CNN's bullshit).

  1. The whole Buzzfeed fiasco. I understand CNN�s argument from a technical standpoint: they (i) never directly posted the Buzzfeed URL on their webpage and (ii) never said the facts in this dossier are true�but, come on. Even other liberal publications weren�t buying the �We�re not reporting, we�re just reporting that others are reporting� idea. CNN effectively acted as a traffic cop sending people to the Buzzfeed dossier and tried to disclaim any fault on a technicality. CNN made a lawyer�s argument. But in a court of common sense, CNN was promoting and reporting the dossier.

  2. Carol Costello on the Bristol Palin tapes. Costello laughs, hypes it up, and says �This is quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we�ve ever come across.� (Reminder: the audio is of a young woman, Bristol, being assaulted).

  3. The Cruz/Carson fiasco. Idk much about it. But I know it exists. [1];[2]

  4. George Zimmerman. CNN had absurd coverage throughout.There's too many things under this umbrella to list them here. [1]

  5. CNN contemplates an assassination of Trump. In the leadup to the inauguration, they contemplated Trump (and his whole cabinet) being killed, opening the possibility of an Obama cabinet member taking office. [1]. It could be good to lookup footage of them reporting on Obama at the same time 8 years ago, and pair the two side by side.

  6. CNN threatens to ruin Trump internationally. CNN President Jeff Zucker tried to bully Trump by pointing out that they can ruin his image internationally because they have offices all over the world.

  7. CNN on Milo. They say he is a 'white nationalist' who 'wants to make hate speech cool.' [1]; [2]. No further explanation needed.

  8. Berkeley Riots. CNN�s Robert Reich argues absurd conspiracy that rioters were put there by Breitbart. [1]. He makes this argument even despite leftist riot organizers saying their methods were a success. In discussing Berkeley, CNN Contributor Marc Lamont Hill says conservatives start violence on college campuses. [2].

  9. Saying US citizens commit crimes at higher rates than illegal immigrants. CNN's Cuomo and Henderson both say this on separate occassions. Immigrant crime stats are a thorny issue. There's some studies saying immigrants commit crime at higher rates. There's some studies saying they commit crime at lower rates. There's some studies saying ilegal immigrants commit crime at higher rates. There's some studies saying the crime rates of illegal immigrants are indeterminate so we can't make a compairson. But there's not studies saying illegal immigrants commit crimes at lower rates than citizens, which is what CNN was stating as a fact on multiple occasions.

  10. Hypocrisy on Trump & Miss Universe. CNN slams Trump for his comments on Ms Universe and supposdely his comments about womens' weights (only Rosie O'Donnell). But CNN ran a story, albeit in 1997 years ago, where they report on Miss Universe gaining weigh and poke fun at her with a bunch of fat puns. [1].

  11. Miss Universe Again, More recently. This is ridiculous in its own right, even if we ignore Trump. CNN ran a headline a couple of years ago that tread..."Miss Universe: Muslim Trailblazer or Hezbollah Spy?"

  12. CNN kicked out of Venezuela. This was over the passport story. Idk the facts and whether CNN was in the wrong, but its more evidence of people saying CNN is fake news.

  13. CNN kicked out of Iran. Again, Idk the facts here that well. It might've been a temporary thing that already ended. I only read about it in passing.

  14. Reporting on Varasso in India. CNN recently got a lot of shit for calling Varasso the �city of the dead.� Google it & you�ll find quotes of people saying �Wow looks like Trump is right, CNN is fake news�

  15. Don Lemon's black holes. Don Lemon went through ridiculous efforts to keep returning to bizarre �black hole theory� on Malaysian airline story. Granted you could argue he was playing devils advocate ('some people have claimed that...') but it gets ridiculous how much he keeps pushing it. I recommend watching the youtube compilation of it with X-Files music in the background.

  16. Trump, Obama 2nd Amenndment EO. CNN reported that Trump said Obama had already signed executive orders doing, among other things, taking away guns. But in the footage in question, Trump very clearly states on camera that he is discussing things Obama could do in the future.

