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jew Trash Porno Queen "Dr. Laura"



jew Trash Porno Queen "Dr. Laura" Exposed [warning, pornographic material].


Feminazi Adrianne Braverman shows her true colors.


"Dr. Laura" finally Admits It: "she's god".


Double-Scroll-Right.gif (1595 bytes) Daily, jew Trash Porno Queen "Dr. Laura" Schlessinger bombards the national airwaves with the message that biological fatherhood is "irrelevant", "insignificant", "worthless", "meaningless", "trifling", etc.

In her next breath she rails against "deadbeat dads" who don't pay "child support", a clear contradiction in principles. If biological fatherhood is meaningless, then "child support" payments are even more meaningless.

She's dead wrong on both counts.   The preservation and protection of biological fatherhood is the crux of civilization, and the payment of "child support" undermines it.

Her contention that biological fatherhood is always irrelevant denies the reality that the heart and soul of 95-99% of American fathers is precisely their biological fatherhood.  It's equally important to an equal percentage of their biological children.  Women call her show and say "I just met by real [read: biological] sister and I want to know if I should contact my real [read: biological] father".  Her answer is always "no, he's nothing to you, he doesn't care a thing about you."  The palpable despondence in their voices when they say "oh" is always lost on jew Trash Porno Queen "Dr. Laura".

By doing this, she propagates the biggest feminist lie of all time: adultery is a "personal issue" and a "woman's right".  So now Shere Hite brags on national TV that 70% of American wives commit adultery within 5 years of marriage, and Barbara Rothman confirms that one out of every five children born to intact families were conceived in those adulterous affairs.  "Dr. Laura" is not informing her callers of the latest in pop psychology--she's LYING to them.  Not even the worst pop psychologists has dared to put that in print--even the authors of "Deconstructing the Essential Father" referenced numerous studies which each establish this as a solid lie. 

Such a backhanded endorsement of adultery is not only a breach of the spirit and intent of the First Amendment, not only an affront to the 85% of North Americans who are Christians--to trivialize biological fatherhood in this fashion is a slap across God's face.  She may be right that some biological fathers really don't care, but it is she, not they, who is broadcasting this destructive message coast to coast, who is doing a vast disservice to the vast majority who do care, who is promoting even more adultery and illegitimacy by presenting her attitude as "popular".

It is not popular.

Her LIE that *no* biological father cares emboldens her to then viciously attack fathers, the members of families who earn 82% of family incomes, for not "caring enough" about their children.

This LIE is the bedrock of the jew Trash Porno Queen "Dr. Laura" Show.  But it is an affront to two billion Christians worldwide.  The day she confronts this simple truth is the day her show dies.   Nobody in this country should profit from accelerating the destruction of families.

The LIE must be stopped.  This LIAR must be stopped.


jew Trash Porno Queen "Dr. Laura" On CSA (child sexual abuse)

On Thursday, September 30, 1999, she condemned the APA for publishing a scientific study (The Rind Study) of college students which concludes that there is no correlation between CSA and long term damages.  Her condemnation was based on personal opinions, not scientific facts.  She is correct that CSA is immoral, that it violates the fundamental religious beliefs of billions of parents worldwide, and that children must be protected from CSA.  But she is dead wrong to conclude:

Government, not parents, should protect them.
College students don't know whether or not they were harmed by CSA.
College students who are suffering from CSA would lie about it, particularly if they could get help or tap into the widely publicized multi-million dollar "damages awards" to victims.
Either she or government are better determinants of the damages from CSA than victims themselves.
"CSA is always harmful" when so few victims of CSA even agree with her.
Her personal and unsupported opinion, with whom the majority of CSA victims disagree, is more valid than a scientific study.
Moral Americans should base their opinions on moral minors known as feminists and rather than on science.

She also LIED when she said that Judaism prohibits having sex with children, because the Talmud CONDONES it:

"Thus, if the Talmud permits girls three years old and younger to be sexually used by adults, that is the law. The concern of the Sages is to ensure that the adult is not, technically speaking, in violation of any of the rules."


On what basis does she unilaterally conclude that the victims of CSA are harmed, whether or not they know it, in spite of their denials, and contrary to the scientific evidence?  None.  Nada.  All additional scientific studies would certainly prove exactly the same thing, again.   It was this same lack of respect for science, coupled with Feminist Black Witchcraft mass hysteria, which led to the now debunked FMS (false memory syndrome) witch hunt, the now debunked Lenora Weitzman Fairy Tale, the now debunked Wenatchee and McMartin Preschool trials, the false convictions of one third of men in prison for rape, and is probably responsible for our having a prison incarceration rate 35 times higher than China's.

Her role in propagating the mass hysteria which led to the false imprisonment of so many men, and women, and now her role in trying so hard to discredit a credible scientific study which has the potential to finally bring some justice to our "justice system", is a mere sliver of the truth behind the social pathology caused by feminism.  Moral minors like her have completely discredited a judiciary which once proud Americans once held up as a paragon of virtue. 

Consider how she does this:

Q. Does CSA adversely affect your life.

A. No.

Q. How do you know?

A. Well, I don't know of anything that it affects.

Q. So you don't know for sure that CSA isn't causing you harm?

A. No.  But I can't imagine how it would.

Q. But you can't say for SURE?

A. No.

Q. So it's possible that CSA does adversely affect your life?

A. Well, it's possible, but ...

Q. How can you be sure unless you get help first?

A. Well, I don't ....

Q. Did you know that the victims of CSA in the Fells Acres case got more than a million dollars each?

A. No.

Q. So you see, this is serious business?

A. Yes, but ...

Q. Will you go see this doctor I know, who can really help you a lot?

A. Well, I'm not sure I have a pro...

Q. A million dollars?

A. Oh.


In other words, blind dumb feminists, the ones who produced an education system in which a statistical zero percent of American twelfth grade girls were able to apply math principles to simple math questions, who "think" they think, but actually lie, like Adrianne Braverman <[email protected]>, assert they know more about CSA than the victims themselves.

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