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  To: "David Gould" [email protected]  
  Subject: WINDS - Franklin Delano Roosevelt and His New Deal
  Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 22:56:26 -0500
  WINDS - Franklin Delano Roosevelt and His New Deal
      On Friday, May 2, 1997 the United States paid tribute to a president
that left his indelible stamp on the nation. A granite and bronze memorial
was dedicated to Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the shores of the Potomac
River, and, during the ceremony, his grandson said, "We gather to pay
tribute not to a man, but to an era." In this article we will attempt to
examine the elements at work behind the president who ushered in the New
Deal and those hidden powers who still work their will today.
      During the dedication ceremony President Clinton called FDR "the
greatest American president of this great American century." He also said
Roosevelt was "a master politician and a magnificent commander in chief."
The Clinton administration is finishing the work begun by Roosevelt, and the
opportunity is ripe for showcasing the policies and objectives of the "New
Deal" and for praising the man who exemplifies them.
      Of FDR, Rexford Tugwell wrote: "He had a good Harvard education when
Fabianism was developing, and he probably knew quite well the works of H.G.
Wells and George Bernard Shaw (Fabian Socialists)." Well-connected
socialists early this century were familiar with the political winds and
helped influence the direction they were beginning to blow. John Dewey, the
father of humanism, wrote in Individualism, Old and New (1929): "We are in
for some kind of socialism, call it by whatever name we please, and no
matter what it will be called when it is realized....There is still enough
vitality in the older individualism to offer a very serious handicap to any
party or program which calls itself by the name Socialism....The older
individualism is still sufficiently ingrained to obtain allegiance in
confused sentiment and in vocal utterance." It was clear to Mr. Dewey that
if socialism was to come about, it would have to bear a different title.
Later, in 1929, came the stock market crash which brought about the intended
condition of despair in this country and the subsequent election of
Roosevelt and the "New Deal".
      "New Deal" was the new title chosen for the socialist agenda. Curtis
Dall, FDR's son-in-law, doubted that FDR was the originator of this vast
"recovery" effort. In his book, FDR: My Exploited Father-in-Law  (1967) he
stated, "For a long time I felt that FDR had developed many thoughts and
ideas that were his own to benefit this country, the USA. But he didn't.
Most of his thoughts, his political 'ammunition,' as it were, was carefully
manufactured for him in advance by the CFR-One World Money Group."
      The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) One-World Money Group was the
"power behind the throne", so to speak, and Fabianism was the religion or
social doctrine of that inner circle of power with world domination and
control its consummate objective. FDR was not only acquainted with the works
of Fabian socialist, H.G. Wells, as Rexford Tugwell wrote, but he was on
friendly terms with him.
      Wells, himself, spoke somewhat of the conspiracy taking place to rule
the world. In his book, Experiment in Autobiography (1934) he commented,
"The organization of this that I call the Open Conspiracy, the evocation of
a greater sounder fellow to the Communist essay, an adequately implemented
Liberal Socialism, which will ultimately supply teaching, coercive and
directive public services to the whole world, is the immediate task." He
went on to say when the consummate objective would be reached. "It's coming
is likely to happen very quickly....Sometimes I feel that generations of
propaganda and education may have to precede it....Plans for political
synthesis seem to grow bolder and more extensive."
      After reading Wells' Experiment in Autobiography, FDR wrote to him
and said, "How do you manage to retain such extraordinarily clear judgments?
...I believe our (FDR's administration) biggest success is making people
think during these past two years. They may not be thinking straight but
they are thinking in the right direction---and your direction and mine are
not so far apart...."
      About fourteen months earlier, FDR had written to Wells and said, "I
have read, with pleasure and profit, almost everything that you have
written....You are doing much to educate people everywhere, and for that I
am grateful."
      Wells has also been quoted as describing FDR as "the most effective
