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False Accusation Epidemic Reaches New Zealand



Main Contents

a. Abuse of the Accident Compensation Scheme
ACC Compensation claims for Sexual Abuse
Reintroduction of Lump Sum Compensation for “Loss of Enjoyment of Life”
Possibility of fraudulent claims
The Wakefield Scam.

b. False Sex Allegations
False Allegations of Rape and Sexual Abuse

Last updated January 18, 2002

2002-0117 - The Press - Anthrax scare for law firm
by Andrew Moffat,  
A nationwide mailout by a Christchurch law firm seeking business from sexual abuse victims has prompted at least one unwelcome reply.

2002-0116 - The Star - Lump Sum Payments
Letter, by D Hamilton. 
So lump sum payments will be made for successful claims of sexual abuse, starting April Fools Day, 2002 …

2002-0116 - The Herald - Woman admits drug rape claim invented
A Tauranga woman lied to police that she had been raped and then made a false ACC claim, the Tauranga District Court was told yesterday.

2002-0116 - The Herald - False rape complaints irk police
False rape complaints are frustrating and breed suspicion among police, a police officer says.

2002-0116 - Southland Times - Law  firm's fee mode over abuse questioned
By Karen Arnold
A Southland woman who suffered sexual abuse could be entitled to compensation, despite ACC not advising her about it.

2002-0116 - Otago Daily Times - Following the money
New legislation allowing lump sum payments to sexual abuse victims could be vulnerable to fraudulent claims

2002-0116 - Evening Post - Brash warns on publicity
An abduction and sexual attack complaint that proved false had caused unwarranted bad publicity for Porirua, Mayor Jenny Brash says.

2002-0116 - Dominion - False Witness
by Sarah Prestwood,
Rape is a sickening crime that can blight the victim's life, so why would any woman want to invent it

2002-0115 - Evening Post - Rape tales breed police suspicion
False rape complaints breed suspicion among police, an experienced investigator says.

2002-0114 - Daily News - ACC legislation getting more than accidental going over
The accident Compensation Commission was set up to care for accident victims and prevent New Zealand going down the same expensive path as the United States.

2002-0113 - Usenet - ACC Statistics - New claims for sex abuse
Statistics 1988 to 2001, compiled by Gordon Waugh
including the amazing increase in ACC claims from 1988 to 1993

2002-0113 - Sunday Star Times - Money for old sex abuse
page C4 by Frank Haden

2002-0113 - Sunday Star Times - Past forgotten in ACC shift
Editorial, ACC compensation with reference to Creche case

2002-0112 - The Herald - ACC Fraud Unit gets $1 million back
The Accident Compensation Corporation recovered more than $1 million from fraudulent claimants last year.

2002-0112 - Manawatu Evening Standard - Great care needed on sex abuse
There's a strong suggestion that criminal law and accident compensation law have lost touch with each other, potentially to the detriment of the community

2002-0112 - Evening Post - Complaint to be made over leaflet
by Sean Scanlon
A Wellington psychologist is making an official complaint against the Christchurch law firm which mailed leaflets offering to help sexual abuse victims get lump-sum payments from ACC

2002-0112 - Southland Times - Woman wins her fight for $100,000
by Carmen Wilson
A Southland woman has won a two-year battle to retain more than $100,000 in ACC compensation she was paid after her partner was killed in a car crash.
2002-0111 - Dominion - Lump Sum Gravy Train
The Government has unleashed the ACC sexual abuse lump-sum gravy train again with all the bad features of last time, including handing over the loot with no requirement for the slightest proof that abuse happened, let alone a complaint to the police or a court conviction

2002-0110 - INL - False claims; Prove it in court
Feedback by E Harrison and Alastair Laing

2002-0110 - The Press - Sexual Abuse Payouts
Letters to the Editor, by H Ralf Unger
I am appalled at the predicable but sad development in legal business regarding post traumatic stress in sexual abuse victims.

2002-0110 - The Herald - Sex abuse claims
Letters to the Editor, by Tim Long

2002-0110 - Dominion - ACC Wastes Money
Top Story, by David McLoughlin
ACC “wastes money” on sex victim campaign

2002-0110 - The Press - Sex Abuse Rort
……. But the real focus should be on the return of lump sum payments, which threaten to once more become a grievance gravy train.

2002-0110 - The Press - Sex abuse victim hits out
by Andrew Moffat,
Sexual abuse victim Aimee Uren says a Christchurch law firm's controversial mailout is feeding off others' misery and hurting those it is supposed to help.

2002-0109 - Los Angeles Times - High Court limits who is disabled
by David Savage.  High Court decision defining disability in the USA

2002-0109 - Marlborough Express - Abuse of Compensation
In Blenheim letter boxes yesterday appeared a flyer alerting people to a Christchurch legal firm's preparedness to act in seeking ACC financial compensation for victims of sexual abuse

2002-0109 - Usenet - ACCs handling of claims
Letter from Gordon Waugh, Whenuapai
ACC's handling of claims for sexual abuse is the greatest con job this nation has ever seen, and the general tenor of my criticism of ACC and its method is below.

2002-0109 - National Party - ACC lump sums open to abuse
Press Release by ACC spokesperson Gerry Brownlee
An ACC law change allowing lump sum payments for unproved sex abuse claims will prove disastrous

2002-0109 - Dominion - Cash For Unproved Sex Abuse
Top Story, by David McLoughlin.
People who claim to have been sexually abused will be able to get big cash sums from ACC again without having to complain to police under a law change that takes effect on April 1.

2002-0109 - The Press - Law firm in bid for sex abuse cases
by Andrew Moffat
A Christchurch law firm has sent out one million leaflets touting for business from sexual abuse victims entitled to new ACC payments.

2002-0109 - Herald - Backlash over bid for share of ACC Pay
Page 5 by Rosaleen MacBrayne
A small Christchurch law firm's nationwide attempt to get business from sexual abuse victims has sparked a backlash.

2002-0109 - Discussion On Usenet

2002-0108 - TV3 - Law Firms Unwanted Publicity
Television 3 News
A creative marketing campaign is giving a small Christchurch law firm more publicity than it may have bargained for.

2002-0107 - Wakefield Flyer 
Wakefield Associates, Solicitors, Christchurch

2002-0107 - Wakefield AdvertisingFlyer 
Wakefield Associates, Solicitors, Christchurch

2001-1031 - City Possessed - Extract On ACC
pages 88-94, by Lynley Hood

2001-1008 - Daily News - Big response to Sexual Abuse Flyer
page 3 by Mark Birch

2000-1208 - Dominion - ACC sex abuse payments to be vetted
page 8 by David McLoughlin

1999-0222 - The Press - ACC Inquiry
Letters to the Editor, by John Daley

1999-0215 - Dominion - Victims miss out on ACC
page 8, comments by Wakefield

1999-0210 - The Press - Appeal no Deterrent
page 4, comments by Wakefield

1999-0210 - The Press - ACC review call backed
page 4 by Cullen Smith

1999-0209 - The Press - Lawyer calls for review of ACC
page 1 by Cullen Smith, reference to Wakefield

1996-1211 - Dominion - Action gets ACC cheques flowing
page 3



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