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 THE GREAT FLORIDA LIE Raoul Lowery Contreras
(619) 813-3751

Mendacity is a nice way of declaring someone or some
organization is not telling the truth. In the United States
Civil Rights Commission we have the finest example since
Watergate of a government organization and individuals lying
in the most egregious manner of our generation.

The lies:  (1) Blacks were denied their right to vote in the
last Presidential election in Florida; (2) Blacks were
unfairly listed as felons and not allowed to vote because of
that listing; (3) The election was stolen from Al Gore
because of official discrimination against Black Gore
voters; (4) Black-cast voter ballots were thrown out in
greater numbers and percentages than White-cast ballots; (5)
"Minority voters were denied their right to vote and
"minority" votes were thrown out and not counted.

The liars:  Mary Frances Berry, Chairwoman of the
Commission, and Hispanic icon, former California Supreme
Court Justice, Cruz Reynoso; and, Dr. Alan Lichtman.,
"Historian-professor," Democrats all.

The proof:  The formal dissent by the two minority members
of the Commission.  Their full dissent can be read at --

I know that using the word "liar" brings strong reaction,
but in this case, the word is actually mild.

In the Commission's Florida election "report," charges were
made that Florida Whites in authority kept Blacks from
voting and didn't count their votes properly when they did
vote.  The Commission charged that Republican Governor Jeb
Bush and Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris did
not do their jobs properly in the election; that they didn't
spend enough money to educate voters how to vote and that
Governor Bush specifically used a White Republican firm to
list "felons" for counties to deny Black "felons" from

These charges were and are false and the Commission did not
offer a single iota of evidence to prove its charges, not a
single iota of evidence.As the dissent provides in great
detail, Florida elections are run by "constitutional
officers" that are local officials, almost all Democrats and
get their operational funds from local commissions.  In the
three big Florida counties that Vice-President Gore counted
on to steal the election, Miami/Dade, Palm and Broward, none
a Republican election official.So, who denied Florida Blacks
the right to vote, or didn't count Black-cast votes?
Democrats, that's who, if one believes the Commission.

Where Black votes even thrown out?  Yes, according to Dr.
Lichtman's computer analysis which, according to the
dissenting report, was not made available to the
Commission's minority members or their staff.  In fact,
neither the Commission nor Dr. Lichtman have released the
data he used so others can replicate his analysis.Did Dr.
Lichtman make up his analysis to help his former boss, Al
Gore? We don't know because he won't release the data he
used. Furthermore, Dr. Lichtman used procedural methods that
astound knowledgeable people.  He didn't examine Hispanic
voting data, despite the Hispanic voting class being a
federally protected group. What he did is measure" Black
voting against "non-Black" voting patterns and results.
What happened to "minority" voting?

In Dr. Lichtman's study, he didn't even measure literacy
rates against votes thrown out for various reasons, or not
counted at all. In the very counties that Al Gore thought he
could raise votes from the dead, we find the highest
illiteracy rates among all people, particularly among Black

The most felonious violations of statistical revue that Dr.
Lichtman committed occurred because he had no way of knowing
who cast the ballots that were thrown out, or not counted.
Sure, it's easy to measure an all-Black precinct, but did he
compare those statistics against all-White precincts?  No.
Did he even measure bad ballot rates in the single Black
majority county (Gadsden) against other counties?No.

Nonetheless, the Commission of William Jefferson Clinton
appointed Mary Frances Berry, a Black educator, and "Judge"
Cruz Reynoso, not only accepted this faulty study by a
former consultant to Al Gore, but "leaked" it to the press
before it even gave a copy to the two "minority" members of
the Commission.

What we have, then, is a partisan Democrat Commission with a
partisan Democratic staff, party hacks, actually,  that
conducted faulty hearings in Florida that never produced a
single documented case of voters being denied their right to
vote, and never produced evidence that Florida law
enforcement stopped anyone from voting as Mary Frances Berry

The Commission's hearings did not hear any testimony from
any individual that he or she were denied the right to vote
because they were on the "Felon's" list.  In fact, as
written in the "dissent," not a single person approached the
Commission with proof that they were denied the right to
vote, at all. Felons voted; Black felons voted and they
voted for Al Gore, according to newspaper reports.The truth
is foreign to these two Clinton appointees, Berry and
Reynoso.  Congress should impeach these two, today, now.
America suffers when people like these two collect paychecks
from the Treasury instead of cafeteria food in a federal



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