transmitting instrument possible for the coming of the new world order....He
is continuously revolutionary in the new way without ever provoking a stark
revolutionary crisis" using words like "socialism" and such.
      When reelection time for FDR rolled around in 1936, it was determined
by the One-World Money Group that FDR should continue in office. Joseph
Kennedy, JFK's father and former chairman of the Securities and Exchange
Commission was quoted in the New York Times as saying, "Fifty men have run
America, and that's a high figure....I don't see how anybody giving any
thought to the trends all over the world can help but feel there is
something in the air in the advancement of some new social order....That is
why I feel it is of the greatest importance to reelect Mr. Roosevelt."
      By this time some members of FDR's own party were becoming quite
uncomfortable with the direction he was taking the nation. Alfred Smith,
former presidential candidate and mayor of New York City, delivered a speech
in Washington, D.C.,entitled, "Betrayal of the Democratic Party." He had
supported FDR in 1932, but in this speech of January 25, 1936, he stated:
    "Just get the platform of the Democratic Party, and get the platform of
the Socialist Party, and lay them down on your dining room table, side by
side, and get a heavy lead pencil and scratch out the word 'Democrat', and
scratch out the word 'Socialist,' and let the two platforms lay there. Then
study the record of the present administration up to date. After you have
done that, make your mind up to pick up the platform that more nearly
squares with the record, and you will put your hand on the Socialist
      As he was using a compliant Congress to pass radical "New Deal"
legislation, the threat of war began to loom again in Europe. Although the
majority of Americans were against involvement in another European war,
Roosevelt campaigned hard against what his party termed "isolationism". A
world war was essential for the building of the New World Order and once
Japan had been lured into attacking Pearl Harbor, Americans gullibly
supported their country's entry into the war. (see Pearl Harbor: The Mother
of All Conspiracies ).
      As World War II was winding down, the CFR-One-World Money Group was
moving forward on its plans for the United Nations, the successor to the
failed League of Nations. Encountering the same opposition Woodrow Wilson
did to the sell-out of American sovereignty to a global super-government,
FDR picked up his pen and began working on a speech designed to assuage
American misgivings. He wrote, "The only limit to our realization of
tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and
active faith." He wrote this on April 12, 1945, in Warm Springs, Georgia.
This was also the day he died.
      Over fifty years later, at the Roosevelt memorial dedication,
President Clinton said, "At this time, where the pinnacle that Roosevelt
hoped America would achieve in our influence and power has come to pass, we
still strangely fight battles with doubts, doubts that he would treat with
great impatience and disdain, doubts that lead some to urge us to pull back
from the world at the very first time since Roosevelt's time when we
actually can realize his vision of world peace and world prosperity and the
dominance of the ideals for which he gave his life....Let us honor his
      Then, still cleverly seeking to confuse the "older individualism"
with doubt and unbelief, Clinton said, "Every time you think of Franklin
Roosevelt, put aside your doubts. Become more American. Become more like
him. Be infused with his strong and active faith."
      This "strong and active faith" President Clinton and his sponsors
would have us infused with is the faith of quiet compliance with the schemes
of wicked men. They would have us mindlessly swallow the propaganda of
peace, even while they practice terror and extortion around the globe. They
would have us sleep on while they quietly remove our few remaining freedoms
and safely imprison the world in the satanic citadel of world socialism.
Their plans are doomed to failure. The present "doubts" that "lead some to
urge us to pull back" are growing cracks in the foundation of this false
system. Any system such as this one, that is built on force and fraud, will
certainly come to its end.
    "Behold, I am against you, O destroying mountain, says the LORD, which
destroys all the earth; I will stretch out my hand against you and remove
your foundation from the rock, and will make you a burnt
shall be desolate forever." Jeremiah 51:25,26.
  Written 5/19/97
  Copyright ? 1997 The WINDS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Theodore Roosevelt & Franklin D. Roosevelt:

