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Domestic Violence!


Nine different studies show that females are a majority of the perpetrators of domestic violence. 


HISTORY IS MADE, July 9, 1999--The National Post of Alberta, Canada--first mainstream news source exposes the truth.


Giving the "woman the silent treatment?" is defined as "Domestic Violence".


Congress enacts VAWA (Violence Against Women's Act) without any consideration for simple facts.


This is "Domestic Violence"?


False Allegations of Child Abuse by the Child "Protectors"


Women murder 31 times as many children as natural fathers do.


Feminist lies.


  1. Kanton & Strauss--2% of wives and 4.6% of husbands assaulted

  2. Murray--26% of females and 39.1% of males abused

  3. O'Leary--27% of wives and 36% husbands "victim of spousal violence"

  4. Brinkerhoff--4.8% of wives and 10% of  husbands "victim of severe violence"

  5. Strauss--12.2% of wives and 12.4% of husbands "assaulted"

  6. U. Texas--14% of wives and 18% of husbands victims of "violent act"

  7. McNeely--86% of wives and 25% of husbands "used a weapon" in their attack

  8. Henton--2.3% females, 4.9% males, & 16% mutual (total of 23%) "experienced PREMARITAL violence"

  9. Strauss--3.8% of wives and 4.6% of husbands victims of "severe violence"

  10. Nisonoff--12.7% of wives and 18.6% of husbands were "hit by spouse"


1994 July, according to "Domestic Assault in the USA" by Kanton and Straus, the average male-female sposal abuse rates for 1992 were: Wife assault 2.0%, reported by 2.3% of wives and 1.7% of husbands. Husband assault 4.6%, reported by 5.8% of wives and 3.3% of husbands.

1991 December - Reena Sommer, Gordon E.Barnes and Robert P.Murray Department of Family Study, University of Manitoba, Canada, a study of 1257 (615 male and 642 female) Winnpeg residents found that 39.1% of cohabitating females and 26% of cohabitating males were perpetrators of spouse abuse.

1989 - O’Leary K. Daniel., Barling J., Arias, Ilena, Rosenbaum Alan, Malone J., and Tree A., "Prevalence and stability of physical aggression between spouses: a longitudinal analysis," Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology. 57(2):263-268, 1989. This report notes that 31% of men and 44% of women in this study reported that they aggressed against their partner in the year before marriage. Eighteen months after marriage, 27% of men and 36% of women reported being violent towards their partner.

1988 Survey of Couples by Brinkerhoff and Prof. Eugen Lupri, University of Calgary, Canada shows that 17.8% of husbands admit to abusing their female partner and 23.3% of wives admit to abusing their male partner and that severe wife assault was 4.8%, severe husband assault was 10.0% 1986, Shupe, Stacey and Hazlewood "Violent Men, Violent Couples" chapter 3 - 28% of married men reported their wives had slapped, kicked or punched them.

1985, National Family Violence Survey, USA, Mr.Straus, using information from 2,994 women, found a rate of assaults by wives of 124 per 1000 couples, compared with 122 per 1000 for assaults by husbands.

1985 Study of Texas University students by Breen: 18% of men and 14% of women reported violent acts by a romantic partner.

1984 Study of 6,200 cases of reported domestic assault by Prof.R.L.McNeely and Coramae Richey Mann shows that weapons were involved in 86% of female on male violence and in 25% of male on female violence.

1982 Henton, Cate, Koval, Lloyd and Christopher: of 344 college students 79 had experienced premarital violence. Nearly 70% experienced mutual violence. Of the remaining students 10% said the male was the only abuser, 22% said the female was the only abuser.

1980 Straus et al. - of 2,143 couples in 1975, 28% had experienced violence at some point in their marriage, 16% within the last year. Half of abuse was mutual. Annual incidents of overall violence: 12.1 per 100 husbands, 11.6 per 100 wives. When examining severe violence, women were more violent than men. Severe husband to wife violence: 3.8 out of 100 families Severe wife to husband violence: 4.6 out of 100 families.

