"Child Support"

The Biggest, Most Inviduous Feminist Lie of All Time

"A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth
generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD", Deuteronomy 23:2

I had an interesting chat with women's aid[WA]. I only spent about 5 minutes on the phone but got an absolute wealth of information. I pretended to be a brother of a woman who was suffering domestic violence at the hands of her boyfriend. I told the woman that my sister was worried about being a FDA[ getting the right to all the nice, free, houses] if she moved into woman's aid. The woman laughed and told me that that wasn't a problem and that her rights would be better if she moved in with them because she would still be FDA but now she would have WA's help also. Then I asked her, but what about the child, I said that my sister was worried that he would get the child. She said that's not a problem, just to bring the child along and they would help her apply for residence. She also said that benefits wouldn't be a problem, which definitely is true..

I got off the phone and I realised that any one of us could do the same- we could apply for residence, then not even tell the wife till it's too late. Then we would get residence, we could equally as easily steal the child from our women as the women could from us. It's simply a matter of who takes the child away first. Plus we could apply as a victim of domestic violence and then we would be a FDA, then we could move into our great house and take the child with us. Benefits are cool even if the woman has the Child Benefit in her name, just apply to social services. That's what the women's aid said.

Please send this to all of the UK sites, especially ones that deal with men who haven't yet had their children stolen

One out of three women lie about paternity

From the Sunday Times 2000-06-11: "More than 250,000 tests a year are now conducted in America, and about 15,000 in Britain.... roughly 30% of men taking the tests discover that they are not the fathers of the children they regarded as their own. In the wider community, social scientists say up to 1 in 20 children are not the offspring of the man who believes himself to be their father".


one out of five women lie about paternity

QUOTE: Figures released by the agency after a 
freedom of information 
request reveal that since 1998 3,034 men have been 
found to have been 
falsely accused by women of being the father out of 
15,909 who have taken 
the test
   skitt <[email protected]> wrote:
   Child Support Agency forced to pay back wrongly 
accused men
   David Hencke, Westminster correspondent
   Monday November 28, 2005
   The Guardian - 
   The Child Support Agency has had to refund hundreds 
of thousands of 
pounds in maintenance payments to more than 3,000 men 
after DNA tests 
revealed that they had been wrongly named by mothers 
in paternity suits. One 
in six men who took a DNA test to challenge claims by 
women that they were 
the fathers of their children were cleared by the 
results, according to 
official figures disclosed by the agency.
   Under CSA rules, men must start paying maintenance 
the moment they are 
named by mothers as the father of the child. They can 
challenge the ruling 
by asking for a DNA test but have to pay for it 
   Figures released by the agency after a freedom of 
information request 
reveal that since 1998 3,034 men have been found to 
have been falsely 
accused by women of being the father out of 15,909 who 
have taken the test. 
The CSA has not recovered money from any of the 
mothers. Refunds to the 
wrongly accused men have come from the taxpayer.
   Frank Field, former social security minister and 
Labour MP for 
Birkenhead, said yesterday: "The situation in the CSA 
is getting so absurd 
that even Lewis Carroll would have rejected it as a 
script for Alice in 
   The revelation comes as the agency faces yet 
another government review, 
ordered by Tony Blair. Last week it emerged that the 
agency had failed five 
of the seven performance targets set by ministers, has 
a backlog of 350,000 
cases and is still chasing 100,000 fathers who will 
not pay maintenance. It 
has also failed to register 150,000 fathers on benefit 
who fail to pay any 
money - because it cannot get the information from 
Jobcentre Plus.
   Concerns were raised by Mr Blair again in an 
interview with the Sunday 
Live programme on Sky News yesterday. Emphasising his 
determination to 
reform the agency, he said there were "basic design 
problems" that needed to 
be addressed.
   "We inherited this system, we made changes to it 
that have undoubtedly 
simplified it, but even though I made those changes 
seven years ago, I think 
I'm right in saying that over half the cases of the 
CSA are still under the 
old system," said Mr Blair. "There has got to be a 
change, because otherwise 
if you are not careful, you end up spending more and 
more money."
   Under a deal negotiated with Cellmark, which 
provides DNA tests for the 
CSA, men who agree to pay for a test in advance pay 
�194.13. It goes up to 
�257.58 if they pay for it afterwards. The normal 
commercial charge is �495. 
Fathers who are cleared of paternity receive a refund 
for the DNA test and 
all maintenance they


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To all involved.