  17. Acid wash fact check. CNN did some bullshit �fact-checking� on Trump saying Hillary acid washed her emails & Hillary�s response. It�s not as bad as NBC�s, but its pretty damn bad.

  18. Sandy Hook. Idk much about this but I remmeber seeing something about it. Something about a fake interview? Anderson Cooper�s nose disappearing?

  19. Don Lemon & Cosby rape victim. Don Lemon brings Bill Cosby rape victim on the show. Lemon says she should have just bit Cosby�s dick off to avoid being raped; the segment is mostly him embarrasing and demeaning her.

  20. Misrepresenting Trump on PTSD. If you view he the full context in which he made his remarks (and have an understanding of how Trump speaks), its pretty clear CNN took him out of context. In other words, Trump did not say that people with PTSD are "weak," as CNN headlines would have you believe.

  21. More cut mics. There's an instance where CNN didn't "lose the connection" but Don Lemon tells the network to "cut the mic" on a guy who started to bring up Hillary's past related to defending rapists. There's many instances like that. A more recent one, albeit less severe, is when Don Lemon abruptly ends the segment after a panelist�s complains that the story is fake news.

  22. Shia Lebouf arrest. My main issue here is that they report on Shia being arrested at an anti-Trump "rally". You can see it on video - I'm fairly certain there is max 10 people there, mostly just standing around. I also don't think the article showed the footage. You could probably make a good meme of CNN calling it a rally (next to the footage of the arrest) alongside CNN calling something like a Trump speech a 'gathering' (next to the massive crowd).

  23. CNN leaks: climate change. From 2009, but there's a high up saying 'theres no debate on climate change.' [1]

  24. Likely some stuff on the following: (i) Bad stuff against Bernie during the Dem primaries (I wasn't a Bernie guy, so I didn't follow); (ii) some fuckery on its reporting on national polls during the general election; (iii) some fuckery with its own polling methods throughout the general election.

  25. Hypocrisy w/r/t Fox's evening lineup. CNN�s Brian Stelter attacked Fox for having mostly white males during primtime slots. But CNN said this is the future of journalism with an all male cover. Its 9 person panel covering the �Women�s March� had 8 men on it, too. That covers the male aspect, for the 'white' aspect, see the racial discrimination class action brought against them; judge allowed it to proceed, its still making its way through the courts

  26. More stories that I didn't have time to get to but that were painted as false by Breitbart and others: (RNC saying Trump = Jesus); (Jake tapper saying Trump's speech trashed the administrative branches of the gov); (Something about GOP trying to remove $200k something); (Something about Regan and Iran hostage release)

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17380222133 Comments 85807

The original plan was to compile a list of the national media's Fake News only as needed -- but no more often than once a week. Unfortunately, our MSM has done so much lying in the last 5 days, I started to worry that I could lose track. Simply put, the last few days have been a fire hose of Fake News.

Read everything below, and then try to make an argument that Steve Bannon isn't 100% correct about the national media being the opposition party.

P.S. Here is last week's list.

1. Entire Media Lies About Trump's Refugee Pause Being a "Muslim Ban"

Using 7 countries designated by the Obama administration as failed states crawling with Islamic terrorists, the Trump administration instituted a pause on the admission of foreign nationals coming from those countries for 90 days, and halted the refugee programs from all countries for 120 days to beef up the vetting process. In the 40-plus other Muslim-majority countries throughout the world, immigration continues as usual.

A Muslim ban would ban Muslims. Trump's refugee pause affects all people of all religions and does not at all affect over three dozen other Muslim-majority countries.

Calling this a Muslim Ban is an outright lie.

2. CNN Lies About Tying Fox News In the Ratings On Inauguration Day

The ratings weren't even close. CNN came in a distant second place, a humiliating second pace.

