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The Constitution

The biggest threat to the US Constitution is the US education system, which is currently teaching precisely the opposite principles which our Forefathers fought and died for.


The most objective measurement of the quality of our education system is the TIMSS, on which the US scored dead last in more subjects than any other country.


While TIMSS didn't measure the quality of our teaching of historical   social and democratic principles, it did measure the analytical skills which are a prerequisite to being capable of understanding them.


Our low TIMSS scores explain why politically correct speech is more important to many Americans than Constitutional principles.


Such poor analytical skills prevent many Americans from recognizing the genocide being perpetrated by their own government.

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No country scored lower than the US in Physics Achievement.  Our 12th grade boys scored 94 points lower than the international average and 171 points lower than Norway, and our girls scored another 34 points lower than that.  The girls in 13 of the 16 countries whose 12th graders took this test scored higher than our boys, and the girls in Norway scored 105 points higher than our boys.  There was a 189 point difference between Norwegian boys and American girls.

The 405 average score of our girls is actually lower than a student would have gotten if they had just guessed at each question on the test.  It is scientific evidence of zero ability to apply simple principles to problem solving.  It is proof that our education system has produced citizens wherein 52% of the American voters (women) are incapable of making a reasoned voting decision, and thus must rely solely on sound bytes and political personalities to make vital political choices.  It completely explains why we continue to throw billions of dollars at:

  1. Welfare, even though the statistics show that welfare increased poverty.

  2. Education, even though federal involvement in education already decreased SAT scores 98 points.

  3. Prisons, even though the US already contains a third of the world's inmates and two thirds of the world's rapists.

  4. Gun control, even though the 22,000 already passed contributed to a tripling of our already high murder rate.

  5. Health care, even though the current system of medicine has been incapable of preventing a tripling of our cancer mortality rate.

Perhaps the worst quality of our education system, though, is its preaching of "political correctness" over Constitutional principles, producing citizens who are incapable of a reasoned debate because of their hyper-emotional reaction to key buzz words like "nigger", "coon", "spic", "wop", "Jew", "Hymie", "Kike", "Talmud".  Introduction of these buzz words prevents many Americans from even beginning to discuss, much less understand, the culture clashes between whites, Jews, blacks, and other races which caused our current social pathologies, and which created our 40% rate of fatherlessness.  Because so many view such discussions as "hate", this country has continued to spin out of control, even long after root causes like feminism, affirmative action, Jewish control of the media, and the Talmud have been identified, isolated, and agreed to. 

Our polls and surveys show that 77% agree that the Talmud played a role in the destruction of the American family, yet fellow fathers accuse each other of "hate" for merely discussing it.  To join in this debate, you may subscribe to the following list: