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You send pearls of filth with your wacky remnant cult trash

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Of course you didn't read my pearls of wisdom, laughing boy.
You are just fulfilling your spiritual role as a fool who answereth a matter before he hears it.
It's a folly and a shame unto you.
Nitey Nite, Dork.

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LOL, I didn't read your trash, just figured your the same old Moron Postie

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Have you been drinking again tonight, Stevie?
I guess Stevez can't read.  Why save what you can't read nor comprehend?
I just slammed the racists, you moron.
I also slammed you because Dispensationalism is every bit as racist as British Israelism.
You are both idiots, racists, and antichrist.
The two lowest forms of Internet life are right here in this group, John Knight, and Stevez.
Now do you comprehend?

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Figures Michael sticks up for the Racists, This one is being saved

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What a moron.
Told ya CI was just a repackaging of the Pharisees.
Just like Dispensationalism.
Judaism with a white twist.
Thanks for the Illustration.
"Why WE are the CHOSEN SPECIALITES, why WE have Abraham, and WE have the Prophets, why WE have the Scriptures, why WE have the proper DNA...."
Jesus said, "Shut up, Morons, Ye are of your father, the Devil".
"Who say ye are Jews, but are not, but do lie."
Your whiteness will not get you into the Kingdom, and your blackness of heart will bar your entry.
Be still ye Carnal Holy White Flesh Worshippers.
Then go read Galations 3, Romans 8-11, Epheseans 2.
There you will find out just exactly WHO is the Israel of God according to God, not according to that ignorant Druidic Masonic British Fairy Tale.
Speaking of foreigners, the British are foreigners, aren't they?
Yes indeed.  So these American CI folks are British agents who are spying out your freedom.
Wake up America.
Israel has nothing to do with your genetic flavor, it has to do with your standing in JESUS.  Remember Him?  He is the HEAD of Israel, and sits on David's Throne, not some sickly Elitist inbred Queen coronated on some fabled rock.
"Oh mortal man, is there not anything that you cannot be made to beleive."
-Albert Pike, head of the Mystery Religion, when British Israelism was born in England.
If you are identifying with Israel based on race then you are identifying yourself with the BROKEN OFF branches of Israel. The walking dead.  The unredeemed.
Funny how the Dispensationalists and the British Israelites have so much in common.
Oh that's right both originate right out of the same Babylonian Mysteries, cooked up by British Masons, and served to brainwashed idiots in America.
Maybe your "Queen" of Britain/Israel/NewWorldOrder/BigBrotherLand will save you.
Bunch a Stone of Scone rock worshipping traitorous British Tories that's all ya are.  I guess we didn't send all ya back to England during the Revolution, musta missed a few.
Ya'll give real white people a bad name.
A bunch of Whites who think they are the true Kikes.
HAHHHAHAHAAA What a bunch of Morons.
When the Preacher said "The LIGHT had come into the world",
These Tories thought he said "WHITE".
When the Preacher extolled the virtues of "Righteousness",
They thought he said "WHITENESS".
Could be that Christian Identity is just the result of a bunch of sick people with really bad ear infections.
And they loved the darkness more than the light..........................

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google is owned by some foreigners. -- fuck them.  We are anglo-saxon Israelites, the greatest, fairest and most promised people on the face of the earth.
russ walker




2. What is Dispensationalism?

Dispensationalism is a form of premillennialism originating among the Plymouth Brethren in the early 1830's. The father of dispensationalism, John Nelson Darby, educated as a lawyer and ordained Anglican priest, was one of the chief founders of the Plymouth Brethren movement, which arose in reaction against the perceived empty formalism of the Church of England. To the Brethren the true "invisible" church was to come out of the apostate "visible" Church, rejecting such forms as priesthood and sacraments.

 Dispensational theology centers upon the concept of God's dealings with mankind being divided into (usually) seven distinct economies or "dispensations", in which man is tested as to his obedience to the will of God as revealed under each dispensation.

