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Feminist LIES vs. Absolute Facts


Feminist LIES


Absolute Facts

School prayer hasn't been banned. Students can still pray in school.

This most revealing assertion by teachers suggests that children don't NEED to be education, that students and not teachers are running the education system, and denies the existence of the 1963 Supreme Court ruling which "banned school prayer".

SAT scores haven't decreased

SAT scores decreased 85 points, from 975 in 1960 to 890 in 1980, plus someone taking the test in 1990 would score 23-35 points higher than on the 1960 test, for a total decrease of 108 to 120 points

SAT scores increased 20 points, from 890 in 1980 to 910 in 1995

A 14 point increase in SAT scores between 1990 and 1995 occurred when other test scores like the ACT remained flat, suggesting that at least 14 of the 20 point increase was due to changes in the test itself

The SAT wasn't designed to measure the academic performance of the nation, therefore it can't be used to do so

The SAT is a more objective measure of the state of US education than many other standardized tests, no matter what it was designed to do

SAT Math scores tell us nothing about a students IQ

When separated by sex, boys who score over 592 get As in college, between 575-591 get Bs, 549-574 get Cs; and girls who score over 549 get As, 532-548 get Bs, and 493-523 get Cs

SAT Math scores can't be used to predict how well someone will do in the work force

Students' annual salaries increase $110 for each one point increase in SAT Math scores

SAT scores are determined more by the parents' incomes than by any other factor

The strongest correlation is by race, the next is by sex, the third is by college grades, the fourth is by the students' future incomes, and the last is by parents' incomes

SAT scores decreased because the number of minorities taking the test increased

The maximum decrease in SAT scores which could be attributed to the increase in the percent of minorities taking the test from 0-31% is 35 points

We need to spend more money for education

Very few countries spend more than the US for education as a percent of GDP. SAT scores decreased 40 points for each 1% of GDP increase we spent for education

There is no cause for alarm that only a quarter of our teachers are men

Three quarters of the teachers in the highest scoring countries are men. Each one percent decrease in men teachers in the US paralleled a 20 point decrease in SAT scores

We need smaller class sizes

SAT scores decreased 20 points for each one student decrease in the average number of students per classroom, and worldwide TIMSS scores today increase four points for each additional student per classroom

SAT scores decreased because the number of test takers increased

The percent of the population taking the test decreased from 0.5% to 0.41% mainly because of a decrease in the proportion of US 18 year olds who graduate from high school from three quarters to two thirds


The US was DEAD LAST in general physics, mechanics, heat, geometry, wave phenomena, advanced math, tied with Austria for DEAD LAST in electricity & magnetism, and would have been DEAD LAST in calculus, modern physics, general math, and general science had it not been for a few countries like Cyprus and South Africa

The US wasn't DEAD LAST in all subjects and in fact did "quite well in some subjects"

Not even South Africa and Cyprus were DEAD LAST as often as the US was

"Teachers can't be blamed for this failure in US education because they didn't even try to teach those subjects." Robert LeChevalier

This ranks as one of the dumbest statements I have ever personally heard an American male dare to utter

There is no significant difference between American and Swiss scores

Compared to American 12th grade girls, Swiss 12th grade boys scored 124 points higher in physics, 99 points higher in general math, 81 points higher in general science, 143 points higher in advanced math, 89 points higher in numbers and equations, 97 points higher in calculus, 160 points higher in geometry, 126 points higher in mechanics, 98 points higher in electricity and magnetism, 62 points higher in heat, 91 points higher in wave phenomena, and 73 points higher in modern physics

The US scores low on these standardized tests because we attempt to teach a broader population base

Only two thirds of our 18 year olds graduate from high school, compared to 96% of Japanese 18 year olds

There is no significant difference between boys and girls in SAT Math

"there has been a difference of nearly a standard deviation between the mean mathematics scores ofmales and females" Trends in SAT Scores and Other Characteristics of Examinees Planning To Major in Mathematics, Science, or Engineering. Research Report. Source: Scholastic Aptitude Test-ABSTRACT, ERIC_NO-ED376079.

There is no significant difference between boys and girls in Graduate Record Exam scores

The difference in overall quantitative scores is almost a standard deviation, and compared to math majors who are mostly men, teachers who are mostly women scored 197 points lower, public relations majors scored 224 points lower, social work majors scored 246 points lower