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To: "John Knight" <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: [Israelites] illegitimate children
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 15:02:23 -0700 (PDT)
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fuck you
--- John Knight <[email protected]> wrote:
<<<We have seen this WEIRD trend emanating........MORE
young women WITH ILLEGITIMATE children seem to snare
men quicker than the women WITHOUT children.>>>
This has happened a LOT around here, and, while it
might sound like it solves some short range problems,
the long term problems it creates are so immense that
they can't even be measured.  The problems come from
so many directions that I still get surprised by them,
even though I knew it would happen.
It all traces back to when we slapped the Face of God
when we passed the 19th Amendment.  Not a single bit
of this could have happened had we not violated God's
Law like that.
John Knight
----- Original Message -----
From: " YAYA"
To: "John K"
Subject: RE
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 17:23:58 -0400
"Thanks to what jews and feminists have done to our
putative Israelite culture, there are now 50 million
American women of childbearing age who remain single,
and in many cases pregnant at the altar, alone."
Not to mention what the electronic toilet, Holly-wood
AND teachings  in the schools about  "birth control"
have done to impressionable minds, since the early
60-70s.  BUT ultimately, the responsibility lies with
the parents, and it is NO easy battle.....the saying
of YAHOSHUA rings true in the cases of parents trying
to guide their children....
"A prophet is without honor in his own country"....and
more often than not, the parents lose the battle and
the system wins.   I regret very much that I didn't
know THEN, what I know NOW!.....My sons would have
never seen the inside of a schoolroom....I was one of
those "meddlesome mothers" and used to "visit" their
classrooms several times a month....and found many
abuses in the teaching system, even then....especially
in the reading and writing methods that were employed
by the school system....I taught them to read
phonetically, and adults in their age brackets can't
read,  they can't spell, either.  PRAISE YAH that even
with the brain-washing they were exposed to, they have
more traditional values than the liberal values that
others of their ages have adopted.
  In the early 40s, a classmate of mine became
pregnant, and being a Roman  Catholic, she was
relegated to the only Catholic hospital in the area,
until the baby was born and "put up for adoption."  I
was privy to this because  I was working after school
in the first-floor diet kitchen in this same hospital.
  She stayed there until the baby was born.  No one in
school ever suspected that she was no longer attending
classes because of her "condition", and I don't
believe anyone, other than her family and I, ever knew
about it.
  It USED to be a dis-grace for an UNmarried  woman,
young or older, to become pregnant.
Not seems to be some kind of "Badge of
Honor(?)".   Every week, in the local paper, there are
MORE pictures of babies born to  unmarried women, than
there are pictures of babies born to  married couples.
  My grand-daughter bore a son 6 years ago, and had
"planned" to get married AFTER the baby was
born......I told her she had it all wrong..."FIRST you
get MARRIED, and THEN you have a baby".  Well, she
never did marry the father of the son, supposedly  he
was a druggie, and she thought she would be able to
"reform" him after marriage....but she is now married
to a seemingly-nice young man, who had not been
previously married and had NO illegitimate
offspring...and expecting her 2nd son.  To his credit,
her husband wants to adopt her  child.
   We have seen this WEIRD trend emanating........MORE
young women WITH ILLEGITIMATE children seem to snare
men quicker than the women WITHOUT children.
Our prayer here is that YAH will soon return with His
two-edged sword to wreak judgement on His enemies,
and on  the pastors who have led His Sheep astray.




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