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Feminists Clamor For Open Debate--THEIR WAY OR NO WAY!

Dorothy Sacks wrote in message ...
-----Original Message-----
From: James Powell <[email protected]
To: toto53 <[email protected]

Date: Saturday, April 24, 1999 6:22 PM

Subject: Re: Fw: DN - Troll alert - John Knight is back - please cut, paste here

Reposting to other newsgroups for informational purposes
If your group is receiving this message it is because you are being trolled by JOHN KNIGHT.

John Knight, one of the longest running trolls on is still posting his rants on the "Who Needs 'Em" thread. He is also now posting to other newsgroups. Those of us who have answered him previously suggest that before you decide to answer him, you do a Dejanews search of the thread on and look for the answers given by Bob LeChavalier (lojbab), James Powell (thorain), Dorothy Sacks (toto53),PK2222, VJCarr, Ron McDermott, Dick Hamlen and others. He tends to not post any new information and his existing material has been answered in detail often. (You can also do a power search in Dejanews for fathersmanifesto* as author and get a feel for Mr. Knight's posts).

John seems to 'lock in' to a particular thread and seems unable to find posts in parallel threads. Therefore, you can probably talk about him here eithout him reading and posting to this thread. This allows a debate on the merits of John's arguments to be held, without encouraging the continuous repetitious flow that tends to come from him.

For information about what John's true agenda is, please see the following sites:

NOTE: These are radical feminist sites with propaganda of their own (especially the Liz site), but they counter some of John's ranting and tell you who he is. Treat the information the same way you would that found on John's own site - with a very large dose of salt! It is strongly suggested that you find and read original source material if you are interested in this debate. If you feel you must answer John in some way, feel free to cut and paste his text and answer it in this thread and others will join you. We are hoping not to feed the troll.

For the record - We (James Powell and Dorothy Sacks) are in favor of equality for all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, etc. There have been inequities in the past and are inequities in the present concerning gender equality. Neither the 'feminazis' nor the 'patriachy' have the correct solution and we reject BOTH of their positions. John is representative of the WORST that the patriarchy/men's movement have to offer. We sincerely hope that those groups that are truly interested in men's rights distance themselves from this radical fringe (as the feminist movement has their more militant members)

John is presently using the Littleton shootings as some kind of indictmentof feminism and females and in particular of female teachers. His former arguments have been answered over and over in, so he uses a tragedy to attempt to add new fuel to his particular fire. Please do not feed the TROLL. His statistics are being badly misused on the fathersmanifesto website. Do NOT believe anything this man says in terms of mathematics. He is innumerate in statistics. This has been proven time and again. If you have a question about his statistics, we can point you to the original source material and show you where he made his errors (please do it in a parallel thread, though). BTW - A new strategy that John has devised is to take copies of posts from one forum and repost it into another as part of his response. If you do a search, you may find yourself quoted out of context by him in another newsgroup.

Dorothy Sacks and James Powell



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