Infamous FAME



This is the most obnoxious, most *idiotic*, most intellectually limited piece of racist and sexist trash these eyes have ever had the displeasure to come across.  On the one hand, we have a feminazi who’s spent SOOOO much time worrying about how to “narrow the gender gap” who finally in desperation proclaims “but the differences are so small”, and on the OTHER hand we have another equally frustrated feminazi who writes, also in desperation: “The last issue I have been pondering has been what if there were no differences between white males and other groups, and, even, what if we developed a measure where white males were 80-100 points lower than other groups? What would the role of this measure be in the graduate admissions process?


Sorry, honey, not even that would work—us sexist White men would STILL find a way to beat your pants off.


If the differences are so small as one cunt writes, why would the other cunt propose to penalize WHITE MEN 100 POINTS, based solely on SEX and RACE?  These Keystone Cops of academia couldn’t reason their way out of a wet paper bag if both of them were standing on the bottom of it.


Even after they’ve been permitted to feminize the questions, manipulate the test scores, massage the format, they’re still so shocked and frustrated that the only “solution” they see is PENALIZE PERFORMANCE.  Can you even imagine where this putative Christian nation would have been today had they been our Founding Fathers?  Africa would look like paradise by comparison. No wonder SAT scores are down 112 points.




Why have we permitted advocacy groups like these feminazis to take control of testing?


They LIE to themselves, they lie to us—AND THEY LIE TO OUR CHILDREN, INCLUDING OUR DAUGHTERS, and they will NEVER stop lying.


They BEGIN with the premise that there is no difference between boys and girls—and manipulate the data to “prove” that premise.  Parents of boys and girls KNOW BETTER. Boys and girls ARE different.


The following admission from the infamous fame report is only a small example:



Most standardized tests of mathematical or

quantitative reasoning show gender differences

in performance, with males outperforming

females. In many cases this difference persists

despite attempts to control for background variables

such as course work (Bridgeman &

Wendler, 1991). This article will present a short

summary of some ongoing research into the

nature of gender differences on standardized

mathematics tests. The preliminary conceptions

of this study were presented at the FAME

conference. Our research seeks to determine

whether theoretical work examining gender differences

in cognitive processing skills can be

applied to mathematics items on standardized

tests to help understand and to minimize gender


Gender differences in performance on standardized

tests of mathematics combined with the

fact that women do as well as, or better than,

men in mathematics courses even at the most

advanced levels (Kimball, 1989), suggest that the

tests may be assessing a different or more narrowly

defined construct than course grades. This

is not surprising given the difference in time

allotment and the resulting difference in the

types of tasks that students and examinees are

required to perform. Standardized tests generally

rely on a large number of rapidly generated

responses to short questions, whereas course

work at advanced levels usually requires sustained

work on a relatively smaller set of complex




·         ADMIT that their objective was to “minimize gender differences”.

·         IGNORE that there is tremendous pressure on teachers to achieve gender equality in OUTCOME [read: not give higher grades to boys].

·         Chock this report full of statements that the differences are “small” when in fact the differences are night and day.

·         Don’t even seem to sense that the gender gap is INCREASING, DRAMATICALLY.