1979 - Nisonoff, L. & Bitman, I Spouse Abuse: Incidence and Relationship to Selected Demographic Variables, Victimology 4, 1979, pp.131-140.    Subjects were asked in a telephone survey about their experiences of domestic violence (Nisonoff & Bitman 1979). 15.5% of the men and 11.3% f the women reported having hit their spouse; 18.6% of the men and 12.7% of the women reported having been hit by their spouse.

Source: Reinhold Knauss <[email protected]>

18 May 1998

Here are some stats to use.

Unlike in feminist stats, sources are included.

Send some of them to your favourite political or other liers.

Keep letters to one page.

Be aware most politicians will blissfully ignore the facts.

Yet some might start to wonder and ask questions.

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1994 - The Toronto Institute for the Prevention of Child Abuse reports in a study that the perpetrators were:

of child maltreatment: 49% mothers, 31% fathers,

of child neglect: 85% mothers,

of emotional maltreatment: 79% mothers.

In the 0 to 3 year category, boys accounted for 59% of victims. In the 4 to 11 year category, boys accounted for 55.5% of victims The largest number of investigated families were single mother families.

1986, Health and Welfare Canada reports of a study by Bell finding evidence of mothers being more likely than fathers to be abusive to children. The perpetrator of child abuse was the mother in 38.7%, the father in 18.4% of cases.

1986, Dr. Cyril Greenland, McMaster University, analyzed 100 child abuse and neglect death in Ontario, from 1973 to 1982. He found: natural parents were the perpetrators in 63% of cases. Mothers in 38%, fathers in 13% and both in 12% of cases.

1984 - Walker - inter generational transmission of violence by abusive wives to their children in a study of 400 battered wives. 29% of the wives and 35% of the battering husbands had witnessed their mother inflict violence upon their father during childhood.

According to child protective services in the U.S.A., of child abuse committed by natural parents between 1984 and 1987, mothers represent the following percentages of child abusers:

in Virginia: 67%, in New Jersey: 70%, in Texas: 68%, in Iowa: 64.5%, in Minnesota: 62%, in Alaska: 67%.

1984, Joan Ditson and Sharon Shay "Child abuse and Neglect" Lansing, Michigan, Volume 8 49% of all child abuse is committed by single parent mothers.

1978 Study by Richard Gelles found 76% of mothers as compared to 71% of fathers reporting at least one incident of violence toward children.

1977 - Nagi, Saad Child Maltreatment in the United States Columbia

University Press, New York, p. 47, 1977 Statistical Abstract of the United

States 1987 table 277

The idea of women being violent is a hard thing for many people to believe. It goes against the stereotype of the passive and helpless female. This, in spite of the fact that women are known to be more likely than men to commit child abuse and child murder:

bulletDaly & Wilson 1988 report 54% of parent-child murders where the child is under 17 were committed by the mother in Canada between 1974 and 1983.
bulletThe Statistical Abstract of the United States 1987 reports that of reported child maltreatment cases between 1980 and 1984 between 57.0% and 61.4% of these were perpetrated by the mother.
bulletNagi 1977 found 53.1% of perpetrators were female, 21% male and 22.6% both.
bullet1971 Study by Zalba and 1971 Study by Gill showed women as child abusers in 50% of cases.
bullet1969 Study by Bennie and Sclare found 7 out of 10 child abusers are female.
bullet1968 Study by Bennie and Sclare found 50 of 57 child abusers are female.
bulletOf urban parents convicted of murdering offspring, 55 percent are mothers.
bulletSixty-four percent of the time it is a son whom she kills. (Id.)


Most cases of false allegations involve mothers falsely accusing fathers. Dullea, 1987 (New York Times), Zweig, 1987 (Los Angeles Times)

Enough anecdotal and case study evidence has been collected to ascertain that parents may accuse one another of sexual molestation of their children during child custody battles. Benedek & Shetky 1984, 1985, deJong 1986, Murray 1987, Green 1986, Klajner-Diamond, Wehrspann & Steinhauser 1987, Jaffe et al., 1987, Kaplan & Kaplan 1981 The alleging parent is often a delusional or vindictive woman seeking revenge against her ex-husband. A. Green, child psychologist, Journal of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry. 61-65% of child abuse accusations are found to be unfounded or false. In contested divorce cases with issues of child custody, the false accusation rate has reached 80%. David S. Gil, Brandeis University, Massachusetts, 1985 A study released by the Institute for the Prevention of Child Abuse (I.P.C.A.) found 42% of reported cases of abuse in Ontario to be unfounded. I.P.C.A. Toronto, 1993. 60-85% of child abuse accusations are found to be false or unfounded. V.O.C.A.L., U.S.A. (Victims of Child Abuse Legislation)



