With reports like this from the DHS in July of 1998, how does a DA file a motion to proceed?:


July 27, 1998

Gary McPherson
3300 South Parker Road, Suite 101
Aurora, Colorado 80014

RE: Vickie Quatllebaum

Dear Mr. McPherson:

Based upon my investigation of Ms. Quattlebaum's home on July 20, 1998,1 wanted to express my findings in this lever. The following is the evaluation I have made based upon the meeting I had with the Quattlebaums:

I met with Vicki, Kim, Gabrielle, Alex, and Greg Quattlebaum on July 20, 1998 at the residence of 12599 Leesburg Road. Also present was Vicki's mother, Charlene, from Texas. Vicki explained that she does not live at the residence, and has not for approximately one and a half months. She reported that she resides at an apartment where she raises horses. In addition, the children spent all of June with their grandparents in Texas and have been living with their mother in the apartment since their return. Greg stays at 12599 Leesburg Road when he is home from his job, which is usually about 5 - 7 days a month. Vicki reported that she returns to the home everyday to feed die animals.

I observed the entire house. There were some clothes piled up in most of the bedrooms, but nothing that is blocking the entrance ways. The kitchen was very clean. The animals' litter boxes were also clean. I did not observe any hazards or dangers in the home upon investigation.

I met with all three children upstairs where they were watching television. The children reported that they haven't stayed in that house for quite a long time. Kim said that she lives in Texas and returns to Parker for the summer. All of the children looked healthy. They are all enrolled in school in the fall and were getting ready to start a number of horse shows that would take them out of the state through the middle of August. There are no child protection concerns.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information provided above, please feel free to call me at 688-4825 ext 5352.


Jenny L. Black, M.S.W

101 Third Street, Castle Rock, Colorado 80104 (303) 688-4825 FAX (303) 688-0292

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