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“California’s Dunce Cap, Whatever Might Be Said About California Schools, The Lack of Taxpayers’ Money Isn’t The Problem”

Orange County Register, May 29, 1996 --

Summa cum laude -- or dunce cap? How do California’s public schools rank against those in other states? The American Legislative Exchange Council just released its “Report Card on American Education 1995: A State-by-State Analysis..”

First, it’s worth looking at now much money is spent. In inflation-adjusted dollars, California spent $5,297 per pupil in the 1994-95 school year. That ranks 26th of the 50 states -- right in the middle. A state that annually scores amoung the top five in academics, Utah, spend just $3,431 per pupil, ranking 49th.

By contrast, Washington, D.C., spend a helft $8,839 per pupil -- below just two states -- yet perennially scores at the bottom of academic rankings. So whatever might be said about California schools, the lack of taxpayers’ money isn’t the problem.

On teacher salaries, Californai was more than generous, paying an average of $40,667, ranking 10th. Yet the student-teacher ratio was 24.1 -- the worst of all states. The next time the California Teachers Association grouses about that ratio, perhaps it should propose cutting teachers’ salaries so new teachers could be hired.

For all that money spend, what’s the performance? California graduated just 65.7% of its students from high school,ranking 37th.

On the NAEP reading test of 4th graders, California tied with Lousiana for the lowest-ranked state. That’s the fallout of a decade of the “whole language” reading system. Just 14% of students were proficient.

Final grade: Dunce cap.

Principal’s recommendation to parents: Institute school choice reforms, giving vouchers to parents, who then could put their children in better schools.

What was missing from this article? How about the effects of fatherlessness on education quality? Or how about the impact of 3 decades of joint custody family law policy? The great state of California, which is part of a nation which already ranks low -- 27th out of 31 nations around the world in education quality, and tops in education cost -- itself ranks at the BOTTOM of the list nationally in education quality. Utah, a non-joint-custody state, "annually scores amoung the top five in academics".

Coincidence? Or is the correlation 100%? Does every other state with a joint custody policy rank almost as low as California?

If you think that this is not the direct result of feminism, then you haven't any idea of how decrepit California's educators are. The feminist trash sold to young school students is completely destructive and without redeeming social value. It is the worst form of child abuse, and must be outlawed. There is no worse way to fail our youth than to fail to educate them.



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