A Carnegie Institution Genealogy; Roosevelt's Jewish
Ancestry: A reprint from the October 18, 1936, Issue of "The
Revelator," of Wichita, Kansas, Rev. G.B. Winrod, Editor.

The chart shown below has come as a socking revelation to
millions of American citizens. It explains things in
connection with Roosevelt's Administration which can not
otherwise be understood.

Famous Sons of Famous Fathers:
The Roosevelts

The Roosevelt Lineage:

Claes Martenszen van Rosenvelt
Wife: Jannetje Samuels or Hamel or Thomas

Nicholas R.
Wife (1682): Heyltje Jans Kunsy

Johannes R.
Wife (1708): Heyltje Syvert or Hilote Syverts

Jacobus R.
Wife (1746): Annetja Bogart

Jacobus R. I
Wife (1793): Maria van Schaack

Carnelius van Schaack R.
Wife: Margarey Barnhill

Theodore R.
Wife: Martha Bulloch

Elliott R.
Wife: Ann Rebecca Hall

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Wife (1719): Catherine Hadenroock

Isaac Roosevelt:
Wife (1752): Cornelia Hoffman

James Roosevelt
Wife (1786): Maria Walton

Isaac Roosevelt
Wife: Mary E. Aspinwall

James Roosevelt
Wife: Sarah Delano

(Genealogical chart prepared in the Carnegie Institution of
Washington, D.C., under direction of Dr. H.H. Laughlin, per
Asso. Press dispatch March 7, 1934. In the Daily Citizen of
Tucson, Arizona a similar chart was published by the
Washington, D.C., Star, of February 29, 1934)

Even a hasty perusal of this factual document convinces one
as to the President's Jewish ancestry. From the viewpoint of
eugenics, it explains his natural bent toward radicalism.

It shows why he has given hundreds of so-called Liberals,
Socialists and Communists powerful positions in the national
government. It reveals the origin of the sinister spirit
which today animates the White House. It proves
unmistakably, that the Roosevelt Administration offers a
biological, as well as a political problem.

The New York Times of March 14, 1935, quotes the President
as saying: "In the distant past my ancestors may have been
Jews. All I know about the origin of the Roosevelt family is
that they are apparently descended form Claes Martenszen van
Roosevelt, who came from Holland."

Additional information regarding the nationality of the
Roosevelt family, was given by Chase S. Osborn, early in
1934, at St. Petersburg, Florida. Mr. Osborn was formerly
Governor of Michigan. The leading newspaper of the city (The
Times) carried the following report after the interview:
"Although a Republican, the former Governor has a sincere
regard for President Roosevelt and his policies. He referred
to the 'Jewish ancestry' of the President, explaining how he
is a descendant of the Rossocampo family expelled from Spain
in 1620. Seeking safety in German, Holland and other
countries, members of the family, he said, changed their
name to Rosenberg, Rosenblum, Rosenblum, Rosenvelt and

The Roosevelts in North Holland finally became Roosevelt,
soon becoming apostates with the first generation and others
following suit until, the fourth generation, a little
storekeeper by the name of Jacobus Roosevelt was the only
one who remained true to His Jewish Faith. It is because of
this Jewish ancestry, former Governor Osborn said, that
President Roosevelt has the trend of economic safety (?) In
his veins."

Roosevelt inevitably draws upon his Jewish ancestry. It is,
therefore, as natural for him to be a radical, as it is for
others to be true Americans. This is why he can boast of
flouting conventionalities, and publicly gloat over
destroying those traditions which are fundamental to our
national character. HE IS NOT ONE OF US! This may also
explain why he attaches so little importance to his word of
honor, and has no hesitation in breaking his promises.

It is to be doubted if he, himself, understands the inner
forces that surge through his being, driving him further and
further toward the Left! It's in his blood. Meanwhile, the
result of 160 years' constructive effort on the part of
Christian patriots threatens to be swept away.

For this reason, one of his first official acts after
becoming President, was to invite Finklestein alias
Litvinoff, to the White House for the purpose of
establishing diplomatic relations with the Jewish
dictatorship of Moscow. For this reason, he has appointed
Jewish Ambassadors to such strategic diplomatic posts as
Paris, Stockholm and Moscow. For this reason, Bernard Baruch
has lately been called "the unofficial President of the
United States."

