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FSMF:  False Memory Syndrome Foundation



From: "Adriaan J.W. Mak" <[email protected]>

Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2001 11:42 AM

Subject: [witchhunt] Re: Some hope for the dwindling RM / MPD crowd perhaps.

> Peter Barach wrote to Adriaan Mak:
>  >Why do you think therapists' interest in working with dissociative
>  >disorders is dwindling?
> I did not phrase it that way, but below is a very simple answer about the
> dwindling RM / MPD crowd.  The late Nick Spanos already dealt with the
> latter day disingenious "dissociative disorders" nomenclature some time ago.
> For over one and one half year now,  I, and most of the other FMSF contact
> persons, have been receiving NO new calls from elderly or older parents
> that they were recently falsely accused of incest, sadistic or Satanic
> and/or Ritual Abuse,  by a son or daughter who had some time earlier and
> prior to the false accusation entered "Recovered Memory Therapy" or
> "Multiple Personality Therapy" As a matter of record, the number of such
> calls coming to me or to any of the other contacts in Canada and the U.S.
> dropped sharply after 1995.  Obviously the RM / MPD crowd, those causing
> their clients to  confabulate tales of incest and S/RA, have vanished from
> the scene.
>  >As it happens, ISSD's membership increased
>  >almost 20% in the last year.
> Congratulations.  How many members did the ISSMP&D / ISSD have in its
> hey-day compared to the present?
> Have these new members e-mail me and I will tell them what kind of stupid
> therapies many members of the benighted ISSMP&D in bygone years used to
> dispense resulting in the aforementioned false and utterly nonsensical
> allegations of abuse. Obviously past and current members are no longer
> engaged in these malpractices thanks to actions by the FMSF in the early
> half of the nineties.
>  >    Anyone have any membership figures for FMSF? I'm referring to
>  >*paid* members, rather than the inflated figure of number of phone
>  >calls (was it 15,000???) that the media assumed for years was the
>  >number of paid-up FMSF members.
>  >         Peter M. Barach, Ph.D.
> Mr "Anyone" knows the answer to that one.
> First. You have just deflated the number of calls by about 5000. You may
> also realize that many of those who acquired false memories probably never
> told their parents. The 20.000 in the U.S. not to mention a few others on
> other continents are only the ones we know about.  Most of these calls
> occurred between 1992, when there was a veritable avalanche of false
> allegations of incest because misguided therapies had been going on for
> quite some time, but apparently sky-rocketed after 1988. In Canada the
> number was close to 2000.
> Second. You are correct in assuming that the number of paid-up members in
> the FMSF both in Canada and the U.S. is smaller than the number of
> callers.  Many of these members never joined the national FMSF, but were
> and are quite content to attend local group meetings. All these callers
> told more or less the following typical tale:
> Their adult offspring
> (1) - had midlife problems causing depression; some had more serious problems.
> (2) - received  therapy during which childhood trauma was suggested as the
> root cause,
> (3) - were told to find hidden memories of childhood sexual abuse and
> re-visit these memories to cure the problems,
> (4) - confabulated stories of abuse, or created "alter personalities"
> reporting incest but
> (5) - did not get better,
> (5) -  were now advised to confront the alleged perpetrator to get better, but
> (6) - did not get better
> (7) - told to break off all contact with anyone who maintained that the
> abuse never took place in order to get better
> (8) - became suicidal, more depressed and a long period of malaise set in.
> It is now clear that the midlife problems were never dealt with and the the
> more serious problems were misdiagnosed.
>  >    And does anyone have an explanation (other than perhaps dwindling
>  >funds or lack of interest) for why there have been no significant
>  >updates to the FMSF website (other than newsletters) in several
>  >years? Those "under construction" signs are apparently a permanent
>  >fixture.
> Excellent question . Mr "Anyone" has some logical answers to this one as well:
> (1) The wave of stupid MPD practices and the RM fad, mushrooming in the
> years between 1987 and 1995 is history. That fad is dead and the nail was
> being driven in its coffin by my son recently in Toronto, according to a
> good Globe and Mail reporter. Most of the work has been done and FMSF can
> finally scale down its operations.
> (2) Many daughters and sons after years in limbo have returned and
> retracted their allegations.
> (3) Those still the limbo of their false memories are a lost cause and the
> families have given up and gone on with their lives.
> (4) Many of the older falsely accused parents who joined the FMSF over nine
> years ago, are now elderly and are not active any more. They sadly have
> given up hoping to see their misled offspring and the grandchildren they
> now have not seen for many years..
> (5) Many of the people who were elderly in 1992, have died or are in
> nursing homes. In Canada  daily receive letters testifying to these above
> points from surviving partners and siblings of the accused.
> Give Pamela Freyd, who is getting older and most likely does not want to
> work so hard anymore, like most of the elderly parents, a call and ask her
> the number of falsely accused parents still alive and supporting the FMSF
> financially.
> Adriaan Mak

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Many child abuse convictions could be unsafe, says Woolf

By Robert Verkaik, Legal Affairs Correspondent

23 November 2001

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'People's judge' sets out vision for a better way ahead forward

Dozens of men convicted of sexually assaulting children years
after the alleged offences may be victims of miscarriages of
justice, the country's most senior judge has warned.