3. Time Magazine Blames Misreporting On Trump

Time Magazine's Ryan Teague Beckwith attempted to blame misreporting on Trump's Executive Orders on Trump. This of course is an absurd lie. The Executive Orders might not be released as quickly as Time would like, but that in no way excuses Fake News from left-wing reporters attempting to fill in the blanks to suit their own twisted agenda.

4. Washington Post "Fact Checker" Attempts to Gin Up Dissent Against Trump

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler, the single most dishonest member of the media I have ever come across, used his Twitter feed to outright manufacture Fake News against Trump. He called on foreign-service officers to sign a dissent memo, which would then become an anti-Trump story.

5. EXTRAORDINARY Lies of Omission About Foreign-Born Threats to America

In their push for a narrative, Fake News oftentimes comes from what the media intentionally fails to report. The lack of context is purposeful in pursuit of their destroy-Trump agenda. Here is what you are not being told about the very real threat of foreign-born terrorists:

US May Have Let 'Dozens' of Terrorists Into Country As Refugees

Between 2001 and 2014, 380 foreign-born terrorists were convicted in America, 40 of those were refugees.

Islamic State finds success infiltrating its terrorists into refugee flows to West

6. AP Reports that Trump's Vote Fraud Expert is Registered in Three States

By reporting non-news as news, the AP's obvious goal is to mislead readers into believing this man is committing vote fraud. Many people are registered in more than one state. I myself am registered in Wisconsin, California, and North Carolina. We are a transient country. Millions have lived and voted and registered in more than one state. This is a non-story.

Imagine if the AP was this concerned about actual illegal voting.

7. The Viral Lie that Dick Cheney Blasted Trump Over His Refugee Pause

Never happened.

8. Media Lies About Trump's Refugee Pause Based On His Business Interests

From NPR, to Fortune magazine, to Reuters, to Vox� The lie that Trump's refugee pause is based on countries his company does not do business with went viral for a full day.

Even the left-wing Washington Post got on board.

As we now know, the seven countries chosen by Trump came from a list the Obama Administration put together, a list of countries riddled with terror and lacking in the infrastructure necessary to adequately vet immigrants and refugees.

9. ABC News Accuses Trump of Not Having Family Photos in the Oval Office

Based on a single photograph that doesn't begin to show what might be in a 800-plus square foot office, ABC News's Terry Moran fired off the Fake News that the lack of family pictures in that particular photograph was meaningful.

Obviously, the MSM chose to learn nothing from the Fake News fiasco involving the bust of Rev. Martin Luther King.

10. The Islamophobic Media Lie That Refugee Pauses Create Terrorists

In their zeal to attack Trump, time and again the media revealed its own Islamophobia by spreading the debunked lie that such actions create more terrorists. Over and over and over again, the media coordinated a narrative that claimed Muslims become terrorists when they do not get their way.

If that's not outright bigotry, if that's not looking at a group of people as scary others, what is?

11. The Lie That Mike Flynn's Son Called the Refugee Pause a 'Muslim Ban'

Based only on a Tweet that included the tag #MuslimBan, Politico's Blake Hounshell and CNN's Jake Tapper spread the lie that this somehow meant Mike Flynn Jr., son of Trump's National Security Advisor, had declared Trump's refugee pause a "Muslim Ban."

Using a tag to get into a top Twitter conversation means absolutely nothing. Everyone knows this, but Tapper and Hounshell still spread what they knew could be a lie.

12. Media Spreads Lies of "Mass Resignations" at State Department

The Washington Post's Josh Rogin spread the flat-out lie that there was a "mass exodus of senior Foreign Service officers" at the State Department. All of it due to Trump.

The truth is that the White House asked for these resignations. Furthermore, the truth is that this is standard operating procedure with a new administration.

13. New York Times' Maggie Haberman Claims Only San Bernardino Shootings Involved 'Non-US-Born Attacker'

Maggie Haberman, who shares the dual-honor of being biased and not very bright, had her Fake News immediately corrected by Twitter users, none of whom enjoy the enormous resources of the leftwing New York Times.

