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MADD & The Blind, Deaf, & Dumb Feminist US Education System

Women drive only 30% of miles driven but are in 37% of the fatal accidents


FRAUD from the NHTSA:   Police report that 4% of all accidents are "alcohol related", but after pedestrians, passengers, bicyclists, and other nondrivers who are the reason for an accident being classified as "alcohol involved" are removed, only 1.25% of all accidents involved a driver with a bac greater than .10%.


A German study confirms the "Grand Rapids Effects":  if all drivers had a safety record equivalent to drivers with a bac = 0.04 ('The Gold Standard'), the US would have 17,670 fewer traffic fatalities each year.


While MADD publicly proclaims that they "saved 67,000 lives since our program began", the loss to society due to their program exceeds the benefit by 135 times.


Outlawing women drivers would save 11 times as many lives than if MADD's campaign could be 100% successful.


The accident rate of sober women drivers is equivalent to that of men drivers with a BAC between 0.12 and 0.14.


Fatalities classified by NHTSA as "alcohol involved" decreased 7,452 over a decade, but non-alcohol-related fatalities increased 3,029.


The number of lives that advocacy groups claim they saved exceeded the actual reduction of 4,423 fatalities by five fold.


We have a motor vehicle fatality rate 45% higher than Germany where speeds on the autobahn of 140 mph are common and where more than 70% of drivers admit that they drink and drive.


The 136 million Americans who drink consume enough alcohol to keep their bac above zero for up to 6 hours or 40% of their waking day, each and every day of the year.


Sixty percent of college students drink and drive.


DUI laws put more Americans in prison than Japan has in prison for all crimes combined.


Former deputy attorney general on the fraud of DUI laws.


The most liberal interpretation of NHTSA data is that DUI laws save 400 lives per year, a cost per life saved of $30.5 million, compared to cancer research which is less than $200 per life lost to cancer.


Decreased alcohol consumption increased cardio-related fatalities by 35,000 per year, which is more than 87 times greater than the number of lives saved by the most liberal MADD estimate.


David MacRae:   "I have long known that the furor over drinking and driving was overblown.""


The MADD, dui, anti-drinking, anti-alcohol, anti-Christian campaign is based on the cynical hypothesis that American citizens are too stupid to make proper personal choices for themselves, but that a disinterested judge sitting on a wooden bench miles away could or would care to make those choices for them for them, and could do a better job of it.  The government's own studies and statistics prove otherwise.  This is why an exact copy of this cynical hypothesis, Prohibition, was thankfully ended with certainty early in the Twentieth Century.


By padding the data more than three fold, police departments take accidents which involve [not are "caused by"] at most 1.25% of the drivers accross the country who have a bac > .10 and report that 4% of all accidents are "alcohol involved".  They do this by adding any and everybody who was at the scene of the accident who had "been drinking".  This means that 69% of the accidents which were classified as "alcohol involved" didn't even involve a driver with a bac > .10.  NHTSA compounds the error another ten fold with a "statistical model" that is the dream of every bureaucrat--they don't need to tell you how they do this, they get to spend billions of dollars to "solve" the "problem" without ever telling you exactly what they solved.  Their budget continues to grow geometrically while the rest of the economy takes a tail spin, partially because of precisely this cynical hypothesis that justifies its micromanagement of American's personal lives.  The NHTSA data shows specifically the following regarding "drinking drivers" involved in fatal accidents in 1999:

bullet100,666 people and 56,820 drivers were involved in fatal accidents.
bullet41,611 people were killed.
bullet12,304 or 12.2% of all of those involved in fatal accidents were classified by the NHTSA as "alcohol involved".
bullet2,872 or 2.9% of them had a BAC < .10.
bulletOf the 9,432 or 9.4% of them with a BAC of .10+:
bullet3,929 or 3.9% of them were not reported by the police to have had a BAC of .10+
bullet564 or 0.56% of them were reported by the police to be "Not alcohol involved".
bullet1,464 or 1.5% were not reported by the police to be "alcohol involved".
bullet1,901 or 1.9% were "Unknown" to the police.
bullet2,201 or 2.2% of them were not drivers:
bullet918 or 0.9% were passengers.
bullet1,123 or 1.1% were pedestrians.
bullet107 or 0.1% were bicyclists.
bullet53 or 0.05% were other non-drivers.
bullet647 or 0.6% were operating farm machinery, ATVs, snowmobiles, mopeds, motorcycles, or non-highway vehicles.
bullet310 or 0.3% were drivers whom NHTSA claims had accidents because of drowsy driving rather than drinking alcohol.
bullet2,345 or 2.3% were KNOWN by police to have been drivers of trucks or automobiles with a BAC of .10+ whose accident was not caused by drowsy driving, which is:
bullet2.3% of all of those involved in fatal accidents.
bullet4.1% of all drivers involved in fatal accidents.
bullet5.6% of all fatalities.
bulletNO percentage of those drivers are KNOWN to have had an accident BECAUSE they were drinking alcohol.

While there may be some overlap between these figures, it's unlikely, given that the objective of the statistical model is to compensate for drivers who may have had a high BAC level but whom the police didn't test for or detect alcohol.  It's possible, for example, that some of the 918 passengers who caused an accident to be classified as alcohol-involved were also included in the 564 people who were reported by the police to be "Not alcohol involved".  Some number of the 1,123 passengers who caused an accident to be classified as alcohol-involved may have also been included in the category "Unknown to the police".    But the statistical model is not intended to be applied to passengers or pedestrians who may have been under-reported by the police, so this overlap is only a remote possibility.


