The Duke Standard


Most arrogant, deceited jews love to announce that David Duke is in prison.  He's not in prison for what they wanted to imprison him for, which is standing up for the White Race, but rather for the high crime of gambling.

What?  You didn't know gambling is illegal?

Well, when you're raising funds to fight the jews, any cent raised that doesn't benefit jews is subject to immense scrutiny.   So, only to make the jews happy, and to intimidate any other "White Man" who would dare to speak favorably of his own race, to solidify what's meant by the jew double standard, but not to achieve anything resembling justice, David Duke is now in a federal prison.


How is the Duke Standard different from the jew double standard?  It's all very simple. We must compare David Duke's crimes against the crimes of each jew who condemns David Duke, and sentence them accordingly. For example, if David Duke is imprisoned for 15 months for gambling $15,000 dollars of his "investors' money", then jews must be imprisoned for one month for each $1,000 they've swindled from us.  Probably the penalty should be ten times what David Duke got, but we'll let bygones be bygones in the case of the jews, and call for equality under the law.

But how much have jews swindled from us?  The official statistics say that we've been swindled of $150 billion in "foreign aid" for Israel, purportedly on behalf of 6 million jews in the US, or $25,000 per jew.  Based on this model, each jew in the US must be sentenced to 25 months in prison.

But wait.  Where there's bad news, there's always good news, right?  I mean, after all, supporting "god's chosen people" must have it's rewards, even if they aren't even "those who say they are jew but are of the synagogue of satan", right?  Why, sure, and that good news is provided by economist Thomas Stauffer who estimates that Israel actually costs the US $1.6 TRILLION, or $266,667 per US jew, for a 266,667 month sentence, or 22,222 YEARS in prison for each scumbag US jew.