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Child Sexual Abuse: Another Blind Dumb Feminist Witch Hunt!


Feminists demanded passage of the Mondale Act, which created CAPTA, which contributed to our prison population increasing from two hundred thousand to one million eight hundred thousand inmates in four decades.


Only two problems:


No scientific study shows that there are ANY long term damages from child sexual abuse (CSE), and,


Every scientific study completed to date shows that the total amount of long term damages are a statistical zero dollars.

bullet Not even that uncomfortable fact makes feminists the least bit concerned that we spent $285 billion per year, achieved the world's highest incarceration rate, may have more men in prisons than Russia has in its army, for NOTHING.
bullet CAPTA at best cost $1.8 million plus one American life to reduce the number of mal-adjusted citizens by one.
bullet The STUPID feminists who "critiqued" this study failed to quantify one nickel's worth of damages to society.
bullet Stupid feminists like Bonnie Fisher are a million times more dangerous to society than OBL at his best moment.
bullet With all the hoopla about sex crimes being so traumatic, a mere 66 women missed work in 1996 as a result of rape.

CSA is terrible.  Some incidents of CSA must be a horrendous experience for some children, regardless of the statistical fact.   Thanks to feminists, what we do to children in the name of "child abuse prevention" is worse than the CSA itself. The cure is infinitely worse than the disease when you spend $285 billion and waste 220,000 lives to solve a problem which causes zero damages.  Feminism, the "right of wives to commit adultery", an abomination before God, is even more damaging to society than CAPTA.  

The ultimate insult is to have a feminist who embraces adultery telling this society how to lead moral lives.

Rather than delving into animals' sex lives and genital mutilation on Mars, the following folks took a solid statistical look at CSA (child sexual abuse) in "An Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Based on Nonclinical Samples" a paper presented to the symposium sponsored by the Paulus Kerk, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on the 18th of December 1998 Bruce Rind, Ph.D., Department of Psychology Temple University, Robert Bauserman, Ph.D. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, State of Maryland & Philip Tromovitch, Ph.D. (cand.) Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania The whole report is at http://www.just-well.dk/rotterd.htm 

This report lays out the facts VERY well. Before anyone goes ballistic and accuses me of supporting pedophilia, be advised that it contains three MAJOR shortcomings which MUST be considered for a complete understanding of the problem:

1) It doesn't separate male from female pedophiles, and we know from other studies that up to 80% of men in prison for "violent sex crimes" were as youths themselves victims of CSA by female adults.

2) It doesn't go into enough detail to demonstrate that the rise in CSA in the US was due to an increase in the percent of children growing up in fatherless households, where they are 8 times more likely to be victims of CSA. [read: outlawing SMHs would cut CSA far more than CAPTA could ever hope to].

3) It doesn't contain enough data to do a cost/benefit analysis of CAPTA.

Here are the highlights:

A) The qualitative data DOES show a very different level of CSA between boys and girls, contrary to feminists' assertions of "equality"--11% of boys and 19% of girls experience CSA.

B) The quantitative data shows that the "adjustment" of 1.69% of boys and .64% of girls are CORRELATED to CSA.

C) The correlation of physical abuse and adjustment was 10 times greater than the correlation of CSA and adjustment.

In plain language, children who experience CSA also experience physical abuse, and maladjustment is so highly correlated to physical abuse that it wipes out CSA as a causal factor in the 10x smaller correlation between CSA and adjustment. It's easy to spot a study which is attempting to demagogue an issue, as the "Debunking the Essential Father" study did. That's obviously not what this study is all about. This study is PROOF that American women, including and especially "Dr. Laura" and Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton, are all fully inflamed with mass hysteria of the WORST sort. It makes the Salem Witch Trials look like a Boy Scout outing by comparison. We spend $285 billion per year to "solve" a problem whose total sum of damages are a statistical ZERO DOLLARS.

