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This is Martin at his best.  This is a jewel, and I intend to in-
  sure that a copy of it gets to MOM.

                               Ray Earnest

Martin Lindstedt wrote:
> At 05:31 PM 10/28/2000 EDT, A Rash-upon-the-Urf wrote:
> >If you want to use the statistics, why don't you look at the reasons behind
> >them?
>    Figures don't lie but liars figure.
> >Men have been suppressing women for centuries.  Women have not been
> >allowed to work or take credit for their work due to the patriarical
> >society we have lived in.
>     That is so true.  I for one think that this female Rash should
> live in a primitive society wherein females are made to do heavy
> agricultural labor as opposed to trying to set up housecleaning
> in mud huts.
> >Meaning men tend to hire men for work that women could do too.
>     I am awaiting the time when there are male surrogate mothers.
> >Women are kept in secretarial jobs for example, and not given the
> >opportunities for advancement that men are.
>     Perhaps it is not a good idea to give "opportunities for advancement"
> to people who think that they should be entitled to something because
> they are of a particular gender.
> >If men can be chefs then women can be machinists, it's about training
> >not sex.
>     This is an interesting dogmatic statement absent of any proof.
> >And wage is related to the job. Women have been asking for equal pay
> >for equal work going on decades now.
>     Rash-upon-the-Urf thinks that life is a mere matter of bellowing
> loudly for something.
> >If you have a single woman (with no children) CNC machinist who has a
> >received proper training, certification, apprenticeship, and has the
> >SAME years of experience, proven profficiency and first rate quality
> >of turn outs as a man why is the man more likely to get the job or if
> >both are hired, he gets a higher hourly rate?
>     Because such mythical kritters are likely to spend more time
> bitching about how persecuted they are to the Equal Employment
> Opportunity Commission than they will ever spend on the job.  It's
> called "risk avoidance."  This is why employers hold extensive job
> interviews in order to screen out if at all possible these female
> Rashes-Upon-de-Urfs.
> >Absenteeism - How many men do you know of that can have babies?
>     None.  This is why I call men I know who have babies women.
> >How many men take off work to babysit or take kids to the doctors or
> >dentist or who is more likely to get called by the school (for whatever
> >reason)?
>      Unemployed men.
> >Dear ol' mom.  Even though daddy's numbers are also given.  And why is
> >it that we have so many single mothers?
>      Has anyone explained to Rash-upon-de-Urf the reason she keeps on
> producing children?  And, if she is unable to understand how pregnancy
> occurs, shouldn't we immediately try to enforce the case-law of Buck v.
> Bell (1927)?
> >Because the man doesn't want the responsibility but it's OK for the
> >women to have to assume it, but God forbid she should have an abortion
> >or give it up for adoption (for the sake of HER career) because then
> >she is wrong.
>     Let me guess.  Jewn Pernalenin sent you here.
> >Women are absent from work due to having to care for the children.
> >
> >Our society has bred the differences and the leaders of the society
> >have been mostly men.
>     I agree that society has lately been an exercise in underbreeding,
> which explains Pernalenin and this Rash-upon-de-Urf.  But pretty soon
> both the States of Californication and Jew Dork shall have a full
> quota of 'jews' and femnishevik u.S. Senaturds to bring them to the
> promised land of Turd-Whirreldization.
> >If you don't like the labor statistics, then allow women to be
> >trained and equally paid for the same jobs, stop training them to
> >be stay at home mommies - a working mother has been seen as a bad
> >mom because she's not home for the kids.
>     Wouldn't it be a lot cheaper and easier to simply change the
> labor statistics which none of us like?
> >Teach men to be more responsible for the day to day running of
> >the home, this includes taking care of children.
>     Does this mean I get to apply a cattle-prod to Pernalenin's
> & F-W Poley's ritually mutilated genitalia at the George Lincoln
> Rockwell Work&Re-Education Camp for the Rehabilitation of Social
> Parasites & Mamzers?
> >And you want to talk about that portion of the population that is,
> >well, sick:
>     Sure, now that you have intruded upon the conversation trying
> to tell us all about your numerous problems.
> >Men are the majority offenders in child molestation, child murders,
> >rape and crime in general.