 Dispensationalists see God as pursuing two distinct purposes throughout history, one related to an earthly goal and an earthly people (the Jews), the other to heavenly goals and a heavenly people (the church).1

 Dispensationalists believe that in the Old Testament God promised the Jewish people an earthly kingdom ruled by Messiah ben David, and that when Christ came He offered this prophesied kingdom to the Jews. When the Jews of the time rejected Christ and the earthly kingdom, the promise was postponed, and the "mystery form" of the kingdom - the church - was established.

 The church, according to dispensational doctrine, was unforeseen in the Old Testament and constitutes a "parenthesis" in God's plan for Israel. In the future, the distinction between Jew and Gentile will be reestablished and will continue throughout all eternity. The "parenthesis", or church age, will end at the rapture when Christ comes invisibly to take all believers (excepting OT saints) to heaven to celebrate the "marriage feast of the Lamb" with Christ for a period of seven years.2

 God's program for the Jews then resumes with the tribulation, Antichrist, bowls of wrath, 144,000 Jews preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and Armageddon. Then, the Second (third, if you count the preTrib rapture) Coming, the instantaneous conversion of the entire nation of Israel, the resurrection of the Tribulation and Old Testament saints, and the "sheep and goats" judgment. The "goats" will be cast into hell, the "sheep" and the believing Jews will enter the millennium in natural human bodies, marrying, reproducing, and dying. The "mystery church" and the resurrected Tribulation and Old Testament saints will live in the heavenly Jerusalem suspended above the earthly city. This millennium will be a time of great peace and prosperity, with Christ ruling on David's throne. After 1,000 yrs. Satan will be released from the chain with which he had been bound at the beginning of the millennium and many of the children born to the "sheep" and the Israelites will follow him in revolt against Christ. The King will again destroy His enemies, followed by another resurrection of the righteous, another resurrection of the unrighteous, a final judgment, and at last the New Heavens and the New Earth.

 Although premillennial thought has been recorded in the early church, dispensational theology and its pursuant eschatology are new, as even the father of the system admitted -

"I think we ought to have something more of direct testimony as to the lord's coming, and its bearing also on the state of the church: ordinarily, it would not be well to have it so clear, as it frightens people. We must pursue it steadily; it works like leaven, and its fruit is by no means seen yet; I do not mean leaven as ill, but the thoughts are new, and people's minds work on them, and all the old habits are against their feelings - all the gain of situation, and every worldly motive; we must not be surprised at its effect being slow on the mass, the ordinary instruments of acting upon others having been trained in most opposite habits." - LETTERS OF J.N.D., vol.1 pg.25-26

The new doctrine was widely accepted in America, due to popular prophetic meetings such as the Niagara Bible Conferences. C.I. Scofield promulgated dispensational thought in his Scofield Reference Bible. Dispensational Bible institutes by the hundreds have sprung up across the continent - notably Moody Bible Institute and Dallas Theological Seminary. Media evangelists such as Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson, Jack Van Impe, and Hal Lindsey popularize dispensational eschatology today. Most likely you have heard these doctrines taught over Christian radio programs, and yes, from your own church's pulpit, though probably no one defined the theological system as dispensationalism nor the origination as Darby circa 1832.

 Dispensationalists view the teaching as a return to Biblical theology, after nearly 1,800 years of darkness. But, since the day Darby began to preach the doctrine, Godly men have opposed. Many books have been published exposing the flaws in the intricate system. Most hack away at the branches, arguing peripheral issues. We intend to lay the axe to the root of the tree.

"My brother, I am a constant reader of my Bible, and I soon found that what I was taught to believe (by Darby's doctrine) did not always agree with what my Bible said. I came to see that I must either part company with John Darby, or my precious Bible, and I chose to cling to my Bible and part from Mr. Darby." - George M´┐Żeller, a contemporary and one time supporter of Darby quoted by Robert Cameron in his book SCRIPTURAL TRUTH ABOUT THE LORD'S RETURN, pp.146-7