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False Accusations and the World's Highest Incarceration Rate

--Jan Barstow <[email protected]> wrote:
> Lynn Proud wrote:
> > As far as I am concerned, your race, sex, religion or whatever makes no
> > difference to me.  The bottom line here in my opinion is that EVERYONE should
> > have fair and equal justice, and right now they don't.  A lot of the laws seem
> > to be biased in some way or another.  AND......people who make false
> > accusations should be punished to the SAME EXTENT as the person could be that
> > they are making the claims against!   I think if more people were punished in
> > this way, there would be way fewer problems in our justice system.  THIS is
> > what we need to do something about.  Am I wrong here?
> >
> > Lynn
> Yes, wrong--only because our current system DOESN'T investigate. If those
> who make "false allegations" were punished for the crime, I and several hundred
> others I know personally would now be serving time in jail...or maybe you're
> talking about punishing those who falsely accuse the protective parent of making
> false allegations...hmmm.
> Rash statements don't work. It's the LEGAL JUSTICE system that is false. I need
> you to help me as much as you need me to help you. DON'T fight for laws that would
> put me in jail!!!

                      US          Japan    Factor  Diff.
Number incarcerated   1,726,400   55,348   31.2x   1,671,052
Incarceration rate
   per 100k pop       664         46.1     14.4x   617.9
Number of murders     24,530      1,684    14.6x   22,846
Murder rate/100k      9.4         1.4      6.7x    8
"Clearance rate"
   for murders        62%         96.9%    .64x    -34.9%
Murders resolved      15,208      1,631    9.3x    13,577
Murders resolved
   per capita         5.8         1.3      4.5x    4.5

The US has the world's highest incarceration rate per 100,00 population, 14.4 times higher than Japan, which puts 1,671,052 more Americans behind bars than the number of Japanese behind bars.  We also have one of the world's highest violent crime rates, with a murder rate 6.7 times higher than Japan.  Part of the problem is that the "clearance rate" for murder (the percent of murders resolved) decreased from 93% 3 decades ago (a rate equivalent to Japan now), to 62% today.

If the clearance rate for violent crimes like murder is 4.5 times higher than Japan, then how can you account for an incarceration rate which is 14.4 times higher--a 9.9x difference?  If the incarceration rate were only 4.5x that of Japan, there would be 'only' 549,743 Americans behind bars--1,121,309 fewer than there now are.

False accusations against and false convictions of men, for nebulous and specious charges like child abuse, spousal abuse, spousal rape, and date rape, filed mostly by unscrupulous women against men, make up the majority of this extra 1,121,309 US inmates.  This is partly because those who file such charges know that they won't be prosecuted, and that even if they are prosecuted, they know that the probability that they will be punished is low.

A clue about what is happening here is the fact that only 5.5% of the 1,671,052 Americans behind bars--91,908 of them--are women, even though 55% of the defendants  of child murder are women, and even though 11 different studies confirm that women initiate 55-60% of domestic violence.

If men are the defendants of child murder only 45% of the time, and if they initiate only 40-45% of domestic violence, then why do males constitute 84.5% of the prison population?  Another indication that false accusations and false convictions are a big problem here, and that false convictions are a large part of the extra 1,121,309 Americans behind bars, is the FBI study of the DNA evidence of convicted "rapists", which showed that the *convicted* "rapist" didn't even match the DNA at the "crime" scene.

There is no way to reduce this high incarceration rate, to reduce the rate of false accusation and false convictions, or to establish "gender equality" in the justice system, unless and until those who file false charges are punished "to the fullest extent of the law".  What could possibly cause more social chaos than to fail to punish those who attempt to abuse and misuse the terrible forces of the world's largest and most incompetent justice system?

John Knight



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