This hysteria on CSA is on par with claiming that masturbation makes you go blind, or homosexuality causes mental illness.

Why did we allow this mass hysteria to throw half a million or a million MEN in prisons? Because we are the STUPIDEST culture on the face of the planet, so stupid that we can't even measure our own stupidity. The organizers of TIMSS measured it for us, and proved with an OBJECTIVE study, and not the Janet Reno type of science, *exactly* how stupid--a statistical zero percent of American 12th grade girls were able to comprehend math or physics well enough to answer questions which up to 75% of the girls in other countries COULD answer correctly http://fathersmanifesto.com/timss.htm If American girls can't understand math by 12th grade, then American women are just going to have to face up to the fact that they will never understand math well enough to even begin to comprehend this study. Girls, instead of doing your typical mass hysteria ballistic routine, why don't you download that study, print it out, and ask a male friend what he thinks of it? If you're lucky, you will find the one out of three American men who DID correctly answer those TIMSS questions, who might gladly explain it to you.

This is a very rough idea of what would most likely be the results of a sane cost/benefit analysis of CAPTA, based on the results of the Rind Study.

I) FEDERAL COSTS CAPTA empowered 98 different federal agencies/bureaucracies to subsidize "child abuse prevention", with the annual federal component of that cost exceeding $285 billion.

II) LEGAL COSTS Families [read: fathers] pay an average of at least $5,000 in legal fees to fight false allegations of child abuse for at least half of the 3.1 million reports of child abuse filed each year, or $7.7 billion per year.

III) FINANCIAL LOSS TO DIVORCES CAUSED BY CAPTA Prior to the passage of CAPTA, the US divorce rate was already the highest in the world, at 3.5 divorces per 1,000 population. Who could have guessed the creative steps that Congress would take to increase it even further, reaching 5.3 divorces within ten years of its passage? If this increase was due entirely to the passage of CAPTA, then there were an extra 400,000 divorces during some years that were directly attributable to CAPTA. It is conservatively estimated that a single divorce in the US costs $200,000 in lost savings, legal costs, income, productivity, etc., which is a grand total of $80 billion per year.

IV) LIVES LOST DUE TO DIVORCES CAUSED BY CAPTA Divorce increases the mortality rates of wives by 80 to 200%, of husbands by 120 to 400%, and of the children of divorce (independent of their increased probability of being divorced themselves) by 40%. The average mortality rate of the 3.3 members of those 400,000 divorces due to CAPTA increases from 563 to 1,126 per 100,000 population, which means that there are (400,000 divorces x 3.3 members/divorce x 563 premature deaths/100,000 divorces) 7,432 extra deaths PER YEAR. Since divorce is the gift that keeps on giving, 400,000 divorces in one year causes that many deaths each year for maybe 30 years, for a total of 222,960 deaths over 3 decades.


BENEFITS ); How much did CAPTA reduce CSA and child abuse? At the outside, not counting that "maladjustment" is so severely affected by physical abuse that CSA is not causally related, ignoring the studies which show that there is no detectable long term damage to "adjustment" due to CSA, the total damages currently resulting from CSA are 241,670 maladjusted males and 170,240 maladjusted females terrorizing our society. maladjusted males = 130 million males x 11% experience CSA x 1.69% experience long term damage = 241,670 maladjusted females = 140 million females x 19% experience CSA x 0.64% experience long term damage = 170,240 The problem with measuring a "benefit" is that CSA increased *after* CAPTA was implemented. At the very best, one could argue that it would have increased even more if CAPTA had not stepped in and prevented all of that child abuse. Making that wildest of assumptions, and placing 50% as the amount by which CSA would have increased had it not been for Congress' brilliant implementation of CAPTA, the net benefit is a reduction in the number of maladjusted citizens by 205,955.


The net cost of reducing the number of maladjusted citizens was thus $1.8 million, and 1.08 lives, per each one less maladjusted citizen. Not a very smart trade-off, eh?