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jews LOVE to LIE.
jews love to get CAUGHT being LIARS!
Please, everyone, please get this guy on ignore.  He / she is a nasty piece of.... , well, I'll use the word "work".  This guy is not worth any of our time reading.  If you want to continue to debate with this obviously brain dead bigot, then take me off your list.  I feel dirty just getting his e-mails through a response by others. 


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In what way can it POSSIBLY be true that "the race thing is getting better"!!??

Inquiring minds would REALLY like to know.

Do you ENJOY having the world's HIGHEST murder rate, bar none, up more than FIFTY FOLD since niggers became citizens?

Or having the world's highest incarceration rate, also the world's HIGHEST, also up FIFTY FOLD?
Now, where did this nut-job come from.  This guy has no idea or comments to which I care to listen.  Period!   I'm putting him on ignore this second.


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And those who don't follow God are the biggest myth-makers of all.

They believe in NOTHING.

And they want us to give up a treasured belief in truth to believe in NOTHING!

Vivadad  --  You are mistaken in your comment above, at least from my point of view.  The last thing on earth I would want you to do would be to give up your faith.  Life is much harder without faith.  I truly hope these conversations don't cause you to loose faith.  I am happy that you achieve fulfillment and peace from your faith.  Now, having said that, please don't try to force your faith on me.  We can live very happily together on this planet believing what each of us believes.  The problems start when on of us decides he must convert the other.  Or more seriously, when one of us believes the other must believe the way the first believes or he is offending god and must be changed or eliminated. 




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Subject: Re: To be celibate is unnatural?

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Every Christmas, the liberals try to rip down manger scenes and file suits against having crosses and other Christian symbols on display.  They take the word Christmas from the holiday and insist it be all inclusive and just call it a holiday!  I don't see us attacking Ramadan and demanding they call it something else! 
Mema, My friend, as usual you have gotten the situation a little bit wrong.  As you probably know, I am not a believer or a Christian (though I was raised a Catholic and attended Catholic school from kindergarten through high school).  However, maybe because of the joy and tradition I attach to the Christmas season, I very much enjoy the lights, the nativity scenes, the Christmas trees, the Christmas carols being sung in the malls and on the radio, and all the other trimmings of the season.  I just don't want my tax dollars spent on those things, or to have them displayed on government (city, county, state, or federal) property.  I'm sure I have heard you complain about tax dollars being spent on abortions for the poor.  That is how I feel about my tax dollars being spent on religious displays of just one of the many religions in this great country of ours.  Now, if you are willing to spend your tax dollars on displays at government buildings of all other religion's holidays, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and any and all others, then I would gladly stop complaining about my tax dollars being spent on Christianity.  But if we are not willing to have government displays of all religions, then we shouldn't have displays of any.  Now, having said all that, I sincerely wish you and your family a very marry Christmas