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After the coming out some people found Ellen to be more political and less funny. Elton John was quoted in an American magazine: 'We know you're a lesbian. Shut up! Be funny!". Chastity Bono said that the show was 'too gay'. Entertainment Weekly put Ellen DeGeneres on its cover with the caption 'Yep, she's too gay'. After five series the ABC network cancelled the show.


The adventure that began with, "Yep, I'm Gay," ends with "Nope, you're a ratings loser" -- maybe Two Girls, a Horse and Some Wine Coolers ain't such a bad idea!


LA Law kiss in 1992 between bisexual attorney C.J. Lamb and her bi-curious colleague, and the Roseanne-Mariel Hemingway kiss on Roseanne in 1994 (which was actually shown from the back to block the actual kiss). But few remember that the first real lesbian kiss (i.e. a kiss between two lesbian or bisexual women) on television occurred in the short-lived drama Relativity on January 11, 1997--the series that also offered the first recurring lesbian character who was a central part of the cast.

BLASPHEMY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:  NBC has cast out-of-the-closet lesbian actress Ellen DeGeneres as a Catholic nun for the network's Thursday night telecast of "Will and Grace."