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Ending the
"Era of Fatherlessness"

AT A TIME when the media and the politicians are ignoring the crisis of the century, patriotic Americans have been working quietly in the background to end the social pathology created by the highest rate of fatherlessness in the free world. In the quest to locate the source of this nation's social pathology, you should note that state and local officials are powerless -- POWERLESS -- to correct the problem, because its roots and tentacles are planted firmly in Washington, DC. The primary target of this noble effort to regain family stability is the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), which crafted the rule which prevents fathers from being notified when their children are preparing to become welfare waifs, the "Violence Against Women Act" (which ignores that women perpetrate the majority of domestic violence), the Man Out of the House Rule, welfare (which is the transfer from primarily men to primarily single-mother households of $360 Billion per year), the false child abuse industry (which is estimated to be in excess of $285 Billion per year), the decidedly false statistic which suggests that back "child support" is $34 Billion, and now the most egregious act against family stability ever commited by a President (Pres. Clinton's June 18, 1996 "Child Support Initiative"). DHHS has funded virtually every anti-family program known to mankind, and it is high time to terminate this organization.

Don't despair just because the abject immorality of forcing a father to financially underwrite the destruction of his own family is lost on the media. We will get this message across the Internet. Please take the time to understand this issue, to provide the added research we need to present the case to completely expose the evil nature of DHHS, and to present a termination plan to the appropriate authorities or political candidates. Our collective counter-punch against this immoral agency must be swift, forceful, complete, and based on a solid cost/benefit analysis.

To date, not a nickel's worth of benefit from this agency has been gleaned from the research, while this World Wide Web Page clearly illustrates how DHHS is the root of this century's most pressing social problem.


Geraldine Jensen, head of ACES -- the "child support" collection agency, put her children up for adoption. While Geraldine preaches about the "best interests of the children" she is using the court system & child support as a weapon against the father of her children to prevent them from having a normal relationship with him, even to the extreme of putting them up for adoption.

VAWA -- The DHHS sponsors the "Victims Against Women's Act" in spite of the preponderence of evidence which shows that women perpetrate the majority of domestic violence.

US Education: The US ranks below all but Jordan in math and all but Poland in language.


Finally, The Truth About
Child Abuse

Howard Dubowitz Reports
The US Office of Technology Assessment

THE U.S. funded Howard Dubowitz to complete a study on child abuse, which received little fanfare from the media. Why no fanfare? Because he found that 0.07% of children are allegedly sexually abused, and that 2.3% of these are by biological fathers and 17% by stepfathers. So who makes up the balance of 80.7%? The report didn't say, but it would be a safe guess that biological mothers make up a larger percentage than biological fathers. One child out of 62,111 is abused by a biological father, and one out of 8,403 is abused by a step father, yet government policy is destroying families at a record pace by removing children from their responsible fathers, under the guise of "protecting" them. With a rate of fatherlessness approaching 40%, this is a profound error.


Domestic Violence: Cathy Young analyzes the domestic violence injury rate, reporting that "14% of the female victims compared to 38% of the male victims had 'serious injuries'." .

Donna Shalala is caught in several serious lies, including her overestimation of back "child support" and a ridiculous report on the size of the "child abuse" problem and the budget currently earmarked to combat it.

Wenatchee, the capitol of child abuse, is exposed.

COPPS summarizes the effects of the fatherlessness created by DHHS.

President Clinton assigns the "Child Support Enforcement Initiative" to DHHS..

Women were over half of the defendants (55%) in only one category of family murder: parents killing their offspring.

Armin Brott describes the history of the Mondale Act which was the beginning of CAPTA and created the $285 Billion per year "false child abuse industry".

Dr. Gerald Rowles analyzes the "Child Maltreatment 1994: Reports from the States to the National Center on Child abuse and Neglect"

Paul C. Roberts "but what parents don't yet know is that they themselves are targeted as the major source of child abuse by a relatively new federally funded bureaucracy known as Child Protective Services".

Damon Coffman concurs with the above analyses.

Dr. Richard A. Gardner

illustrates how "statistics can easily be manipulated, especially in the realms of child sex abuse.


Lenora Weitzman admits that she made a grievous error which cost this nation $Billions and led to multiple family breakdowns.
Carol Hopkins exposes the terror in Wenatchee, in which the sheriff's daughter who made all the phony accusations finally admits she was coerced to lie.
Jim Norman: provides an explanation for the sudden "retirement" of 32 Representatives and 13 Senators, the most massive defection from Congress in more than a Cetury


BOYCOTTS: BOYCOTT Playboy and Hallmark -- two anti-male organizations!
Richard Bennett: Says Vote NO on Sheila Kuehl's Assembly Bill 800
Bob Witanek: Describes the quiet change from "peace officer" to "law enforcement officer" as US Constitutional Rights are carefully and steadily whittled away.

Department of Justice statistics on domestic and child abuse.


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Dadman to the Rescue ABC LOGO

A beautifully done Home Page for fathers with more links to other fatherhood resources. Or check here for a list of fathers resources from Peter Zohrab of the New Zealand Men's Rights Association.

Jim Anderson has been in prison for almost a decade now because of a false accusation of rape. His entire story is here, in a book that will bring tears to your eyes. The unscrupulous woman who filed these charges was handsomely rewarded with "victim assistance" under provisions of the "Mondale Act" -- but it destroyed a man.

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MOUNTAIN VIEW (AF) -- With the rise of feminism, false accusations of all kinds against men have skyrocketed, with false allegations of rape, sexual abuse, and spousal abuse topping the list.

LOS ANGELES -- Miami talk show host Pat Stevens, who appeared on a segment of CNN's Crossfire show, estimated that when adjusted for underreporting, the true number of battered women is 60 million. Straus and Gelles estimate that about 188,000 women are injured severely enough to require medical attention, a far cry from 60 million.

LAKE FOREST, MINN -- The Premier Men's Magazine has been published for more than 15 years and is reaching the widest audience ever.

PHILADELPHIA -- To regain the Constitutional Rights so easily swept away by radical feminist legislation, case law citing fathers rights rulings are vital!

The "Rate of Fatherlessness Factor" provides a yard stick for how much damage is done to society by DHHS' support of single-mother households.

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