“Conservatives” like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh aren’t conservatives, they’re jew lackies, jew lovers, or worst of all, jews themselves.  They give conservatives a bad name, and conservatives coupled with the Catholic Church and many other fallen churches, give the 93% of Americans who claim to be Christians, a bad name.  70% of the voters in Kansas and 93% of the voters in Florida voted to outlaw “gay marriages”, while loud mouthed, perverted, over bearing  jew lackies like Limbaugh and O’Reilly, as well as predominately Catholic states like Massachusetts, who think they’re the only people to whom “free speech” applies, want it to be “legal”.  If this is “conservative”, then I and *everybody* I know and 279 million Americans who claim to be Christians are*exact* opposites.

These jew lackies don’t represent the “far right” as the jewsmedia would have us believe—when 93% of Americans are further “to the right” than them on their best day, it would be a compliment to call them liberals.  They’ve managed to contain the debate to a minor range in the far left, like a ping pong game where only leprechauns can play and it’s “discrimination” to be tall, while the REST of the country are referred to as “sexists”, “racists”, “elitists”, and “anti-semites” if they dare utter a word, much less disagree, much less point out what IDIOTS these jew lackies are.  At best, it can be termed entertainment, but it’s not news, it’s not representative of America, it’s not our moral compass, and it IS PATENTLY AMORAL and anti-Christian.

This recovering dittohead rejected all conservatives when jew Limbaugh couldn’t understand why only 16% of Americans agreed with him that Elian Gonzalez should be removed from his father.  That was when I began to wonder what kind of a sad childhood could Rush have had to believe that boys don’t need their fathers?  I began to question why this jew always talk about how he “learned so much” from his mother but never even mentions his father?

These conservatives are women [no, girls] in drag.  They don’t understand adulthood, much less manhood, much less Christianity, much less God’s Law.  They want to censor us when we simply quote God’s Law, and they have succeeded in censoring many of us, because we would blow their cover, and their minds, if they were exposed for the timid little girls they are.