14. Media Falsely Claims Obama Did Not Discriminate Against Christian Refugees

By cherry-picking one year, 2016, and being hyper-literal about Trump's statement that it was "impossible" for Christian refugees to gain entry into America under Obama, the media spread the Fake News that Christians were not discriminated against by Obama.

Here is the truth:

But the numbers tell a different story: The United States has accepted 10,801 Syrian refugees, of whom 56 are Christian. Not 56 percent; 56 total, out of 10,801. That is to say, one-half of 1 percent.

The BBC says that 10 percent of all Syrians are Christian, which would mean 2.2 million Christians. It is quite obvious, and President Barack Obama and Secretary John Kerry have acknowledged it, that Middle Eastern Christians are an especially persecuted group.

So how is it that one-half of 1 percent of the Syrian refugees we�ve admitted are Christian, or 56, instead of about 1,000 out of 10,801�or far more, given that they certainly meet the legal definition?

15. CNN's Jim Sciutto Spreads Lie That "Refugee Policy Is Not Based On Religion"

Sciutto, a former Obama official, also lied about Christians not being discriminated against.

Sciutto is a lying liar who lies.

16. Media Lies About Trump Installing a Gag Order Against the EPA

Standard operating procedure with a new administration was again turned into Nazi Germany.

17. Media Covered Up and Lied About Obama's 2011 Refugee Ban

Due to the same fears in 2011, then-President Obama instituted a refugee ban from Iraq that lasted six months. Not only did the media cover it up, in order to protect Obama and their Narrative, the media are now falsely spreading the Fake News that Obama's refugee six-month ban from a Muslim-majority country is somehow different from Trump's.

Yeah, it's not.

18. Washington Post Publishes Partisan Editorial as Straight News Story

Pretty outrageous.

19. NBC's Chuck Todd Falsely Claims Fear of Sexism Contributed to Major Hillary Cover-up

While I appreciate Chuck Todd admitting that he and the rest of the national media covered up the fact that they all knew how despised Hillary was in the Midwest, his excuse is just flat-out wrong. Todd claimed he and the rest of the media covered up a vital truth fearing it would be sexist to tell this truth.

What poppycock.

1) We all know Todd and Company would not have covered this truth up if it were Sarah Palin, as opposed to Hillary.

2) What is sexist about "Hillary for Prison" signs? What is sexist about despising a politician? Nothing. If the signs read, "Women make Lousy Presidents" or "Hillary is a Bitch," that is sexist.

But you can also bet that Todd and company would have gleefully reported on those!

20. Philadelphia Inquirer Contradicts Its Own Reporting to Gotcha Trump

In September of 2016, the Inquirer reported that the murder rate was on the increase. After Trump agreed with them, the same outlet called him a liar

21. Even MORE Corrections from the Atlantic on Their Fake News Reporting About the Unborn

We reported on this debacle last week. But since then, the Atlantic has had to add even more corrections.

22. Media Spreads Lie That Trump's Chief Advisor Told the Media to "Shut Up"

The national media loves to talk about themselves and feel persecuted, so Steve Bannon's suggestion that the media "should keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while" to the American people, was quickly turned into an act of persecution.

No one lied more about this than CNN's Jake Tapper.

Tapper even won the prize for being the most smug while spreading the lie.

Bannon never said shut up. All he expressed was the same opinion many in the media have after facing the fallout of the 2016 debacle. Meaning, maybe we need to listen more to the voters and less to our own echo chamber.

Nonetheless, CNN put "shut up" in quote marks. That is a lie. That is spreading the fake news that Bannon said something he did not say.

Politico's media reporter did the same.

Even the t-shirts lie.

22. ABC News Memory-Holes Key Part of Trump Interview

During David Muir's interview with Trump, the president criticized the media for always underplaying the massive crowds at the annual March for Life.

That part of the interview was omitted from the network's official transcript.

23. WINTER IS COMING: ABC News Busted Promoting Fake Image of Trump

Trump looking out a window at a cold, foggy blizzard, is much more ominous-looking than the truth�

The weather that day was sunny and 60 degrees.

