He was a powerful speaker.  I used to listen to him in the  '30s, until the joo=loving joo fdr forced him off the radio and forbid him to write any more articles for Henry Ford's weekly paper, which exposed the jooz.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Father Coughlin - A 1930s Messiah

One of the Few Religious-Political Activists

Started Out Using The Radio To Broadcast Sermons

In 2007 His Church Becomes A Shrine

Father Coughlin Really Was Doing God's Work

The churches must accept their responsibility to protect their flocks. When a plague ravishes a land, the clergy can't hide in their castles and pray, they have an obligation to roll up their selves and help. You are starting to see the Coughlin spirit as Episcopalians use their pensions to divest from funding Israel.

Father Coughlin Is Born

He was born in Ontario Canada In 1891

The Father Is Ordained

Coughlin was ordained in Toronto in 1916. He taught at Assumption College in Windsor, Ontario, before moving to Detroit in 1923

He Becomes An Activist

In 1926 he broadcasts sermons on Christian radio. In 1931 CBS dropped him, so he raised money to create his own national network, which soon reached millions of listeners.

Initially He Supports Roosevelt

He strongly endorsed Franklin D. Roosevelt during the 1932 Presidential election. He was an early supporter of Roosevelt's New Deal reforms.

Coughlin Was Incensed At Jewish Bankers Had Done

In the 1930s as he preached more and more about the negative influence of "international bankers" and of Wall Street on the general welfare and about the need for monetary reform. Coughlin claimed that the Depression was a Jewish created cash famine, and proposed monetary reforms, including the elimination of the Federal Reserve System, as the solution.

He blamed the Depression on an "international conspiracy of Jewish bankers",

He Takes A Second Look At Roosevelt

Coughlin began denouncing Roosevelt as a tool of Wall Street. Thus, as Coughlin became a bitter opponent of the New Deal, his radio talks escalated in vehemence against Roosevelt, capitalists and Jewish conspirators.

Coughlin Called The New Deal, The Jew Deal

Roosevelt had surrounded himself with a Jewish Cabal, and the greatest beneficiaries of the "New/Jew Deal" were Jewish businessmen.

Roosevelt Was Seen As A Jewish Puppet

When he began criticizing the New Deal, Roosevelt sent Joseph P. Kennedy and Frank Murphy, prominent Irish Catholics, to try to tone him down.

Kennedy Has No Use For Coughlin

Kennedy, who strongly supported the New Deal, warned as early as 1933 that Coughlin was "becoming a very dangerous proposition" as an opponent of Roosevelt and "an out and out demagogue." Kennedy attacked the isolationism of Coughlin, and aviator Charles Lindbergh.

Coughlin's National Union For Social Justice

Coughlin reached the farm belt, who really was devastated in the 1930's. He had a strong following among nativists and opponents of the Federal Reserve. As Kazin notes, Coughlinites saw Wall Street and Communism as twin faces of Judiaism.

Coughlin Saw Huey Long As America's Salvation

Coughlin supported Huey Long, and was enraged when he was killed by the Jewish assassin, Jakob Weiss in 1935.

Germany Was The Dam Restraining Communism

After 1936, Coughlin increasingly expressed sympathy for German policies, as an antidote to Bolshevism. In his 1938 CBS radio broadcasts he exposed Jewish bankers as financing the Russian Revolution.

He Opposed Stalin's Communism

His newspaper, Social Justice, claimed that Marxist atheism in Europe was a Jewish plot. He exposed Stalin's Jewish blood.

He Sees Kristallnacht As A Giant Hate Hoax

On November 20, 1938, two weeks after German Jews staged Kristallnacht, Coughlin detailed what really happened, cataloging the the nonsensical exaggerations. The Jews claimed that untold numbers were beaten, that a thousand synagogues were burned, and hundreds of Jews died rushing into their synagogues to save books.

Coughlin Hit A Nerve With Kristallnacht

After this speech, radio stations in New York and Chicago, began refusing to air his speeches, and he was cancelled by WINS and WMCA. Coughlin continued to broadcast on a small Newark station.

Coughlin Agreed With Lindbergh

Coughlin, and Lindbergh, wanted no part of WW2. They both referred too it as the Jew's war.

The Lend Lease Act

Roosevelt supplied weapons to Stalin's communists, who had killed 50 million Christians since 1918.

Stop The Mass Immigration Of Jews

From 1933 on the Jews of Europe realized a war was coming, they weren't about to serve, and they didn't want the inconveniences, and dangers their war would bring. From 1933 to 1941 there was a massive immigration, and Coughlin wanted them to be sent back.

The FBI Gets Involved

An organization called the Christian Front, who claimed affiliation with Coughlin, starts passing out flyers that it planned to murder Jews, and a dozen congressman. Edgar J Hoover steps in, and declares Coughlin, Hitler's agent.

Coughlin denied any knowledge.

Coughlin Blames Sarnoff And His Fellow Jews

FDR administration decided to regulate broadcasting, operating permits were required of those who were regular radio broadcasters. When Coughlin's permit was denied, he was temporarily silenced.

In 1940 Coughlin had 1/3 of American listening to his broadcasts.

Coughlin's Critics Jumped For Joy

He is portrayed as a Nazis sympathizer, unpatriotic, and Anti Semitic.

Coughlin Ifs Finally Silenced

After the attack on Pearl Harbor and the declaration of war, the peace movement began to sputter out and isolationists like Coughlin were seen as being sympathetic to the enemy. In 1942, a new bishop of Detroit ordered Coughlin to stop his controversial political activities and to return to his duties as a parish priest.

Father Coughlin Dies In 1979

Coughlin complied and remained the pastor of the Shrine of the Little Flower until retiring in 1966. He refused numerous interview opportunities, and continued to write pamphlets denouncing Communism until his death at Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in 1979, at the age of 88.


Anonymous said...

Re: the National Shrine of the Little Flower in Michigan: A Jewish fellow attempted to burn it down back in 2001 or 2002. He tried to light a fire in the basement using gasoline. He also spray-painted Stars of David on several bathroom walls. He was caught by parishioners arriving for Easter services. He was charged with felony arson and ethnic intimidation. He pleaded not guilty, but I don't know the outcome. There's not a peep anywhere on the internet on the verdict. (Imagine that!) I expect he was let off with probation on account of his delicate mental state. The fellow's name was Goldenberg and his lawyer's name wass Gold. (Why are so many of them named after what they love most -- gold, silver, amber, rubies, sapphires, etc.?)

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Jews are not obsessed with money. This blog needs to seriously reconsider what integrity is, and perhaps more importantly, what the truth is.