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US Constitution Defines Sovereign Citizen


From [email protected] Sep 26 23:55:21 1995
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 1995 02:17:27 -0700
From: "R.L. Cheney Jr." 
To: fathers , [email protected]
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Subject: Re: Legal Consortium

This is indeed what our organization is all about.

First, let me point out, that Lawyers CANNOT be used to challenge this system, due to the dynamics of their position in government and the courts:

1.) They are officers of the court, and they have sworn an oath to uphold it. So when Courts go down the wrong road and apply illegal and unconstitutional venues upon the citizenry, then lawyers UPHOLD that illegality for they hold fealty to the courts.

2.) Lawyers and governments are getting HUGE amounts of monies from this illegal slave-based system.

3.) The base, intrinsic, and organic questions that must be fought in court can never be addressed or answered by any court. (The whole system is designed to have us lose. The lawyers will back our losing and the court and governments winning.)

4.) Morally, the Lawyers who have allowed this satanic perversion to feed-off of this nation, NO LONGER HAVE A RIGHT TO BE INVOLVED IN THE DEFEAT OF THE SYSTEM. It is time for Constitutionalist (non-lawyer trained people) to take this fight on MANY FRONTS and to win it. This will begin to break and dissolve the obscene Power Construct that lawyers and other Oligarchy conferred groups have upon this nation.

(Lawyers are the MAIN REASON this illegal and unconstitutional system exists.)

We are challenging this area of the law. We have done years of research and are attacking this illegal system on MANY fronts, not just the court. Courts, are backed up by the omniscient power of the executive, and they all but laugh when someone dares come into court with Constitutional actions against either government, government's agents, or any other large power group in the nation. The system is based on the precept to devolve the plebescite towards obsequious performance to do government's bidding. If some "dare" stand up and demand their rights, they are soon squelched, either by court dictums, or outright illegal use of force.

Many innocent patriots are in our jails. The future adumbrates even more being placed there. That is why, when some group 'other' than the lawyer-dominated group brings this issue to court, that such group should be protected on several fronts--to protect them from our own government.

(This is all true. We have seen the action of our LOCAL government, and there is great truth to this. [In AMERICA, this is happening! Geez!]).

However; we are about a year from a serious challenge to this perversion that is depleting this nation so. We will directly challenge the Constitutionality of the complete system and kill it FOREVER--with nothing rising up to take its place.

So. Keep in touch.


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