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We hold these truths to be self evident, that Men and Women are endowed by there Creator with DIFFERENT, though supremely paramount, traits and Natural distinctions, which when recognized in light of Nature's intent thereof, and when requisitly and dutifully enlivened, engenders such a Natural Order to humanity, as the life supportive rhythms of God through Nature did undoubtedly intend; that when thus associated, the equally valuable, but separate genders, together constitute the most fundamental construct of human socieation; upon which then correctly rests as properly founded, every ascending and descending matrix and facet of the whole of human goodness. That among the Natural and so, just differences, are every attribute attaining to the matters of "Duty" in all of it's various forms of expression, which when delineated by and through Natural Order, are correctly, by Natures good designs, known to be, the very most sublime attendant of masculinity; that among his responsibilities properly rests the safeguards and direction of every social structure and balance, relating but not limited to, his family, commerce, policy of government and the defense thereof. That among the Natural and so, just differences, are every attribute attaining to the development of "Human Pro-Creation" in all of it's various stages of relative development and Godly maintenance, which when delineated by and through Natural Order, are correctly, by Natures own designs, known to be, the very most sublime attendant of femininity; that among her responsibilities properly rests the safeguards of the highest repose of human community, relating but not limited to, the care and nurturing of her husband, her child, her extended family, and every facilitating association which collectively constitute the most wholesome expression, of the whole, of human community. That to secure these measures, governments are instituted among MEN, deriving their just powers from God through the governed; that when any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right and Godly duty of the people to alter or abolish it; and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on most wholesome principles, and organizing it's powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and reverent tranquillity. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and, accordingly, all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But, when a long train of abuses and usurpation's, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under godless impostor principles of liberality, promiscuity and decadence, their design whether by purpose or neglect, to replace the true and original affections of Liberty, Freedom and Democracy-- those Natural phenomenon arising from a living devotion to Godly precepts-- aspiring, boundless, and self-propitiating as they surely are, in exact measure of that same devotion-- the express higher nature of man; that it is there right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their security. Such has been the patient sufferance of the people of these United States, and such is now the necessity which constrains them to set aright the immoral exigencies of their government. The history of the Demo-Publican autocracy is a history of repeated injuries and usurpation's all having in direct object, the placing of legislative law (the law of man) before Natural Law (the law of God). To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world: They have, encouraged our Mothers and Wives to flagrantly disregard their Natural societal roles, to seek un-natural careers in the marketplace, such roles being abetted by rule of law, which favors women but in fact creates unprecedented hardships and stresses, which have caused the deminished care and abandonment of countless millions of our innocent children. They have, put countless fathers out of work-- those who's Natural Duty, is, the support of their families, leaving them helpless to preserve their families, rendering our communities dis-functional and morally vacant. They have, harmed women who's chief desire is to fulfill their feminine role as wife and mother, a role they may never know; because -- one) they are occupying the very jobs which men require in order to support them, and-- two) if she has a child and a career, she will constantly be tugged from one to the other, creating un-natural stresses, for her child, her self and the marketplace, all unfulfilled. They have, abandoned every binding tenant of the traditional social contract of marriage, and with them the social cohesiveness of the nation. They have, claimed their purpose to nobly assist the gentler gender, however, Natural Law has precedencialy legislated the gentler gender to be gentler, by Natures good design-- and should these usurpers claim ignorance, I will remind, that "ignorance of Natural Law is no defense"-- even though they be ignorant of their actions, a whole nation suffers every penalty of their neglect, in sorrow and suffering, pervasive and debilitating, reaching far beyond the valleys of ignorance. They have, sold-out to commercial interests, the purveyors of greed-- the "Greedy Elite" who would see every marriage broken in two, in order to sell two full measures of household goods and services. These un-holy profiteers have bought and now hold in trust our government, sold on the Demo-Publican auction block. They have, passed un-natural laws which by effect, declare women personagrata in all domestic matters. That women are wholly unable to maintain the status, has apparently not occurred to these Demo-Publicans. To do so, she requires the full-time, 24 hour a day assistance of our police departments-- 911 emergency has become the domestic enforcement line, policeMEN are sent to FORCE, what Nature will not uphold spontaneously. Domestic calls now consume the sum of our Policeman's day, and these are the most dangerous of calls, because they confront a situation which is far in extreme, from Natural Order-- far in extreme from the balance and ease which Natural Order exudes as it's principle fact. They have, driven a wedge through the heart of our nation and have brutally set upon, with intent to break the resolve of, our true noble men; those men who have resisted these un-natural enactments; fathers and husbands who refuse to allow these destroyers to casually divide, distort and disperse, their treasured families. Prison, police brutality, financial ruin and indignity have been their chief reward; this for honoring instinctually the highest precepts of Natural Order-- their good and Godly duty. These God fearing men know "that a house divided against itself cannot stand". These sweet souled sons of patriots know, as did the Founders say, that no republic, no business, no family can stand without clear and purposeful divisions of power; that for those divisions to be productive of purpose, they must align the ebb-and-flow of Natural Order; not political choices, but Natural precedence. They have, placed an unwarranted and unjust imperative on the Natural role of men, and in so doing have completely abandoned the social imperative of Natural feminine expression, the very stuff of happiness, the warp and woof of life's contentment, indeed, the most profound reward of aliveness, the birthright of every child of God, the duty of every Godly man to uphold, the loss of which is the greater loss, then the loss of ones own life, as countless millions of men have attested, and Natural Order thus confirms.-- the very measure of tangible value, the true fruit of Natural Order-- the only good and Godly adhesive, of balanced human community. They have, through their dupe, President Clinton, who's character is thus marked by every act which may define a godless man, who after hearing our most sincere apprehensions, cajoles us, with callous accusations, deriding our sincere deference to Holy Scripture, as being, only our ploy, to discriminate against his promiscuous agenda. They have, through their un-just enactment's, created a generation of children deprived of a fathers disciplined guidance, rendering a whole generation of children morally wounded, who now threaten the repose of themselves, and our national community; though every unbiased study warns of the effect, they continue relentlessly, to force their agendas deeper into our national fabric; their only response to our protests, is to enact more heartless laws which would prosecute our youth as criminal adults, and build more prisons to receive them into the age of reason, this the very most unpardonable breach of Natural Law. They have, forced the intrigue of sexuality into our military services and marketplaces, but hold only men responsible for the inevitable consequences, the woman being the only judge as to whether a crime has been committed; while timeless prudence dictates, that what a woman illicits as flattery today, may on the morrow be, right out harassment; this unwarranted and unprecedented intrigue divides the focus of purposeful action and manly duty, so crucial to our collective good. They have, encouraged the political counsel of women, a breach of every moral and ethical human tradition, luring women from their paramount responsibility of maintaining our communities; weakening the tenor of our foreign and domestic policy, dividing every political consideration along gender lines, creating rifts in every facet of human socieation-- all violations of Natural Law; which unerringly holds these responsibilities by inherent principle, to be the Natural Duty of men alone; that women have never won by inherent principle-- are not Naturally expressive of, and therefore are not responsible for-- but have been allowed only by consent of unprincipled, diluted men; while our communities are dying by our women's neglect. At every stage of these oppressions, we have partitioned for redress, in most humble terms; but, our repeated inquiries have been answered only by repeated injury. We therefore people of the United States Of America appealing to the supreme judge of the world for rectitude of our intentions, do solemnly publish and declaire, that we are absolved from all allegiance to the Demo-Publican autocracy and that the moral connection between us and the Demo-Publican autocracy is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as free (first) subjects of God, and His Nature, have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and all other acts and things which independent people may of right do. And do, for support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor. Thom Firnstahl