For this reason a super-cabinet, known as the "Brain Trust"
an organization of appointees denominated by powerful Jewish
intellects, has been set up to usurp constitutional powers
of our duly elected lawmakers.

We do not condemn Roosevelt for coming from Jewish stock.
We condemn him for being a leader in the international
radical movement which is throwing Gentile governments, the
world over, into convulsions. In like manner, the Jewish
mind is incapable of assimilating the Christian and American
viewpoints sufficiently, to risk placing the destiny of
120,000,000 human beings in the hands of a few members of
their people. (End of Reprint)

Confirmation From Other Sources: In the 1938 "World
Almanac" under the heading "Biographies of U.S. Presidents
and their wives," page 237, appears: "Franklin Delano
Roosevelt was the son of James Roosevelt, a direct
descendant of Ciaes Martenzen van Rosenvelt, who arrived in
New Amsterdam in 1649 and married Jannetje Samuels."

The following is from "The House of Roosevelt" by Paul
Haber, 1936 edition: "Claes Rosenvelt entered the cloth
business in New York, and was married in 1682. He
accumulated a fortune. He then changed his name to Nicholas
Roosevelt. Of his four sons, Isaac died young. Nicholas
married Sarah Solomons. Jacobus married Catherina
Hardenburg. The Roosevelts were not a fighting but a
peace-loving people, devoted to trade. Isaac became a
capitalist. He founded the Bank of New York in 1790."

The American Freedom Magazine of Los Angeles, Calif.,
April, 1938, issue, reproduced the quotation below: "In and
address to the National Convention of the D.A.R., President
F.D. Roosevelt said that he too was of revolutionary
were Tories, busy entertaining British officers. The first
Roosevelt came to America in 1649. His name was Claes
Rosenfelt. He was Jew. Nicholas the son of Claes, was the
ancestor of both Franklin and Theodore. He married a Jewish
girl named Kunst in 1682. Nicholas had a son named Jacobus
Rosenfelt. In the family tree there are 351 persons bearing
biblical names of the tribe of Israel." (From the Corvallis
Gazette-Times, of Corvallis, Oregon).

FDR's "Distinguished service to Jewry" New York Jews having
designed and struck off a medal with the head of Roosevelt
on one side and the six point Solomon Star, synagogue symbol
of possession and world power, on the other, with a mystical
so-called "Good Luck" idiom in the center of the star, the
undersigned and his associates investigated to ascertain the
significance, if any, and report the implications: "Good
Luck and Wisdom to Franklin D. Roosevelt, our Modern Moses,
Leading Jewry in 'The Promised Land' (America) under the
'Seal of Solomon.'"

The following New York item was published from Coast to
Coast under an Associated Press date line of May 8, 1937:
"President Roosevelt will receive the tenth award of the
Gottheil Medal for 'Distinguished services to Jewry.'"
Another such Jewish medal was given him December 22, 1938,
according to the New York Herald-Tribune of December 23,

What "distinguished services" has Roosevelt rendered to

Professor H.J. Laski, Jewish Socialist of England, was
quoted in the London "Fascist" of January 1935, thus: "If
the experiment for which Roosevelt is responsible, should in
any serious degree break down, as a result of the
association with it of a number of eminent Jews, there would
be an outbreak of Anti-Semitism in the U.S. more profound
than anything Anglo-Saxon Civilization has so far known."
The National Elections of 1938 show the Roosevelt experiment
is breaking down; and New York City is Pogrom-Conscious!

The Delanos Jewish Also: Writing in the "Hadendreuzbanner"
of May 14, 1939, Professor Dr. Johann van Leers of
Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, publishes an exhaustive analysis of
Roosevelt's ancestry. While it is apparent that the
authorities quoted are not convinced regarding the
authenticity of the Holland Rossocampo-Roosevelt Jewish
genealogy, a new discover is quoted to show that President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt's mother; Sarah Delano, is from a
Jewish-blood family.

