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Feminist Fallacies

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"This is not a Christian Nation". 85% of North Americans are Christians; the US Constitution is for people who can govern themselves; our Forefathers warned that it would work only in a Christian nation. VIRGINIA CHARTER, 1609: "Because the principal Effect which we can desire or expect of the Action, is the Conversion . . . of the people in those Parts unto the true Worship of God and Christian Religion."
"The evidence [of discrimination against females] is so prevalent that it should be easy for ANYBODY to find. As I stated, you have a blind spot. I do not have time to correct it (besides, it probably is not correctable). I think it is time to let this thread die. We have reached the point where the conversation is off topic for this newsgroup. James Powell Mr. Powell could not find a single shred of statistical evidence that women are "discriminated" against, yet wants you to believe that he is correct because "it is plain from history"? 21 different statistics reveal systemic discrimination against men and fatherhood, no statistic shows discrimination against women.
"The gap between male and female SAT scores is just a few points." Bob LeChavalier The "gender gap" averaged 46 points between 1960 and 1993. All other standardized math and science tests indicate a similar gap.
"The gap between boys and girls in math and science has narrowed." The "gender gap" in SAT Math in 1993 was identical to that in 1966.
Following up on this issue, I ran across a good summary about how females MIGHT be biased against on tests like the SAT and GRE. Note that I and the authors say "MIGHT". There are numerous footnotes and references on the topics of gender bias, perhaps rather strongly tilted the other way from manifest-father's prejudices but much more cogently written.
It has been pointed out to you already that there is no REDUCTION in math skills. Why do you cling to this notion? The US is almost last in 8th grade TIMSS scores, dead last in 12th grade TIMSS geometry scores, scores of US 12th graders are 76 points lower than its 8th graders, and most other countries' 12th graders have higher scores than their 8th graders.
"Can you prove the claim that the US is the worst? Our elementary students seem to be doing quite fine. Our 8th graders are struggling, but in the ball park. Where is the evidence that we have the worst system?" US 12th graders are dead last in TIMSS geometry.

The US spends more for education than almost every other nation.

The cost per TIMSS point for US education is 4 times higher than Singapore and twice as high as Switzerland.
Soccer & Basketball scores were reported inaccurately to the Boston Globe for 30 years to keep from embarassing the losers. Rocco De Lorenzo promised to cease the practice.


>You are demonstrating that you are in a state of denial by insisting that this
>is "meaningless", that it is not "evidence" of a relationship between math
>skills and a propensity to save, and that it is "ridiculous".

I see no reason to believe that there should be a relationship between
the two.


neither of which implies a *reduction* - merely that our achievement
is LOW

>SAT scores decreased an average of more than 98 points in the last 3-4 decades.

If there was no change test takers, this could imply reduced math
skills from then until now, since the test is approximately the same.
But the context of this discussion is that you claimed that 8th
graders were reduced in math skills by the time they got to 12th
grade. But a 400 on the 12th grade test probably implies more math
skill than a 700 on the 8th grade test BECAUSE the tests are






> > We have problems with the math education system in this country, we do not
> > have 'the absolutely worst math education systems in the world.'
> Do you know of a worse one?



>> Swiss 12th graders scored 123 points higher than ours,

No they did not. You made a faulty conversion (to SAT scores?) to get
that number. from a non-normed percentage correct score to a normed
and scaled score. I am not sure it is possible to have scores 123
points higher than the US on TIMSS.



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