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this gives a new meaning to being shot in the back.  russ




Canada reassigns police over Taser death Sat Nov 17, 8:34 PM ET



VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Four police officers involved in the death of a Polish immigrant

from a Taser stun gun have been reassigned, officials said Saturday.




Federal police commissioner William Elliott would not say how long the officers would be

assigned to other duties. He acknowledged that images of Robert Dziekanski's death in a

videotape shot by a bystander are "disturbing for anyone who sees them."


The 40-year-old Dziekanski, of Gliwice, Poland, was shot by officers using a Taser stun gun a

month ago at Vancouver International Airport.


Elliott said, however, it would be inappropriate for anyone "to draw conclusions based on these

images alone." He defended the use of Tasers by the force, saying they are safe and effective in

most cases, but called for a thorough review of the incident.


"This serious event deserves a comprehensive and complete examination," said Elliott, whose

comments were prompted by the public outrage that ensued after video footage of the incident was

released this week.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have said they are reviewing Taser use. Eighteen people have

died in Canada after being hit with a Taser in the last four years.


The man who shot the videotape, Paul Pritchard, said he initially thought that police acted

appropriately. But he said he has changed his mind after watching the videotape, which he lent

to police and was returned to him a month later.


The video showed officers zapping a distressed Dziekanski twice, 46 seconds after arriving on

scene, and then physically subduing him on the floor. Dziekanski died at the scene.


"He wasn't acting violent in any way. That's what is most disturbing," Pritchard said.


It was Dziekanski's first flight, and was to be the start of a new life with his mother in

western Canada.


Dziekanski, who spoke only Polish, had begun acting erratically at the airport. He apparently

became upset when he did not see his mother after waiting for about 10 hours in the secure

baggage area — which she was not allowed to enter.


Police used the stun gun as Dziekanski was walking away from them, with his back to them.


Elliott said several investigations would be conducted, including those by a homicide unit and

the coroner's office in British Columbia and an independent commission that looks into

complaints against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.



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