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Dear Arnold,

Well, it's now midnight my time, Tuesday, March 28, at 35,000 feet over Greenland, and four hours away from London, that I finally have time to recompose the reply to your email about who and where the Israelites are today--a post which previously vanished into jew Goetz' etherland called "Outlook Express".

Many hundreds of Israelites on Paltalk have poked and prodded this issue and have pretty much concurred wilth the following:

  1. England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland:  most of Ephraim and Manasseh with a sprinkling of Judah and Dan.
  2. Germany, Austria, one third of Switzerland: Judah.
  3. Iceland: Benjamin.
  4. Sweden, Russia, Ukraine: Asher.
  5. Finland: Issachar.
  6. Norway: Naphtali.
  7. Denmark: Dan.
  8. Italy, one third of Switzerland: Gad.
  9. Holland: Reuben.
  10. Spain: Simeon.
  11. France, one third of Switzerland: Zebulun.
  12. Canada, US, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia: most of Judah, equal number of Ephraim and Manasseh, and all of the rest of the Twelve Tribes in one form or another.

The prime evidence is the Irish reference to the Danes as "tuatha de danaan", which is Gaelic for "Tribe of Dan".  WHICH tribe of Dan?  Two to three thousand or more years ago, the Danes would cross the English Channel on occasion and rape and pillage the Irish (and the rest of the British Isles) and leave behind little Danites.   Gaelic as spoken today (a language which is being reestablished in Ireland and which already has an entire TV channel completely dedicated to it) is identical to Paleo Hebrew.  On the other side of the world, Korean is also pure Paleo Hebrew, so more than 3,000 years ago, Hebrew was the language of trade which spanned the known world (and probably parts of the unknown world, like the American Continent).

The secondary evidence is the predominance of Germany in Europe, as well as the rest of the world.  What can be responsible for that?  This is a country which is 99% Christian, so claims by people that Germans are Assyrians are spurious.  After 9 years of living in Germany and 13 months in Iran, I can faithfully report that there is only one other race on the planet which is more different from the Germans than Iranians--and that's jews.

I've always known that Germans and jews and Iranians simply cannot have a common ancestry.  Even though I didn't know before that the Holy Bible tells us exactly who are their different ancestors, it's been my opinion since living in Iran that they are such different people than us that there can't even be one common ancestor.  iow, unlilke the Arabs, Iranians are not even our cousins through Abraham (Ishmael vs. Jacob).  

The third evidence is the Behistun Rock in Iran which describes the Israelite captivity in finite detail.  Had the Iranian [read: Assyrian] King Darius put the Behistun Rock in Germany instead, it might be argued that Germans are at least partically Assyrians.   But it's in Iran, it stands as proof that the Tribe of Judah was in captivity in Assyria, and we have zero evidence that Germans and Assyrians ever intermarried.  The offspring of such a marriage would never be accepted by either race, so where could they possibly be today?  You raise a good point about the Saxons, the Bavarians, and the Teutons, who to this day don't intermarry between each other, being different races of Germans.  But isn't it likely that they're simply descendants of different wives of Judah?



jewn McCain

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