Lord Woolf, the Lord Chief Justice, said child abuse allegations
"were easy to make" and might be motivated by claims for

His comments will be seized upon by supporters of Jonathan
King, who believe the former pop mogul is innocent of charges
of sexually assaulting boys. King was sentenced to seven years
in prison on Wednesday at the Old Bailey.

Lord Woolf said serious concerns had already been raised by
the Criminal Cases Review Commission over a number of
paedophile convictions. In an interview with The Independent,
Lord Woolf said the allegations involved "very old offences" from
former residents of children's homes. He said many of the
recollections, "may not be accurate", especially when they were
"tempted" by awards from the Criminal Injuries Compensation
Board and the police were asking, "Did anything happen to you?"

Plans to relax the rules of evidence so that juries could be made
aware ofprevious convictions could add to the risk of
miscarriages of justice in child abuse cases, he warned.

Lord Woolf urged judges to use their discretion to make sure
juries did not hear overtly prejudicial evidence. "With
paedophiles it can be very difficult - the natural reaction is one
that we have got to protect the children and juries will be affected
by this. It may be that in some respects in relation to some
sexual offences the balance has gone the wrong way already,"
he added.

He said allegations were easy to make as abuses are
committed in private and in many cases involved one person's
word against another's. "You don't commit the offences in front of
half a dozen people - it's not like robbing a bank."

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Alert over child abuse trials splits lawyers

By Ian Burrell and Robert Verkaik

24 November 2001

A warning by the country's most senior judge that dozens of men
might have been wrongly convicted of child abuse divided the
legal profession on Friday.

The claim by Lord Woolf, the Lord Chief Justice, in an interview
with The Independent, that child abuse allegations might be
motivated by claims for compensation was questioned by a
lawyer who is an expert in such cases.

Alan Levy QC, the chairman of the 1990-91 Staffordshire
"Pindown" inquiry, said that in his experience most people who
made allegations of child abuse were genuine. "Who would
want to go through the ordeal of a criminal trial and put their
credibility on the line?" he asked.

Mr Levy said the system was "far from foolproof" and that there
was no room for complacency. But he added: "I don't think there
is an epidemic of miscarriages."

Malcolm Fowler, a senior member of the Law Society's criminal
law committee, agreed with the sentiments of the Lord Chief
Justice, which were published yesterday. Mr Fowler said the
circumstances of many convictions in child abuse cases were a
source of concern.

"This is getting into Alice in Wonderland territory where we go
through an expensive and elaborate quadrille just so we can
convict the defendant. It's almost like having the sentence before
the trial."

Mr Fowler also said compensation should be seriously
considered as a factor when child abuse claims were being

David Wilson, a criminology professor at the University of Central
England, said there appeared to have been a change in police
tactics when investigating such crimes.

He said: "If six or 16 people say it happened, the police assume
it happened. They are allowing the number of people making the
allegation to determine whether it's true or false, rather than just
investigating the case on the evidence. I think Lord Woolf's fears
are absolutely right."

Lord Woolf made his comments on the day that the disgraced
pop impresario Jonathan King, 56, was jailed for seven years for
sexually assaulting boys.

In a letter to newspapers, King claimed it had been "virtually
impossible" for him to defend himself in court because of the
length of time since the offences.

He said he wanted to highlight flaws in the legal system in an
effort to "prevent one more person suffering the ordeal that I have
gone through".

King said he could not claim the trials were unfair, but said the
legal system allowed "serious potential injustices. The removal
of the need for corroboration of witnesses means that the
accused is effectively presumed guilty unless innocence can be
proved," he wrote.

Campaigners have been trying to persuade the Government to
make it more difficult for child abuse cases to reach the courts.

Last year, the former Southampton football manager David
Jones was cleared of allegations of sexual abuse and indecent
assault of children in his care dating from his career in care

George Williamson, the chairman of Action Against False
Allegations of Abuse, which is based in Leeds, said yesterday:
"We are very concerned by corroboration by volume to persuade
juries of somebody's guilt. They put all these allegations
together and then at the end of the case the judge says to the
jury you must treat them all separately."

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