"At once the veil falls" comments Dr. von Leers: "The
President's father married Sarah Delano; and it become
clear. Schmalix (genealogist) writes: 'In the seventh
generation we see the mother of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as
being of Jewish descent. The Delanos are descendants of
Italian or Spanish Jewish family; Dilano, Dilan, Dillano.
The Jew Delano drafted an agreement with the West Indies
Co., in 1657 regarding the colonization of the island of
Curacao. About this the directors of the West Indies Co.,
had correspondence with the Governor of New Holland. "In
1624 numerous Jews had settled in North Brazil, which was
under Dutch Dominion. The old German traveler Uienoff, who
was in Brazil between 1640 and 1649, reports: 'Among the
Jewish settlers the greatest number had emigrated from
Holland. The reputation of the Jews was so bad that the
Dutch Governor Stuyvesant (1655) demanded that their
immigration be prohibited in the newly founded colony of New
Amsterdam (the New York of today). It would be interesting
to investigate whether the Family Delano belonged to these
Jews whom the Dutch Governor did not want. It is known that
the Sephardic Jewish families which came from Span and
Portugal always inter-married; and the assumption exits that
the Family Delano, despite Christian-confession, remained
purely Jewish so far as religion is concerned.'"

Jewish mothers bear heredity: "What results? The mother of
President Roosevelt was a Delano. According to Jewish Law
(Schulchan Aruk, Ebenaezer IV) the woman is the bearer of
the heredity. That means: children of a full-blooded Jewess
and a Christian are, according to Jewish Law, Jews. It is
probable that the Family Delano kept the Jewish blood clean,
and that President Roosevelt, according to Jewish Law, is a
blooded Jew even if one assumes that the father of the
President was Aryan.
We can understand why Jewish associations call him the 'New
Moses;' why he gets Jewish medals; highest orders of the
Jewish people. For every Jew who is acquainted with the law,
he is evidently one of them. The secret surrounding
President Roosevelt solves itself though the assiduous
investigations of Schmalix.'

In this connection it is noteworthy that Who's Who in
American Jewry lists the New York Brentanos as Jewish;
Sephardics from Italy or Spain. Delano and Brentano end with
"o." Jews expelled from Brazil settled in the U.S.
Genealogist Schmalix is quoted in the article mentioned as
saying: "When the Delanos changed to the Christian religion
can only be ascertained by further investigations in

With this alleged Jewish Delano descent added to the other
records herein the fact that New York Jews on the East Side
constantly refer to the President proudly as "Rosenvelt," it
would seem that Dr. von Leers, in his letter of May 14,
1939, to the undersigned, transmitting his latest
discoveries, is justified in exclaiming: "It being true that
the Delanos are well-known Jews from the Netherlands,
President Roosevelt is, from the standpoint of Jewish
Heredity Law, as good Jew as Bernard M. Baruch." Baruch is a
Sephardic Jew, whose family is reported to have come from
Europe via Brazil to North America. Signed Robert Edward

So this explains why Roosevelt, coming from a prominent and
wealthy family, moved America into the direct path toward
Communism. The Jewish name's in FDR's family stand out;
Samuels, Schaak, and Jacobus. Since Jews frequently
intermarry with their relatives, Roosevelt's wife was a
distant cousin and a niece of former President Theodore
Roosevelt. The Universal Jewish Dictionary of 1943 states:
'Sara Delano Roosevelt, born 1855 and died 1941, was often
the guest and advisor to Jewish institutions. After her
death, the Roosevelt New York City home was bought by the
B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation and converted into the Sara
Delano Roosevelt Interfaith House for students of Hunter

FDR was extremely pro-Zionist from the very beginning of
his political career and was often honored by Jews. Henry
Morgenthau, Jr.; Bernard Baruch and Samuel Rosenman were
among the Jews who influenced his twelve years of office.
Thus you can see how Jewish Communism penetrated so deeply
into the American government, in spite of the warnings from
early American leaders, such as Benjamin Franklin, who
warned that this would happen.



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