I am out of jail now.
My mother made a deal with my ex-wife to pay off the past, present and
future child support all in one payment of "blood money".  She bought my
life back.

For those unfamiliar with my case, this was always the plan by the court and
my Ex.  My ex told the child support extortionists that my "mother had
money", and they set my "imputed income" at four times my actual income.  
That is, using me to "shake-down" my mother for the money.

So now "my case" is over. Finished.  Done.
Its gonna take me a few days to find myself.
Another few to figure out what to do ... now that I "have a life again."

This does not mean I am out of this "fight".
I expect to publish a letter on my experience with the "New Gulag Amerika"

Wiley - Webmaster for:

What I find interesting is my now ex- used (effectively) the exact the same statement in open court:  "...if he doesn't have money his family does."  First of all, not true;  secondly, huh???  Ironically, my argument was and remains that she was allowed to conceal her assets, despite California being a community property state, but I suffered from imputed income.

David Hyatt
Child $upport is NOT about supporting children!

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Best wishes to Wiley. Have courage, have success, have persistence. We are all struggling with the purpose and meaning of our lives, as a father's purpose and meaning is to protect and guide our own children, and that role is directly undermined with the current legal system. Nevertheless, we must lick our wounds and persist somehow.

Love and blessings,
Terence Moore

Dead Beat Moms

Mothers are 1/6th as likely as fathers to be ordered to pay "child support", pay an average amount of "child support" only two thirds of what fathers pay, are twice as likely as fathers to fail to pay anything at all, and make less than 4% of total child support payments due.  Mothers are 14 times as likely as fathers, mothers without husbands present are 7 times more likely than married mothers, and black mothers are 5 times more likely than White mothers, to receive AFDC.  More than half of mothers who receive food stamps are separated or never married and have 10% more children per household than married families.  Women as a group receive $98 billion more back from the IRS in tax credits than they pay in taxes and half of women-owned firms have annual receipts of less than $10,000 with average receipts one fourth of men-owned firms, making Small Business Administration loans another hidden source of welfare for mothers. 

Even after all these social transfer payments, four out of five mothers receiving AFDC still live below the poverty level compared to only one out of eight mothers who don't receive AFDC and female householders are still five times more likely to live in poverty than married couples.

Government makes a lousy husband and father


bullet One fatherless child dies prematurely for each $522 in "child support" collected.
bullet One dollar paid in "child support" costs society sixty six dollars.
bullet "Child Support" enabled the US to achieve and sustain the undisputed highest divorce rate in the world.
bullet Discriminatory anti-male courts place more than nine out of ten children of divorce into the custody of mothers.
bullet Fatherless children are three times more likely to be fatally abused [read: murdered].
bullet Divorce increases the average premature mortality rate of children almost half & of both mothers and fathers by two to six times.
bullet Nine out of ten fathers maintain that the lack of accountability of "child support" results in children never seeing it.
bullet The moral minor in the White House continues to wreck families.
bullet Fathers reject the concept of "child support".
bullet The Colorado Legislature rejected the moral minors in Washington.
bullet Ten year prison sentence for owing $9,000.
bullet Judge Milton H.Raphaelson tells the truth about restraining orders.
bullet The Bureau of the Census estimates that the actual average weekly child care expense of a child over 5 years old is $31.60

The Biggest Feminist Lie

The biggest feminist lie of all times, misleadingly referred to by feminists as "child support",  is killing children--lots of them--and the feminists could care less.  The promise of "child support" is a huge financial incentive to many mothers, sometimes providing "incomes" more than three to ten times greater than if they competed in the labor force.  Thus eight out of ten divorces are filed by women, greatly increasing divorce and giving the US the distinction of having achieved and sustained the world's highest divorce rate, bar none, for several decades now.  Anti-male judicial bias by courts places more than nine out of ten of these children of divorce into the custody of their mothers, precisely where the government knows from the NIS-3 Study that they are more than three times more likely to be fatally abused [read: murdered].  This factor alone kills thirty times as many children as the most wildly successful gun control laws could ever hope to save from guns.

"Child Support" Increases Child Abuse

NIS-3 shows that women are responsible for four out of five fatal child abuse cases.  The majority of the male perpetrators are step-fathers, boyfriends, and strangers, leaving women responsible for thirty two times as many fatal child abuse cases as biological fathers.  Yet fatal child abuse is only one ninth of the total increase in homicide rates of fatherless children, and the increase in total homicides is only one seventh of the total increase in overall mortality rates due to divorce.