>     Not to mention being the cause of warts, scrofula, and lesbianism.
> >Men are the majority offenders in fatalies caused by "traffic
> >accidents" due to drunk driving or drugs.
>     Let's not get into the gender which causes another gender to drink
> or use drugs.
> >I reiterate, I'm not interested in a battle of the sexes.
>     Really?
> >Men and women need each other.
>     All those who need a Rash-upon-de-Urf, please signify by voting:
>    [ X ]   YES, I need a Rash-upon-de-Urf as much as I need another few
>            score of venereal warts.
>    [   ]   NO, I need a Rash-upon-de-Urf as much as I need another few
>            score of venereal warts.
> >We have different strengths and weakness that compliment each
> >others.  We rely on each other.  A women properly trained to use
> >weaponery can be just as deadly, but yes, owerpowered by a man
> >(unless smaller) in hand to hand combat.
>     I suppose the above paragraph is supposed to mean something.
> However, I am relieved that it doesn't mean very much to me.
> >My husband is an ex-Army Ranger with strong views that women should
> >work like men and that men should help out around the house
>     And to think that I spent two years in the Army and never met
> such a mythical critter until now.
> >                                                              - and that
> >women should be properly taught to use weapons to defend themselves, if
> >the man's not around.  That we should work together and know how to do
> >the same things, in case the other isn't around.
>     Is it me, or did I miss the entire point about Rash-upon-de-Urf
> wanting to be a machinist and with P-W.D. Power-Arranger wanting to
> grow tits and take up nursing?
> >Let's not even get on the subject of domestic violence...I don't know
> >where you got your statistics on that one but they are WRONG.
>     Speaking about John Knight's statistics showing that the homicide
> statistics show a greater female propensity towards violence and
> mayhem.  Which goes to show that the best thing one can do about
> inconvenient statistics is to either ignore them or make up some
> better ones.
> >Most domestic violence cases committed are by men who needed no
> >provocation - and women who have stayed in these situations are
> >stupid fools who need serious treatment, as well as the man
> >committing it.  There's no excuse for it period!
>     What I especially like, after hearing femnisheviks like Rash-upon-
> de-Urf pontificate, is to look at pleasing soothing statistics from
> such Turd-Whirrld paradises as India or China or Mexico, where there
> are not nearly as many old c--ts running around, witlessly yapping and
> wasting perfectly good air as there are in the the whiggeroid effeminate
> eunuchoid post-Western world.  Do you know that in India that there
> are only 725 females to 1000 males, and that less than three out of
> a hundred of them get to live beyond 65 years of age?
>     Now who says that I don't appreciate a good statistic as much as
> the next man?  I made up the above statistic -- but not by very much,
> and already I am enjoying this manufactured statistic of mine a very
> great good deal.
> >This mother has worked a full-time job at the same time as a part-time
> >job so that her husband wouldn't have to, when we hit hard times.
>     I approve of the style in which you have kept him.
> >I still work two jobs technically; an office job and part-time "virtual
> >assistant/bookkeeping" business from home.  I love my hubby and enjoy
> >having him around, so naturally don't want him working too many extra
> >hours.
>     This is so rich.  I seldom come across so much absurdity
> concentrated in a 99.8% pure nugget of stupidity.
> >We take turns taking off for the kids, share home-care duties (luckily
> >I had a grandfather who believed that women should be self-reliant and
> >helpful in "handy-man" chores).  We can work together in carpentry,
> >plumbing and electrical fix-er-ups.  We enjoy fishing and hunting, or
> >just going to the range together. And by golly he can cook too, not
> >just BBQ.  That comes in handy when I can't. Yes I realize that this
> >is unusual, but it shouldn't be.
>     I'll just bet that he lays in the wet spot on the bed after sex
> every time too.
>     When are you going to let him in on the 'opportunity' of him always
> being sure to bring along a towel first?
>     That is, without ordering him to do so.
>     Some chairborne ranger you got, Rash-upon-de-Urf.
> --Martin Lindstedt
> Director, New (&Unproved) Bureau of Labor Statistics
> P.S.  Have you by any chance ever gone by the alias "Roxy Johnson?"
> -M.L.
> cf.
>     ***************************************
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