A main thesis of this film is that the lack of archeological evidence of the existence of the Israelites [who they mistakenly refer to as Hebrews] doesn’t exist, therefore Scripture is in error.  There are four main problems with such a thesis:

1.       The fact that God’s Words outlived physical structures doesn’t negate God’s Word.

2.       Just because you haven’t found something yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  This would be about like claiming that the crash site of a jumbo jet with 600 people aboard which disappeared from the radar screen doesn’t exist because you haven’t found it yet.  To this day, we’re still finding airplanes which crashed half a century ago—imagine how much more difficult it is and how much longer it will take to find physical evidence from 5,000 years ago.

3.       When you’re looking in the wrong place, you guarantee yourself that you won’t find it—the original cities, monuments, language, religion, law, and social structure of the Israelites are in Ireland, not the Middle East.  Just because the original Romans, modern English, jews, Italians pretending to be Israelites, a billion Catholics [not two billion as they claim], half a billion Arabs, and 2 billion Asians HATE the notion that WHITE MEN built civilizations all around the world doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

4.       Even modern historians and archeologists now agree:  history moved from west to east, not east to west as this film and so many others want to believe.

The main reasons it’s an error to refer to Israelites as Hebrews are:

1.       The Israelites themselves never referred to themselves as Hebrews—they referred to themselves as Israelites and we should too.

2.       Both Rebekah and Sarah, who conceived Jacob and Isaac, were Syrians, not Hebrews.

3.       AND they were BOTH impregnated by, if not mere surrogate mothers of, GOD Himself.  The RCC likes to claim that Jesus WAS conceived by God Himself, while denying that anyone else in history might have been, but SCRIPTURE proves they were.

4.       Hebrews were Adamites and God commanded the Israelites to kill ALL the Adamites, and threatened to “mix” [read: miscegenate] their holy seed with the seed of Adamites as a punishment for failing to love His Word.

The authors of the film were dyslexic about who Moses and Solomon and Jesus were.  On the one hand they claim they didn’t even exist, while on the other hand claiming that Egyptian history proves they DID exist AND that they were actually Egyptians.  Anyone who reads Scripture realizes there must be more to the story about why TWELVE tribes of the Israelites left Egypt in the Exodus, and exactly who the Egyptians were who managed to make them slaves for 420 years.  Even though there were 62,700 warriors of the Tribe of Dan with Moses during the Exodus, their speculation that the Egyptians were actually the Tribe of Dan, or at least were ruled by the Tribe of Dan, can’t be discounted too lightly:

1.       The pharaohs spoke Latvian, and it’s obvious today that the Latvians are the Tribe of Dan.

2.       This would explain why the Tribe of Dan is excluded from Revelations.