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The Truth About America's "Drug War"

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"Because the principal Effect which we can desire or expect of the Action, is the Conversion . . . of the people in those Parts unto the true Worship of God and Christian Religion."


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The rest of the world legalizes "illegal" drugs.

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Per National Vital Statistics Report, Vol. 47, No. 9, November 10, 1998, compared to the 199 Americans who died in 1996 as the result of the use of "illegal drugs":

• 3,685 TIMES as many Americans died from heart disease.

• 2,711 times as many died from cancer.

• 804 times as many died from cerebrovascular disease.

• 533 times as many died from pulmonary disease.

• 477 times as many died from accidents

• 421 times as many died from the flu and pneumonia.

• 310 times as many died from diabetes.

• 156 times as many died from AIDS.

• 155 times as many committed suicide.

• 126 times as many died from chronic liver diseases.

• 85 times as many were murdered.


These 199 Americans who died in 1996 as the result of the use of "illegal drugs" excludes those who were killed in the "drug war" itself:

  1. Drug raids by the police.
  2. Those who were arrested for drug abuse or dealing who died in prison.
  3. The few police who were killed in the line of duty by drug addicts and dealers.

It's a conservative estimate that the "drug war" itself costs $250 billion per year, plus another $80 billion/year to imprison 400,000 drug users and dealers, which is $1.7 million per drug death. But the "drug war" hasn't reduced either drug use nor these deaths at all, so the cost/benefit is $250 billion divided by zero, which is infinity.

The "drug war" doesn't save lives, doesn't reduce drug abuse, costs far too much, and fails every type of cost/benefit analysis, but it will continue forever because it provides precisely the excuse the federal government needs to get around the uncomfortable restrictions imposed upon it by the US Constitution.   It was one of the original excuses for invading a peaceful church in Waco.   It's the perfect excuse for knocking down your front door because, after all, there *might* be drugs inside.  It provides billions of dollars of legal fees to the lawyers who must "defend" their drug clients against all manner of drug charges.   It offers an excuse for confiscating the guns which are [read: were] protected by the Second Amendment.  It reduces Americans from citizens to "civilians" and "suspects", as the police now have carte blanche to plant drugs anywhere and any place they want to, knowing full well that they will be promoted even if they are caught red handed doing so.

It is the perfect tool by which to create a totalitarian state and expand government spending and presence dramatically.  It enables the government to become an "expert" in every American citizen's life.

And it makes treason legal.

Those who took the oath to uphold the US Constitution against foreign *and domestic* enemies must honor those oaths.  Public servants who violate Constitutional rights must be held accountable to the Constitution, not to the "laws" put in place by the activist courts [read: treasonous judges].   The first place to start this process is by defending the rights of ALL Americans to be free of the Constitutional violations which take place in the name of the "drug war".






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