The CDC, who keeps tracks of all communicable and other diseases by category, person, year, state, and other parameters, didn't even include anthrax on its list, even though diseases like diphtheria, for which there was only one case in the entire country last year, were included.

We can thus assume that of the 284 million Americans in this country, a grand total of 13 of them have died of anthrax in the last two decades, which means that your odds of having gotten anthrax over the last 20 years were one in 21,846,154.

Conversely, during that time more than 960,000 Americans were killed on our roads and highways, which means that your odds of having been killed by a licensed driver were greater than one in 296.

Cars are a 73,805 times greater risk to your life than anthrax.

If Congress were to spend $10 billion to protect you from anthrax, then it would be ludicrous for them to fail to spend 73,805 times as much, or $738 trillion, to protect you from the drivers that THEY license to kill you.