Despite gender neutral divorce laws giving children the right to be with both parents, despite the human rights code prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender, Family Court Judges award custody of children to the female parent in the overwhelming majority of cases. A female parent’s custodial rights are then strongly enforced by the courts and police. A male parent’s court ordered right to see his children is ignored by courts and police. This data is from "Advance Report of Final Divorce Statistics, 1989 and 1990," National Center for Health Statistics, Sally C. Clarke In 1990, from 19 reporting states, percent of custody:

bulletAwarded to husbands: 8.7
bulletAwarded to wives: 72.0
bulletAwarded to joint custody 15.7
bulletAwarded to other persons: 1.3
bulletAwarded to combination: 2.4

As we know "joint custody" often means maternal custody in practice. So a safe estimate on the basis of these figures is that mothers get custody between 80 to 85 percent of the time. Note that fathers get custody only 8.7 percent of the time.

Even in cases where both parents agree to joint custody, 33% are awarded to the custody of the mother anyway, and even in cases where both parents agree to father custody, 13% are awarded to the custody of the mother. [Anne Mitchell, Attorney, single mother, founder FREE]

The Associated Press cited the fact that 97% of the persons to be prosecuted by Maine under this child support collection law are fathers. That statistic was provided by officials of Maine.

Do they explain why these statistics are so out of balance between genders? Most studies of fathers pre-divorce show that about 66% or two thirds of them want custody of their children.

Read Richard Warshak’s book, The Custody Revolution, for a description of some of the mistaken beliefs about the parenting abilities of men that result in sex discrimination in child custody decisions.

Contrary to the equal abilities of either parent to nurture a child, the custody decisions after divorce give women sole custody in 90 percent of divorces. Parents retain joint custody in 5 to 7 percent of divorce custody cases. Only in 10 percent of all divorce custody cases are fathers able to retain their parental status. This loss of parental rights is not related to any crime or innate inability to nurture children. The loss of NCF parental rights is due strictly to the gender bias of the Family Court system.



In the USA alone, 23 million children grow up without a father. The US National Commission on children reports that fatherless children are:

bullet5 times more likely to be poor
bullet10 times more likely to be extremely poor
bulletat great risk of

dropping out of school

alcohol and drug abuse

adolescent pregnancy and child bearing

juvenile delinquency

mental illness


According to Statistics Canada November, 1996 report, ‘What Do We Know about Children from Single-Parent Families’, issue 89-550, of 2,800,000 children, 4-11 years old, in Canada 458,000 live with one parent only.

Children from single parent families are 2.21 (221%) times as likely to have one or more total problems than those from two parent families, twice as likely to have an emotional disorder.

Of children living with 2 parents, 25% show anxiety, depression and physical aggression. Of children living with one parent only, 41% show thouse symptoms. U.S.A. studies show that from fatherless homes come:

bullet63% of youth suicides (U.S.D.H.H.S., Bureau of the Census)
bullet85% of children with behaviour disorders (Centre for Disease Control)
bullet80% of rapists motivated with anger (applies to boys only) (Source: Criminal Justice and Behaviour, Vol 14, p 403-26, 1978)
bullet71% of all high school dropouts (Source: National Principal Association Report on the state of High Schools)
bullet85% of all youth sitting in prisons (Source: Fulton Co. Georgia jail populations, Texas Dept. of Corrections 1992)

Increased suicidal tendencies were found in people who had experienced the loss of the father. Bron, Strack & Rudolph, Univ. of Gottingen, Germany, 1991

British researchers have found adults who suffer parent loss due to separation or divorce have significantly higher risk of developing agoraphobia with panic attacks and panic disorder. British Journal of Psychiatry, 1989 1990 -

Children showed the most behaviour problems if their parents were in a legal conflict and the visitation was not frequent or regular. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 1990 1989 -

Adults who were deprived of a father in childhood due to separation or divorce had a significantly higher risk of suicide and parasuicide in adulthood. (Psychiatrie, Neurologie und Medizinische Psychologie, 1989).