24. Media Falsely Claim There Is Zero Evidence of Widespread Vote Fraud

After Trump again said that as many as 3 to 5 million illegal votes may have been cast in 2016, the national media went on a Fake News spree claiming that no evidence of any kind exists to back up this claim.

This was fairly typical of the lies spread.

In fact, there is all kinds of evidence about widespread vote fraud.

1. The Media claiming it doesn�t exist is excellent reason to believe it does.

2. Despite its widespread popularity even among Democrats, the MSM and Democrats fight tooth and nail against voter ID.

3. There is this study that was published by no less than the Washington Post.

4. There is also this study.

5. And this study.



The 10 biggest purveyors of fake news in 2016: CNN, Washington Post, MSNBC, Forbes and more

Image: The 10 biggest purveyors of fake news in 2016: CNN, Washington Post, MSNBC, Forbes and more

(Natural News) This past year will be remembered for a lot of things, including the year that so-called fake news helped one unlikely presidential candidate win the White House.

For weeks since President Donald J. Trump vanquished two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton, a narrative emerged that �fake news,� as in propaganda, fed to hundreds of alternative media news sites by Russian intelligence swayed voters away from Clinton and into Trump�s corner.

No proof has ever emerged substantiating this tin-foil-hat conspiracy, mind you.

Nevertheless, this narrative has been expanded and made �official,� so to speak. President Obama has used it, in part, as his justification for sanctioning Russian intelligence and diplomatic missions and operatives. And it has been used by Congress and the president as justification to create a de facto Ministry of Truth within the U.S. government, ostensibly to identify and counteract the �fake news� and propaganda coming from foreign governments (a long-accepted intelligence/counterintelligence technique which happened all through the Cold War and remains in use today).

And who will disseminate the government�s version of what is supposedly �the truth�? You guessed it: The very same �mainstream� media institutions and outlets that have been creating and distributing fake news for decades.

With that in mind, we bring you the 10 worst offenders of fake news in 2016:

1. �The Russians did it�: The Washington Post� The paper mainstreamed the narrative that �The Russians Hacked the Election� with a shoddy piece of journalism reporting that Russian intelligence gave hundreds of alternative media sites (including ours) �propaganda� in the form of �news� aimed at helping Trump and hurting Clinton [playing her role, Clinton would later blame it on some grudge Russian President Vladimir Putin held against her].

The sole �source� for the story was some shady, never-before-heard-of group of �experts� in various fields who claimed their �analysis� concluded without a doubt that Russian counterintelligence had meddled in our election. So flimsy and fake was the story that the Post eventually had to publish a sort-of retraction, admitting it�s story about fake Russian news was itself fake.

What is even more pathetic is the Post�s attempt to deflect from its own journalistic failings by lashing out at social media giants like Facebook�for publishing fake news (which, of course, included those fake stories from the Post). In a post-election rant, the paper�s own editorial board laughably pointed fingers at social media for allowing stories to be published that no doubt hurt Clinton�s chances of victory but which were nonetheless truthful and full of unassailable details. The Post however, as we�ve demonstrated, is a purveyor of fake news.

2. �Hands up, Don�t Shoot�: The Mainstream Media�This phony narrative stems from the Michael Brown shooting death by Ferguson, Missouri, police office Darren Wilson, though arguably, CNN is most responsible for it. As noted by The Daily Wire, the MSM pushed the narrative that 18-year-old Brown, a black man, had his hands in the air (he did not) and shouted, �Don�t shoot!� (he didn�t) when Wilson killed him. Truth of the matter is, Brown began fighting Wilson and tried to grab his gun, which a grand jury later confirmed (as did a number of witnesses on the scene).

For weeks CNN especially pushed this blatant lie, with some of its �news� hosts even putting their hands up on screen one morning, as a �symbol� of their �support� (for the lie).

