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STATE: All YEAR: 1998 COUNT: Number of Persons


Body TypePolice-Reported Alcohol InvolvementTotal
Blank No (Alcohol Not Involved) Yes (Alcohol Involved) Not Reported Unknown (Police Reported)
Convertible(excludes sun-roof,t-bar)120510426669645
2-door sedan,hardtop,coupe34,1621,6615,2001,22712,253
3-door/2-door hatchback01,5997062,0224684,795
4-door sedan, hardtop210,9592,02812,4022,16227,553
5-door/4-door hatchback05121405611141,327
Station Wagon (excluding van and truck based)09481528321692,101
Hatchback, number of doors unknown03311118
Sedan/Hardtop, number of doors unknown011421743
Other or Unknown automobile type01013018589405
Auto-based pickup (includes E1 Camino, Caballero, Ranchero, Subaru Brat,Rabbit Pickup)040163411101
Large Limousine-more than four side doors or stretched chassis0507113
Compact utility (Jeep CJ-2-CJ-7, Scrambler, Golden Eagle, Renegade, Laredo, Wrangler, .....)02,4705853,0164716,542
Large utility (includes Jeep Cherokee [83 and before], Ramcharger, Trailduster, Bronco-fullsize ..)0446149630761,301
Utility station wagon (includes suburban limousines, Suburban, Travellall, Grand Wagoneer)12654348332824
Utility, Unknown body type0605415
Minivan (Chrysler Town and Country, Caravan, Grand Caravan, Voyager, Grand Voyager, Mini-Ram, ...)12,0441942,8412485,328
Large Van (B150-B350, Sportsman, Royal Maxiwagon, Ram, Tradesman, Voyager [83 and before], .....)01,1171761,8691363,298
Step van or walk-in van0535516115
Van based motorhome0454553107
Van-based school bus030306
Van-based transit bus050106
Other van type (Hi-Cube Van, Kary)015110228
Unknown van type03677215130
Compact pickup (GVWR <4,500 lbs.) (D50,Colt P/U, Ram 50, Dakota, Arrow Pickup [foreign], Ranger, ..)12,4098982,4296896,426
Standard pickup (GVWR 4,500 to 10,00 lbs.)(Jeep Pickup, Comanche, Ram Pickup, D100-D350, ......)23,4941,3544,3387289,916
Pickup with slide-in camper0221420763
Convertible pickup010001
Unknown (pickup style) light conventional truck type030142829101
Cab chassis based (includes light stake, light dump, light tow, rescue vehicles)0514519115
Truck based panel010203
Light truck based motorhome (chassis mounted)020215
Unknown light truck type (not a pickup)011114
Unknown light vehicle type (automobile, van, or light truck)0414211
School Bus011101908309
Cross Country/Intercity Bus (i.e., Greyhound)013611910328
Transit Bus (City Bus)010211043210
Other Bus Type0270730100
Unknown Bus Type0514010
Step van030010141
Single unit straight truck (10,000 lbs < GVWR < or= 19,500 lbs)0119414414281
Single unit straight truck (19,500 lbs < GVWR < or= 26,000 lbs.)0193413219348
Single unit straight truck (GVWR > 26,000 lbs.)066713256771,013
Single unit straight truck (GVWR unknown)034022662
Medium/heavy truck based motorhome013141156
Truck-tractor (Cab only, or with any number of trailing unit; any weight)02,524441,1872884,043
Unknown if single unit or combination unit Medium Truck (10,000 < GVWR < 26,000)040105
Unknown if single unit or combination unit Heavy Truck (GVWR > 26,000)0217111
Camper or motorhome, unknown truck type021037058
Unknown medium/heavy truck type014214535
Unknown truck type (light/medium/heavy)020406
Moped (motorized bicycle)01928635
Three-wheel Motorcycle or Moped - not All-Terrain Vehicle021003
Off-road Motorcycle (2-wheel)0167111448
Other motored cycle type(minibikes, Motorscooters)01744732
Unknown motored cycle type000426
ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle; includes dune/swamp buggy - 3 or 4 wheels)083356623207
Farm equipment other than trucks0556241095
Construction equipment other than trucks (includes graders)01715124
Other vehicle type (includes go-cart, fork-lift, city street seeeper)028722865
Unknown body type08214233226555
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