1988 - Kurdek found that in the first year after separation, noncustodial parent involvement was generally associated positively with adjustment in children in divorcing families, especially for children whose parents were experiencing high levels of conflict.

Legal conflict was related to behaviour problems. Children showed the most behaviour problems if their parents were in egal conflict and the visitation was not frequent and or regular.

1990 - Children with frequent and regular visits showed the fewest behaviour problems. Regular visitation by the noncustodial parent in the first year led to higher self esteem later. (American Jornal of Orthopsychiatry, 1990)

Scandinavian research has found a significantly higher number of adults who attempted suicide had lost a parent through divorce in childhood. Acta Psychiatrica, Scandinavia, 1990, 1993

Children who were separated from their father for a period of three months or longer and between the ages of 6 months to 5 years old, suffer a higher risk (2.5 to 5 times higher) of hysteria, emotional disorders and conduct disorder than other children. Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 1988

1992 - An examination of 1018 pairs of adult female twins found that females separated from a parent prior to 17 years of age were at increased risk for major depression and generalized anxiety disorders. (Kendler, Neale etal., 1992, Archives of General Psychiatry).


Numbers for Canada are unavailable. It may be that Canada does not consider this issue important enough to study. Therefore, the following numbers are applicable only to the USA: 1988 - U.S. Bureau of the Census:

bullet"90.2% of fathers with joint custody pay the child support due."
bullet"79.1 % of fathers with visitation privileges pay the child support due."

A study by the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that "dead-beat dads" were really impoverished dads. In their comprehensive study, they found that:

bullet"... 52% of the nonpaying fathers had incomes of less than $6,155 per year .... ." [18 Dallas Morning News, pg. 5. April 26, 1993.]
bullet... The PFS pilot experience ... lays bare several sobering realities about the potential of ‘enforcement only’ strategies for increasing (financial) child support collections from the parents of AFDC children. .... The hard truth is that many noncustodial parents do not pay because they have no income.
bulletBefore they can pay, they need jobs.[Gordon Berlin, Senior VP, Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation. Subcommittee on Human Resources, House Ways and Means Committee. March 15, 1994.]

US Bureau of the Census, Series P-23, No 173, 1989; Child Support & Alimony, Bureau of the Census, Series P-60, No 173, September 1991):

bulletMothers get custody of children 92% of the time in divorce.

Bureau of the Census (Current Population Reports, Series P-23, No 173, 1989), shows that 75 percent of all child support owed is paid.

bulletTotal amount of child support owed......$14,800,000,000
bulletAmount received.......................................$11,100,000,000
bulletComposed of paid in full............................$7,600,000,000
bulletpaid in part...................................................$3,500,000,000

President Clinton recently stated on national television, that $34 billion was owed in unpaid child support. This number is a fabrication and incorrect. [Jerry W. Lester, Ph.D. 2476 Bolsover, Suite 428 Houston, Texas 77005 (713) 528-6565]

The concept of child support debt non-payment by choice is not supported by a report from the Government Accounting Office (Report: GAO/HRD-92-39FS, January 9, 1992). On page 19 of that report the following reasons were given for not receiving payments:

bulletFather not able to pay.............66%
bulletUnable to locate father............5%
bulletOnly $50.00 of any monthly payment collected in Texas is turned over to the custodial parent. The rest is used to "reimburse" the state for welfare payments.

The scam being perpetrated on taxpayers is as follows: Citizens, including NCFs, pay taxes to support child welfare payments. They agree to shoulder that financial burden because human beings care about children. They vote for laws to collect support due to children for the same reason. But state officials are keeping the money collected from NCFs. Using the excuse of poor children to pass harsh collection laws, allows them to effectively raise the amount of tax money collected from a particular group of citizens, NCFs. Money collected from "Deadbeat Dads" is paid into state general revenue coffers. So we see campaigns to raise taxes to pay child welfare, then laws to collect child support, but what is missing is the step which turns over all of the collected child support to the children in whose name it is collected. It is instead directed into the pockets of those bureaucrats enforcing the collection measures.



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