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The Enemy

How to Spot jews, judeochristians, and other enemies of God

"Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies", Psalms 139:21-22

"Now we command you, brethren, on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us", 2 Thessalonians 3:6

The following enemies of God and the state walkelth disorderly and not in the tradition which He received us:

bulletState enemy Mike Cox.
bulletState enemy Jim Gouda.
bulletDarlene "adultery is no big deal" Root.
bullet"Judge" Henderson.
bulletKen No name "[email protected]"




From: Ken To: [email protected]   Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 4:08 PM Subject: [theseries] JOHN KNIGHT CLAIMS BIBLE IS WRONG

Peace be with you

John Knight has been shown passages from the Holy Bible and has replied that what is written there is not the truth. 

For example: (John's comments are in red....his choice)

Paul says that he is a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee

Absolutely no way, Ken. Paul claimed only to have studied under the Pharisee Gamaliel, but he obviously *rejected* those teachings, didn't he?

Look at the passage in question:

Acts 23:6
But when Paul perceived that the one part were Sadducees, and the other Pharisees, he cried out in the council, Men and brethren, I am a Pharisee , the son of a Pharisee: of the hope and resurrection of the dead I am called in question.

The quote "I am a Pharisee , the son of a Pharisee.." speaks volumes about where John Knight is with respect to the Holy Bible.  He so easily states that the Bible is wrong.

Only a jew would continue to claim, long after it's been pointed out to him that Paul was one of the greatest critics of jews of all time, understood judaism to the nth degree and rightly abandoned that screed early in life, was persecuted and possibly killed by jews, was himself a "jew" or never condemned his own position as a "pharisee".

Let's go on:

The Pharisees were to be listened to for they spoke the law of Moses
No. Jesus said "beware the yeast of the Pharisees", which is His major complaint that they did NOT follow or uphold the law of Moses, but instead preached the "traditions" of men, which later became the Talmud.

 Look at the passage I referred to:

Matthew 23:1 � Then spake Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples,
2  Saying, The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat:
3  All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.

John tells us plainly..."No" that the Pharisees were not to be listened to....yet that is not what Jesus said.  Again he places himself above the Holy Bible, claiming that what is written there is wrong.

Only a jew would proclaim that Jesus Christ's warning "beware the yeast of the Pharisees" is tantamount to a lesson to adhere to the teachings of the Pharisees at the same time that he would  proclaim that Jesus Christ's statement that He came to "fulfill the law" means "change" rather than "uphold" God's Law. 

Only a jew would ignore that Christ condemned the Pharisees for their hypocrisy for preaching the "traditions of the elders" [read: man's law] while refusing to live by and uphold God's Law. 

Only a jew would ignore that, to this day, jews uphold "man's law" through the Talmud while Israelites uphold God's Law through the Holy Bible.

Yet again John goes against the Bible:

The Pharisees were also Israelites (at least Paul is an Israelite Pharisee)
No. Paul was not born as a jew nor Pharisee, he did not live in Judaea and was not a resident of Judaea, or a Judaean, and he never claimed to BE a Pharisee nor a "jew", but claimed only to have "become *as* a jew", which means that he studied their religion so he could understand them better, not that he ever agreed with even one word of their screed.
Paul WAS an Israelites, but he was NOT a "jew" by race, nor even by citizenship.

Read what Paul said:

Act 22:3 "I am a Jew, born in Tarsus of Cilicia, but brought up in this city, educated under Gamaliel, strictly according to the law of our fathers, being zealous for God just as you all are today.
Act 21:39 But Paul said, "I am a Jew of Tarsus in Cilicia, a citizen of no insignificant city; and I beg you, allow me to speak to the people."

John would have us believe that Paul never claimed to be a Jew or a Pharisee, yet that is not what is recorded in the Holy Bible.

Only a jew would continue to ignore the difference between a jew by race, a jew by religion, and a jew by virtue of being a resident of Judaea, particularly after it's been explained numerous times. 

Only a jew would ignore what Paul meant when he said "I became as a jew in order to gain the jews".

Christians and jews clearly have a "difference of opinion" here, but Christians know what it means and jews never do.

If Pharisees who are Jews are also Israelites then Jesus who is an Israelite is also a Jew.
No. Not even the few "jews" who were descendants of Abraham were descendants of Jacob, because they were descendants of Esau/Edom. Jesus WAS a descendant of Abraham, AND of Jacob, not Esau/Edom. They were two different RACES.

 John Knight wants us to believe that Abraham fathered two different races.  He even states that they all came from Abraham, yet tries to twist the Bible to somehow show they are two different races.  They are all from the bloodline of Abraham.  There can be only one race there.

Only a jew would make such a silly argument.  Even jews believe that every race on the planet is a descendant of Adam and Eve, and even jews admit that these numerous races are separate and distinct races.  But now suddenly we are to believe that all descendants of Abraham are of the same race even though the Holy Bible makes it clear that Israelites and Edomites are two SEPARATE and distinct races?   Not a chance.