3. �Trump told his supporters to vote multiple times�: CNN�Like him or not, there is no doubt that the MSM did its best to destroy Trump during the campaign, and that, of course, included ginning up fake news. CNN was, of course, in the thick of that. As Mediaite reported, the bottom-feeder �news� network made up a claim that Trump told his supporters to commit voter fraud by voting early and often. In fact, Trump was lamenting that in some polling places in Colorado, where he was attending a campaign event, void ballots four or five times, meaning they could probably vote four or five times. �But we don�t do that,� Trump also said, which was edited out of the original CNN story.

4. Helping Hillary cheat before a �debate� against primary opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders: CNN: Longtime Democratic operative (which is why the network hired her) Donna Brazile worked behind the scenes to warn and inform the Clinton campaign about tough questions she was going to get ahead of a primary debate. Then, in what can only be adding insult to injury, the network executives acted shocked that a former associate of Clinton�s would actually use her media position to help an old friend.

And of course, CNN has waxed sanctimonious about �fake news� also.

5. �Natural News is full of fake news�: Forbes�In recent days Forbes columnist Kavin Senapathy, the site�s �myth buster on health, food and science,� wrote a hit piece attacking Natural News and its founder, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as a �fake news� apparatus that pushes bogus theories and unscientific information. The defamation, of course, included all Natural News writers and correspondents, of which yours truly is a part of.

But in fact, the communist-Chinese-owned magazine and website couldn�t be more wrong in its indictment of Adams as a pioneering scientist and journalist because we deal in often very inconvenient facts about health, foods, genetically-modified organisms and the scoundrels, politicians, fools and corporations that push unhealthy lifestyle choices and medical Stalinism on all Americans.

We don�t deal in scientific conjecture, we deal in scientific facts. As for Adams, all of his research is hands-on; we�re betting that Senapathy, from her self-anointed position as arbiter of all that is and is not scientifically true, hasn�t been inside a lab conducting real research anytime lately, if at all. So all she is left with is creating a false narrative that we�re the quacks when in reality we are the ones with facts, data and research on our side.

But we�ve come to expect this, as Adams noted:

Every few months, runs a hit piece on Natural News, targeting me personally by gathering up a slew of circular logic quotes from representatives of the biotech, pharma and vaccine industries who ridiculously proclaim they all have a monopoly on science.

They don�t. And especially Senapathy.

6. Janet Cooke�s imaginary 8-year-old heroin addict: Washington Post�As noted by Breitbart, Cooke, a reporter for the Washington Post, completely fabricated an eight-year-old heroin addict in Washington, D.C., in a report on growing addiction that actually won her a Pulitzer Prize (which has since been revoked).

While the story was written in the early 1980s, the Columbia Journalism Review did an extensive piece dissecting it this year dubbing her �the fabulist who changed journalism� (they should have added, �for the worse�).

7. Fake newsman Brian Williams slams �fake news�: MSNBC�Some of this stuff you just can�t make up (which is hard not to do for a real story about fake news), but it doesn�t get any better than this.

You may recall former NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, who fell from grace this year after it was discovered that he faked or lied about several events he allegedly covered while on assignment in various parts of the country and the world. The most [in]famous is his lie that, while in Iraq, he was nearly shot down in a helicopter, while receiving no ground fire whatsoever while in-flight.

�It�s curious that Williams is becoming the face of the legacy and establishment media charge against �fake news,� the matter that such media luminaries are rallying around to blame their widely inaccurate reporting of the 2016 presidential election. Williams lost his slot as anchor of the NBC Nightly News after he made up scores of accounts, passing off completely fabricated stories as journalism,� Breitbart news reported, adding that, in 2015, the site published a full accounting of all the lies and fake news passed off as legitimate by Williams�32 times.

Embarrassed and hard-pressed to make it �right,� NBC suspended Williams�only to reinstate him on MSNBC, the cable news network with the least amount of viewers (for a reason).

