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Dann Dobson

bulletDobson FAILS once again.
bulletDobson's co-conspirator dung holland.


One of the most despicable anti-Christ anti-Americans this author has ever had the displeasure of communicating with on the internet is Dann Dobson, a disbarred jew lawyer who DEMANDS [and often GETS] preferential treatment from the sheeple of this putative Christian land while demeaning them and Jesus in the most heinous manner.  His outrageous writings, speech, and behavior have led Christians throughout the land, and throughout the *world*, to demand his expulsion from this country, along with all the other misfit jews who've done so much to discredit us in the eyes of the world.  He single-handedly turned many Christians who were ambivalent about jews into, using his vernacular, "anti-semites" who "would like to see all jews dead".

In a just Christian society, his behavior in eight different categories would meet the same just rewards that jew Ruggles met when he thought he could get away with the most blasphemous comments about Jesus--five months in prison. In a just Israelite society, such blasphemy and HATRED of the Word of God rises to the level of the DEATH penalty at the hands of the very congregation whose LORD he blasphemes:

  1. Blasphemy of Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.
  2. Promoting Talmudic law.
  3. Openly supporting sodomy.
  4. Openly supporting pedophelia.
  5. Openly and flagrantly demanding censorship of political speech.
  6. Openly supporting holocaust deniers.
  7. Defaming Christians.
  8. Libeling Christians.

The combined anti-social behavior of he and his is literally more damaging to the delicate social fabric of this putative Christian nation than all the murderers in the country combined, because we at least recognize the harm done by murderers and have some sense that murderers must be brought to justice.  Because of the misguided notion that blasphemy is permitted free speech, however, such crimes which HAVE BEEN punished for the last several thousand years are NOT puished today, indicative of our own moral turpitude.   His open promotion of sodomy and pedophelia are even worse than if he were to promote his right to MURDER Christians, however, and he's guilty of being an accessory to BOTH crimes.  Being an accessory to sodomy is no less egregious than the principle that the driver of a getaway car in which a bank guard was killed is an accessory to murder, even though he was never in the bank.  The crime is more subtle--but FAR more damaging to society.

The same is even more true for his open disgust of the First Amendment right to free speech, which was NEVER intended to permit anti-Christs to get away with blasphemy of Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, while demanding that mere criticism of such events as the "holocaust" now be characterized as "blasphemy".  It's not just his HATRED of the US Constitution which is the basis of this putative Christian nation which is despicable--it's his HATRED of the Rule of Law which dates back many millennia which is simply not wanted and unacceptable to the vast majority of Americans.  His THREATS for years to CENSOR free speech for Christians, which have been largeley unsuccessful, are indicative of the type of "power" a jew believes he has.

His open, festering HATRED, though, is his HATRED of the very posterity of our Founding Fathers who established this nation ONLY for their own, and NOBODY else, including jews.   Every word out of his mouth drips with this festering HATRED, laced with libel and defamation.  If he can't find something to HATE a particular Christian for, he will simply fabricate stories about them just to be able to propagate his festering HATRED. The psychology term "projection" applies to his propensity to accuse OTHERS who condemn sodomy and pedophelia of actually being PROMOTERS of sodomy and pedophelia, indicative of a very sick mind.






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