Moving along:

There's nothing in the entire Holy Bible, nor in anything you've cited, nor in Strong's, nor anywhere else that I'm aware of, that even hints that the ten northern tribes of Israel [read: descendants of Jacob] were ever referred to as "jews".

John is shown clearly in the Book of Ezra where the children of Israel (Israelites) are called Jews after they return to Jerusalem from the Babylonian Captivity.  (I will not paste that in here, you can look it up for yourselves if you didn't read it from my earlier post) 
It is summed up nicely in this from Easton's Revised Bible Dictionary:

The name derived from the patriarch Judah, at first given to one belonging to the tribe of Judah or to the separate kingdom of Judah #2Ki 16:6 25:25 Jer 32:12 38:19 40:11 41:3 in contradistinction from those belonging to the kingdom of the ten tribes, who were called Israelites. During the Captivity, and after the Restoration, the name, however, was extended to all the Hebrew nation without distinction #Es 3:6,10 Da 3:8,12 Ezr 4:12 5:1,5 Originally this people were called Hebrews #Ge 39:14 40:15 Ex 2:7 3:18 5:3 1Sa 4:6,9 etc., but after the Exile this name fell into disuse. But Paul was styled a Hebrew #2Co 11:22 Php 3:5 The history of the Jewish nation is interwoven with the history of Palestine and with the narratives of the lives of their rulers and chief men.

Part of John's sidestepping response was

If we should trust anybody's words on this issue, it is Jesus Christ and St. Paul we should trust...

I wonder what is wrong with trusting the Holy Bible and the Book of Ezra?  Isn't the Bible the inspired word of God....and we aren't to trust that anymore.....why, because it doesn't say what John Knight wants it to say.

No Christian who reads Ezra 4 could possibly accept the proposition that jews and Israelites were considered to be of the same race, as Ken is advancing here.  The enemies of Judah and Benjamin" referred to in this Scripture are the *jews*:

(Ezr 4:1) And when the enemies of Judah and Benjamin heard that the sons of the exile built the temple to Jehovah the God of Israel,

(Ezr 4:5) And they hired counselors against them to break their purpose all the days of Cyrus king of Persia, even until the reign of Darius king of Persia.

(Ezr 4:6) And in the reign of Ahasuerus, in the beginning of his reign, they wrote an accusation against the people of Judah and Jerusalem.

Only jews refuse to acknowledge that the people who "hired counselors", the "enemies of Judah and Benjamin", were JEWS, not Israelites.

John has already shown us what he thinks of St Paul's words when he flatly said they were not true as shown above.  He seems to now want to ignore the Old Testament that clearly shows where and when the children of Israel were first called Jews.  Is he hoping the Old Testament will somehow go away so he won't have to ace the reality of what is written there.  I don't know...I only know that he keeps stating again and again that what is written in the Bible is wrong.  YET...he claims to be a Christian.

And here you have it!

Jews "misunderstand" almost every principle known to mankind, every policy in every country they ever lived in, and then whine that the world has no reason whatsoever to "hate" them because they're just hapless, frail creatures who constantly need protection from a cruel world that simply doesn't understand the magnitude of their beneficence.

Unfortunately for them, Christians around the world view this as nothing less than blasphemy.

I could continue, but I think my point is clearly made.  John Knight has directly stated that the Holy Bible is WRONG. 

No.  Absolutely nowhere in any single word, statement, post, message, or any other written source could this jew even begin to hint that this Christian believes that "the Holy Bible is wrong".  What this Christian does know with certainty is that this Christian nation will thrive when this type of word-mandering, blasphemy, LYING, misrepresentation, disingenuousness, and anti-Christianity is ended with finality and certainty!




From: Ken

Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 10:00 AM

Subject: Re: [theseries] about the Bible, Jesus and Paul

At 11:58 PM 10/24/2001, you wrote:

John...I'm surprised...there may be hope for you after all......You say we should trust the two Jews, Jesus Christ and St. Paul.  I thought you'd never admit to trusting any Jew, let alone two of them at once.
This is sheer blasphemy, Ken.  It's not even funny.  Both Christ and Paul were Israelites who were KILLED by jews, and here you are claiming that I trust jews. 
In case you missed it, I DO NOT trust jews, who are inveterate LIARS!  If you don't know why they're LIARS, all  you need to do is read part of the Talmud talmud.htm Both Christ and Paul accused them of being both LIARS and descendants of LIARS.  Language doesn't get much stronger than that, does it?
John Knight

What is not funny, John, is the way you twist the Word of God to fit into your hate filled anti-Christian anti-Jew agenda.  Christ did not preach hatred, He preached love and forgiveness.

John, you seem to easily forget that as Jesus told us..... no one takes His life from Him, He lays it down freely.  Jesus gave His was not taken from Him. 



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