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US Constitution, US Education, & the 19th Amendment

June 12, 1999

Professor John Lott of the Law School at the University of Chicago writes that out of control government spending, which 97.7% of Americans agree has made government too big, which put this country into such huge debt, is due to the female vote, and nothing else. 

Women voting is a relatively new practice in our nation's history, brought about by the 19th Amendment, ratified 78 years ago in 1921.  It also created the radical feminism which feminized US education and left American twelfth graders DEAD LAST in the world in 11 of 68 test questions in the Third International Math and Science Study (TIMSS). Americans were second to last on 12 and third to last on 11 of these 68 questions questions.

A car moving at a constant speed with a siren sounding comes towards you and then passes by. Describe how the frequency of the sound you hear changes.

Only twelve percent (12%) of American students answered that question correctly, compared to 67.9% in Cyprus, 59.6% in Germany, & an international average of 36.7%

Even when we were third from last, it was almost always the same two countries, while many other countries had a much higher percentage of correct answers:


Page 28 "Triangle ABC/Rotation" only 7.4% of our girls got it right but 50% of Russia's boys got it right.


Page 30 "Steps for Mathematical Induction" only 1.4% of our girls got it right, but 86% of the girls in Greece got it right.


Page 41 "Angle inscribed by figures inside a triangle" only 8.5% of our girls got it right, but 33% of Czech boys got it right.


Page 45 "Length of string around a rod", only 1% of our girls got it right, but 26% of Swiss boys got it right.


Page 46 "Complex number solution of equation" only 0.8% of our girls got it right, but 57% of French boys got it right.


Page 62 "Angle between two vectors" only 11.2% of our girls got it right, but 54% of Greek boys got it right.


Page 66 "Solution of real values of a quadratic equation", only 6.4% of American girls answered it correctly, but 68% of Lithuania's boys answered it correctly.

Missing from this test comparison were 12th graders from countries like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore, whose 8th graders did participate, and who scored more than 100 points higher than ours.  But the difference between boys and girls who did compete range from a low of 28 in physics in France to a high of 91 in Slovenia, or 61 points in general science and 66 points in mechanics in Norway, or 82 points in geometry in the Czech Republic.  This still seriously understates the sex differences, because these tests don't include much reasoning or computation, which is where boys really excel.  If these "advanced math" questions had been more like college math questions, and if they had included computation, the difference would have been twice as big. The 88 point difference in GRE scores means that men effectively score an AVERAGE of 27% higher than women. 

This by itself could explain the gulf in decision processes which causes such varied and spurious voting patterns.

Males and females are different models.  The differences in the structure and size of their brains is even bigger in some ways than the above differences, or their physical differences

One SAT point equals 1 1/2 TIMSS points. Norwegian boys scored 196 TIMSS (or 131 SAT) points, Norwegian girls scored 130 TIMSS (or 87 SAT) points, and American boys scored 53 TIMSS (or 35 SAT) points higher than American girls in mechanics.  How important is this difference in scores? 


The difference between girls who get As in college and boys who flunk is 34 SAT points.


The difference between boys who get As in college and boys who flunk is 70 SAT points.


The difference between boys who get Cs in college and boys who flunk is 34 SAT points.


A $10,000 increase in parents' incomes in the 800 point range increases scores 44 SAT points.


A $10,000 increase in parents' incomes in the 900 point range increases scores 20 SAT points.


Salaries of graduates increase $10,000 when scores increase 45 SAT points.

The Norwegian boys' score relative to the American girls' score is worth an increase in annual salaries of $29,000.  The 53 TIMSS point difference between American boys' and girls' scores is the difference between boys who get Cs and boys who flunk out of college, or a difference in future salaries of $7,800 per year.

Obviously the male and female brain are different when there is a quantum difference in all of these standardized test scores.  Differences in voting, decision making, intellectual pursuits, and career choices show that this God-given difference is unalterable.  After more than 78 years of women's suffrage, more than half of men (53%) but only a quarter of women (27%) support the Second Amendment to the Constitution:

Only 47% of men, compared to 73% of women, blame gun availability "a great deal" for causing U.S. school shootings. Gallup,

What characteristic do 53% of men and 27% of women have in common?  The TIMSS probability and statistics question on page 23 explains it precisely:

  Males Females
Percent of American students who answered question correctly 54.6% 28.7%
Percent who support Second Amendment 53% 27%

This question was simple to most boys around the world, because it was answered correctly by 63% of Australian boys, 53.6% of Austrian boys, 72.3% of Canadian boys, 54.7% of Cyprus boys, 77.4% of Danish boys, 69.1% of French boys, 59% of German boys, 80% of Israeli boys, 50.4% of Italian boys, 50.3% of Russian boys, 73.4% of Swedish boys, & 84.6% of Swiss boys.

It is impossible to make responsible voting decisions when you can't assess the probability of the issues.

The difference in voting patterns in presidential elections is so significant that we would hever have had Clinton if only males had voted.   There is no doubt that there is a serious difference between the way the male and female brain work, and the female component of the vote has not been constructive.

The difference in the voting pattern between males and females is so pronounced that our Constitution has been at risk ever since the Nineteenth Amendment was passed.  Right now, thanks solely to the female vote, Congress is getting ready to pass unconstitutional gun control legislation that everybody knows is not going to have the intended effect, plus will make things even worse. Had the very legislation which Congress is debating right now been passed 1 or 10 or 100 years ago, it would not have affected the outcome of the Littleton school shooting one single bit. It will take many guns away from law abiding citizens and not a single gun from a criminal who can always steal one of the 250 million guns in the country anyway.

Even with the Second Amendment, we still passed 20,000 gun control laws which violate it, because the 19th Amendment introduced the female vote.  Even with the 20,000 gun laws, the rate of murder last year was three times what it was before those 20,000 new laws were passed.  Even with those 20,000 new laws, we still we have 250,000,000 guns.  Passing gun laws didn't solve the root problem--it did nothing but conceal the fact that guns are not the problem.

How many times do we have to do the same stupid thing over and over before the blind dumb feminists finally wake up?  How many guns do the blind dumb feminists think we would have had WITHOUT those 20,000 gun laws?   300 million?  400 million?  They can't say, and they can't say that crime would have increased even more. But John Lott shows statistically that a decrease in the number of guns is accompanied by an INCREASE in crime.  Isn't that exactly what happened when all the 20,000 dumb gun laws were passed--crime increased? It didn't decrease one bit, did it?

If 90% of America's 12th grade girls can't answer the simple questions which most of the girls in the rest of the world could answer, it is certain that blind dumb feminists could never understand that, if none of the owners of 249,985,000 of those 250,000,000 guns used them to kill someone, that there is something more than just owning a gun which makes someone want to kill someone.  If "guns" were the problem, there would have been 250 million gun deaths last year, rather than only 15,000  

It may not be so obvious to the brain with the different blood flow, the one which wasn't present when the Constitution which served us so well for almost 2 centuries, was drafted.  It cannot be denied that women DO think differently.  One can argue that this difference is like the difference between a Cadillac and a Mercedes. 

But the data shows that it's more like the difference between a Ferarri and a Volkswagen.

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