8. Trump �poll-watchers� sought to intimidate voters: Huffington Post�In October, the Left-wing lunatic �news� site of record sought to peddle a phony story about Vote Protectors, an organization dedicated to ensuring that voter fraud does not occur at various polling places. The linked Vote Protectors to one-time Trump advisor Roger Stone, and thus to Trump himself. The undertone of the story was that a) this was a thinly veiled attempt at voter intimidation; and b) it was inherently racist because Vote Protectors personnel were being sent to nine metro locations �with high minority populations.�

They were even making up �official-looking� ID badges�you know, so the �intimidation� would �officially� be tied to Trump�s campaign.

Only nothing like that was planned nor was anything like that actually carried out. In fact, the last time real voter intimidation was reported was when members of the Black Panthers political organization tried to browbeat white voters at polling stations in Philadelphia during President Obama�s first run at the Oval Office. But alas, the Obama �Justice� Department, led by Eric Holder, dropped the case.

9. Politics had nothing to do with the creation of the �fake news� narrative: The New York Times�In a Christmas Day piece that trashed conservative voices and alternative media�nothing new for the reporters and editors at the Old Gray Lady�The New York Times claimed, incredibly, that politics had nothing to do with the crusade against so-called fake news from everyone else:

Until now, that term had been widely understood to refer to fabricated news accounts that are meant to spread virally online. �

Journalists who work to separate fact from fiction see a dangerous conflation of stories that turn out to be wrong because of a legitimate misunderstanding with those whose clear intention is to deceive. �

�Fake news was a term specifically about people who purposely fabricated stories for clicks and revenue,� said David Mikkelson, the founder of Snopes, the myth-busting website.

In just a few short paragraphs, the Times tells three monumental lies: That alternative media is filled with �fake news;� that Times� critics like Trump are misconstruing the term �fake news;� and that the Times and other now-discredited mainstream news outlets are the only real sources of legitimate news. The Times even quoted Snopes co-founder Mikkelson, who is now married to a former prostitute who serves as a �fact-checker� on a website that has been proven to be biased against conservatives and libertarians in its �myth-busting.�

10. Facebook users are �fed up with fake news�: USA Today�Perpetuating the �fake news� lie and narrative, USA Today published a piece in mid-December claiming that �Facebook users are fed up with fake news� [are you starting to see a pattern develop here?]. Naturally the story quoted a couple of Facebook users who, indeed, sure sounded like they were �fed up with fake news� on Facebook.

But there are multiple lies being told or implied here. First of all, this piece was about as unscientific as it gets; the writer and the paper make a blanket claim implying that most Facebook users 1) can even identify �fake news;� and 2) are tired of seeing it in the site�s News Feed. The piece even declares:

Facebook has a fake news problem. And some of its users are fed up with it. They�re not sure if the solution is to let the social network, with its own biases, decide what�s true. Or whether they themselves should become better fact-checkers.

Say what? How is Facebook to know whether stories its news aggregators place into the feed are �real� or �fake,� especially given the examples shown on this list? These are all supposedly �reputable� news organizations, yet we�ve shown clearly how they have invented narratives, pushed falsehoods, and lied to their readers repeatedly�yet their stories make the Facebook News Feed.

What�s more, who gets to decide what is and is not �fake news�? For Facebook, anyway, it is going to be some of the very news and �myth-busting� organizations that themselves have been discredited.

Adams has it figured out.

�There�s no question that CNN, WashPost and the NYT are all working against the interests of America and the Constitution,� he told me. �The NYT is owned by a foreign socialist. The Washington Post is owned by a left-wing globalist, and CNN is a puppet propaganda mouthpiece for George Soros.




CNN Media Bias

Robert Novak from CNN, even after he has been given a makeup treatment that would make a whore blush, and with the exact right lighting for the TV camera, still looks like death warmed over.

But look at how they managed to improve his "image" on the CNN home page:

novak.gif (6819 bytes)

Conversely, George Bush, who usually looks like the Marlboro Man in his most casual pose, appears on the CNN home page to be the victim of a drowning.  Certainly they could have found a better image of Bush to use on their news page?

bush.jpg (5733 bytes)


How, and why, does CNN do this?  How can they rationalize their flaming abject bias?