The Globe and Mail
   Saturday, October 23, 1999
   Chief Justice Antonio Lamer was served with a subpoena on the steps of
   the Supreme Court of Canada yesterday morning ordering him to appear
   as a witness in a civil suit launched by a woman who alleges the RCMP
   reneged on the judge's pledge that she would receive police
   protection, The Globe and Mail has learned.
   "I don't think any lawyer in the country would relish issuing a
   summons against the top judge in the country, but sometimes you have
   no other option," said lawyer Suzan Fraser, who is acting for Launa
   Ms. Edwards testified in a 1992 Supreme Court hearing that reviewed
   David Milgaard's murder conviction in the death of Saskatoon nursing
   aide Gail Miller. Mr. Milgaard spent more than 20 years in prison
   after being wrongfully convicted of the crime.