There is only one thing that enables so many children to be removed from the safest environment possible, their biological fathers, to be killed in such record numbers--the payment of "child support".

Seventy two thousand lives/year would be saved if American fathers didn't pay "child support"

Before this money grab by feminists was called "child support", it was called "alimony".  And before fathers were financially penalized for the privilege of having their children removed from them, less than six percent of the nation's children lived in fatherless households.  Women entered law and became the majority voter in the 1960s, "child support" was created, and two out of five of our nation's children will be sleeping in a fatherless household tonight.  Had this rate of fatherlessness not increased [read: had American fathers not consented to paying "child support"] there would be twenty three million fewer fatherless children now.  Because fatherless children have a forty percent higher premature mortality rate than children raised in families, independent of the fact that children of divorce are more likely to divorce themselves, seventy two thousand of these twenty three million fatherless children will die prematurely each year, year after year.

Each year, 4,252 will die from circulatory disease, 4,712 will die from cancer, 10,075 will die from respiratory disease, 5,593 will die from diabetes, 7,853 will die from accidents, 10,764 will commit suicide, 9,615 will be murdered, 11,645 will die from cirrhosis, and 7,163 will die from a combination of other causes.  Over the next 30 years, ten percent of these twenty three million fatherless children will have died PREMATURELY due to all causes of death.

Total nationwide "child support" collections are now $12 billion per year.  The statistical  data shows the undisputed correlation that for each $522 in "child support" collected, one additional fatherless child dies prematurely.  The causal link is abundantly documented in the "One Page Stories of the Signatories to the Fathers' Manifesto"

Societal costs and losses would be $571 billion/year less if American fathers didn't pay "child support"

Total "child support" collections in the US are $12 billion per year.  The administrative costs of collecting it are $3.3 billion, leaving "net child support collected" of $8.7 billion.  Of 1.8 million Criminal Justice System employees, 630,000 are directly involved in some aspect of "child support" collections--divorce, custody hearings, incarceration, police, judges, courts, clerks, jailers, prison employees, etc., at an annual cost of $63 billion.  It is conservatively estimated that the negative economic incentive to twenty million fathers paying "child support" reduces their average incomes of $43,000 by twenty five percent, which reduces GDP by $215 billion.  Total government costs are forty two cents of each wage, so this $215 billion reduction in GDP reduces tax collections by $90 billion.  The legal fees, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and other costs paid directly by fathers is estimated by Bill Harrington, US Commissioner on Families, to be $200 billion per year.

The total real costs and losses resulting directly from "child support" collections are $571 billion per year, which is sixty six times greater than the actual amount of "net child support collected" each year.  Just the Criminal Justice System costs exceed "net child support collected" by seven times, productivity losses exceed it by twenty four times, loss in tax revenues exceeds it by ten times, and divorce fees and costs exceed it by twenty three times.

 wpe2.gif (5692 bytes)


Mortality Type

Number of Premature Deaths/Year

Circulatory Disease




Respiratory Disease














Total per Year


Total 30 years



Average Mortality Rate per 100,000 population


Mortality Rate Children Raised in Families


Mortality Rate Children Raised in Fatherless Households




Total Children


Children in Families


Children in Fatherless Households Today


Fatherless Children at 1960 Rate


Delta in fatherlessness 1960 to 1999


Delta in mortality of fatherless children1960 to 1999/year



Amount "Child Support" Collected Per Dollar of Collection Cost


Administrative cost


Net collected per $1 of cost


Net as percent of total


"Net child support collected" ($ billions)


Cost to collect It ($ billions)


Total "Child Support" Collected per Year ($ billions)


Number of Justice System Employees


Percent CJS EmployeesDevoted to "Child Support" Collections


Number Devoted to "Child Support" Collections


Annual salary, overhead, expenses per employee


Total Annual CJS costs ($billions)


Total Number of Fathers Paying "Child Support"


Median Income of Fathers


Productivity Loss Due to "Child Support" Awards


Net loss to productivity ($ billions)


Net decrease in tax collections at 42 cents per wage dollar


Divorce legal fees, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists ($ billion)


Total Costs and Losses due to "child support" collections


Ratio of all costs and losses to "net child support collected"


Ratio of CJS costs to "net child support collected"


Ratio of productivity loss to "net child support collected"


Ratio of decreased tax collections to "net cs collected"


Ratio of legal costs and fees to "net child support collected"