The following statement from NHTSA is accurate, but it's intentionally misleading:
  "Traffic fatalities in alcohol-related crashes fell by 1 percent from 1998 to
  1999. The 15,786 alcohol-related fatalities in 1999 (38 percent of total
  traffic fatalities for the year) represent a 30 percent reduction from the
  22,404 alcohol-related fatalities reported in 1989 (49 percent of the total)."

Newspaper headlines misinterpret such statements, pad it a little bit more, change the wording around, and the final message is:


You might view this as the classic case of mass hysteria--if it weren't for the fact that it's become obvious that this is a carefuly orchestrated plan to destroy the country.  This mass hysteria isn't spreading by itself--it's being promoted by our own government under the guidance of anti-Christian forces. 


These forces even managed to suppress the truth about multiple studies which proved that, if all drivers in the country had the track record of the safest driver, the driver with a bac = .04, the driver whom this program hopes to drive into extinction, we would have 12,865 fewer traffic deaths annually. 

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They managed to suppress the data that shows that women are much less coordinated than men, that women pilots have four times as many accidents per hour flown than men pilots, that women drivers have 70% more accidents per mile driven than men drivers, that the distinct differences in their cranial capacities is proof of a distinctly different design criteria.  You might even claim that men and women are different--wow!  They suppress the data that shows that if women didn't drive, there would be 10,311 fewer highway fatalities each year.

They managed to suppress studies by numerous doctors from around the world that our current level of alcohol consumption prevents 80,000 heart disease fatalities annually, that increasing alcohol consumption would save 150,000 lives/year from heart disease, and that the recent decrease in alcohol consumption costs us an additional 35,000 heart disease deaths/year. 


What is the total cost of this criminal conspiracy referred to as "MADD"?  Not counting our loss of Constitutional rights, which is priceless, the bottom line price in dollars is $121.9 billion per year, or $1.8 trillion in current dollars over the last  15 years.  And what was the benefit again?

Do you realize that the government can't even estimate a benefit?  As hard as they try, as effectively as they've suppressed the studies which show that the driver they eliminated from the roads is the very driver who is 31% less likely to have an accident, regardless of how well they've concealed how much more dangerous a woman driver is than a drinking driver, their data still shows one thing:  THERE WAS NO BENEFIT!

Annual Cost of MADD's DUI Campaign

Per Year
Lives saved if all drivers had the track record of drivers with a bac = .04


Lives saved if women didn't drive


Lives lost to heart disease due to reduced alcohol consumption


Potential lives saved from heart disease if alcohol consumption increased


Total lives lost due directly to MADD's campaign


Maximum number of lives MADD can claim to have saved


Net loss of life to MADD's campaign




Net economic loss at $1 million per life

$92.8 Billion

Cost to incarcerate 58,000 violators of dui laws, at $200,000 each

$11.6 Billion

Cost to administer the program

$18.0 Billion

Total cost (excluding loss of Constitutional rights)

$121.9 Billion

Total benefit--400  lives at $1 million each

$.4 Billion

Cost/benefit ratio


Cost per life saved

$30.5 Million


New Federally Sponsored Laws

Lives Allegedly Saved Each Year
Drinking & Driving Laws


Safety Belts Laws


Minimum Age Drinking Laws


Motorcycle Helmet Laws


Administrative License Revocation Laws


Open Container Laws


Repeat Intoxicated  Driver Laws


Bicycle Helmet Laws


Air Bags Laws


Child Passenger Safety Laws


Lives/year NHTSA Press Releases Claim Are Saved


Actual Lives Saved 1987 and 1997 (18.9 to 15.9 fatalities per 100k population)






In the same year that "liberals" "think" that mad idiots from MADD et. al. "saved" 1,100 lives, other causes of mortality in this country of 284 million people (and 264 million Christians) took far more lives and received far less media coverage:

bullet667 TIMES as many Americans died of Heart disease
bullet491 TIMES as many Americans died of Cancer
bullet145 TIMES as many died of Cerebrovascular disease
bullet96 TIMES as many died Pulmonary disease
bullet86 TIMES as many died in Accidents
bullet76  TIMES as many died of the Pneumonia and flu
bullet56 TIMES as many died of Diabetes
bullet28 TIMES as many died of HIV
bullet28 TIMES as many committed Suicide
bullet23 TIMES as many died of Cirrhosis
bullet19 TIMES as many were Homicide victims

Without even considering the fact that these laws themselves probably caused more than 1,100 people to commit suicide, or themselves cause the stress which caused an extra 30,000 heard disease deaths, you have not a shred of justification for permitting jewish judges and lawyers to ROB Christians of $20 billion per year for such a program  It costs at least $18.2 million per life allegedly saved, which ismoney that might have increased cancer research which currently amounts to only $200 per life lost to cancer.

On top of that, the reduction in alcohol consumption in the country that followed this campaign is estimated to have caused an extra 33,000 heart disease deaths each year, which is 30 TIMES as many lives lost as MADD claims that it "saved".