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The 19th Amendment & the Totalitarian State

The following laws & programs were implemented because the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified in 1921, females became the majority voter in the 1960s, and today they constitute 11% more of the vote than the male.

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Lost Constitutional Right Public Opinion Advocacy Group Public Policy
Law against abortion Supported by 2/3rds of US population, half consider abortions to be murder Small minority of nihilistic feminists oppose it "Legalized" with Roe v. Wade in 1973 
Affirmative action 84% of whites, 76% of blacks oppose it Small minority of parasitic feminists support it Law since 1968
Welfare 97.7% believe federal government is too big, less than one third believe government should "help the poor". Small minority of collectivist feminists support it Law since 1930s
School prayer 85% of North Americans who are Christians, 90% of Americans who pray weekly, want their children to pray in school Small minority of atheist feminists oppose it Banned since 1963
Equal Pay Act Intelligent Americans know that this is 180 degrees out of synch with free enterprise principles Small minority of collectivist feminists support it Law since 1968
Gun control More than half of men but only one quarter of women oppose gun control, the Constitution still says "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." Small minority of fascist feminists support it, female vote makes the difference between upholding or destroying the Constitution More gun laws passed in last 30 years than in all of previous US history
Personal Savings Average family wants to be able to save money Small minority of parasitic feminists spent it Government spends 42 cents of each wage dollar, leaving LESS than zero for family savings
"Equal protection" applied to women Violates the core beliefs of the 85% of North Americans who are Christians Small minority of impudent feminists support it Never intended by Congress to apply to women, and did not for almost a centurybefore Reed v. Reed in 1971
Adultery Law Serious violation of the Ten Commandments,  violation of laws which were never repealed, 84% in survey believe law should be upheld, Gallup Poll shows 90% condemn adultery Small minority of atheist feminists oppose it Unenforced for half a century, one in five births not biologically linked to husband
Capital punishment Most industrialized nations have outlawed it, Amnesty International has US on its hit list of violators of human rights Small minority of sexist feminists support it 29 innocent men executed in US since legalized 
Fatherlessness 79% believe it is the most significant social problem of the century, cited as most important problem facing the country, 76% believe it contributed to Littleton Shooting Small minority of parasitic feminists endorse it Government policies subsidizing family breakdown have increased the rate of fatherlessness to almost 40%
Nineteenth Amendment Male vote rendered ineffective because females are 11% more of the vote than males, number who want to repeal it growing rapidly Small minority of collectivist feminists support it Militant feminism caused a 50 fold increase in the divorce rate which benefitted neither women nor children.
CAPTA Families destroyed by false accusations of child abuse vigorously assert that this law did more damage than good Small minority of viscious feminists support it Mondale Act of 1973 followed by 28 fold increase in false accusations of child sexual abuse
Rape Shield Law & Rape Trauma Syndrome Public is largely unaware of the damage done by false rape accusations by unscrupulous women Small minority of criminal feminists support it Up to 95% of accusations of rape are false, up to one third of convicted rapists don't match the DNA evidence at the crime scene
Drinking & Driving Campaign Slick ad campaign gained public support, even though the NHTSA data shows that the non-drinking driver is the most dangerous driver, Gallup Poll shows two thirds of population has been criminalized for having a drink with dinner. Dumb feminist minority doesn't even understand what they did to society & families Vehicle fatalities increased due to  the campaign AND an extra   210,600 lives lost each year to coronary disease due to reduced alcohol consumption
False AIDS Campaign Slick ad campaign created public impression that HIV causes AIDS Feminists view AIDS as a threat to their "right" to commit adultery Spend $6 billion per year to research HIV which is statistically unrelated to AIDS
"Child Support Payments" Gallup Poll shows that 79% of citizens recognize fatherlessness as the worst crisis of the decade, 40% of the nation's children are fatherless because it subsidized the removal of their fathers from their lives Dumb Feminist minority doesn't understand it, believe it is a "right" US implemented same model which brought Russia's economy to its knees, President lied by saying $42 billion was past due when total "child support" payments are only $14 billion/year
Condoning Homosexual relations For the last 20 years, an average of less than 45% of the population believes homosexual relations should be legal. Blind dumb feminist minority can't comprehend the consequences of their "ideology" Legalize homosexual marriages
Right to Live as Christians 85% of North Americans are Christians Blind dumb feminist minority imposed their abomination on boys Blind dumb feminist "education theory" taught in public schools
Read "The Case For Father Custody", by Dr. Daniel Amneus, now on-line at cfc.htm

"Equal Protection" Applied to Women But Not Men in 1971.


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