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The following, by Eustace Mullins was written as an Epilogue to The
Troublemakers, by Bruce Brown

One of the oldest legends in history is the story of the Four Horsemen of
the Apocalypse, who appear just before some great catastrophe, as a
to all the world.  From time immemorial, the Four Horsemen have stood for
War, Famine, Pestilence and Death.  Today, in these apocalyptic times, the
Four Horsemen appear before us as prominent television personalities,
masquerading as Christian patriots while they carry out their stealthy
of propagandizing for the State of Israel and the maintenance of the power
of the biological parasite over its Christian host nations.

These Four Horsemen are Billy James Hargis, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson,
and Jerry Falwell.  Each of these men has made his reputation as a
of "fundamentalist Christianity".  Amazingly enough, the most fundamental
belief which each of them propounds is that we must "love" the Jews, and
must support the bandit State of Israel in its massacres of Arab women and
children in Israel's peace-loving neighboring countries.  So terrible is
the personal tragedy of each of these Four Horsemen that it illustrates
with merciless clarity the apocalyptic or end-time situation into which we
have been moved.

We must understand from the awful manner in which these men have been
destroyed that it is a true presage of the Apocalypse.  Now, what is the
Apocalypse?  It is from the Greek word apokalypsis, meaning "the
or "the Revelation".  The national prominence of these four pro-Jewish
propagandists [allegedly] presages the temporary rule by the Prince of
who is also knows as Satan, Belial or Anti-Christ. [see The Greatest Hoax
for clarification here]

To understand why these four men, who between them rake in some five
hundred million dollars a year, presage the Coming of the Apocalypse, we
have to know their origins, and who put them in a position of power from
which they could bamboozle five hundred million dollars a year from
well-meaning Christian Americans to finance their propaganda for the State
of Israel. It has long been common knowledge since the incorporation of
three major national television networks that each of them was owned,
operated and controlled by Jews, and that no Christian patriot would be
allowed to appear on any of the Jewish networks to preach the true
of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, "who had walked in fear of Jewry,
they sought to kill Him".  How then, did these supposed Christian patriots
gain admittance to the private preserves of world Jewry, the American
television system?

It is well known that the Jew in his natural function as a biological
parasite, must not only control the thoughts of his host people if he is
survive, but he must also establish their thought patterns and maintain
supervision of them.  Thus, the gentiles, or host people, are taught to
respect and obey the smaller, weaker parasitic organism which is taking
sustenance, making him ill, and slowly destroying him.  The entire
host-parasite relationship flouts the most basic law of nature, the
instinct of survival and of self-preservation.  The Jew, being numerically
weaker, must if he is to survive, train the host to tolerate his presence,
and to allow him to control the host. [Consider the
race/religious/political persuasion of the majority stockholders in the
Federal Reserve Bank, and consider how for tens of decades the debt
monetary system in which we live has sucked the life blood from hundreds
millions of people.  This system, under the International Monetary
Fund/World Bank has been implemented world wide.  Puppet leaders installed
in each nation forsaking all that is good and right to present on a
platter' the people in their respective nations as collateral for the
ever-building national dept.  Swapping debt for equity, i.e., pledging the
natural resources, land and labor of the citizens as collateral against
usury-bearing "loans".  What is loaned to these nations?  Debt notes.
Insane?  Yes, and true.  Here in America and all over the world.  jp].
Shabez Goi      The first step is to destroy the host people's native
leadership, the Alfalfa Bill Murrays and Ezra Pounds, who warn their
against the poisonous presence of the Jew.  The Jew then recruits from the
weakest and most depraved of the host people a new ruling class, known as
the "shabez goi", or Sabbath gentile cattle".  These servile and
contemptible people live well as long as they do the bidding of the Jews,
but at the first objection to some particularly dastardly deed which the
Jews demand they carry out against their own people, they are immediately
cast down and destroyed.

The shabez goi always have in their degenerate backgrounds a 'Panama', a
sexual or financial scandal which the Jews use as a hold over them.  The
'new class', or shabez goi, are the epitome of the living lie, with their
insidious conspiracies on behalf of the secret government of the
  In their world, the virtues of manliness, strength and honor are
and despised. This explains why Hargis, Graham, Robertson and Falwell were
allowed to appear on national television to influence and control millions
of people in the host nation.  To overcome the criticism that all of the
television networks were owned and controlled by Jews, even including the
Public Broadcasting Service, whose President is a Jew, we were suddenly
notified of the establishment of a "Christian Broadcasting Network".
At last, or so it seemed, the Christians of America would have their own
Christian television network on which they could observe the tenets of the
Christian religion.  They could escape the filth and the Communist
propaganda of the Jewish networks.  Or so it seemed.  And when the CBN
began its daily broadcasting, what was its daily message?  We must love
Jews.  We must support the State of Israel in all its depredations and its
immoral devastation of the Holy Christian Shrines in the Birthplace of Our
Saviour.  We must help the Jews, and we must, above all, avoid the
sin, the sin of "anti-Semitism", whatever that is.  Even the Jewish
networks do not broadcast as blatantly pro-Jewish propaganda as the
Christian Broadcasting Network. Federal/National Council of Churches.

To further understand why these Four Horsemen were promoted by the Jews to
their present positions of affluence and prominence, we must remember that
for many years, the principal "religious" agency which the Zionists and
Communists used to maintain thought control over the American people was
the National Council of Churches.

In The Rockefellers" by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, p. 155n, we are
told that : "In 1950 the Federal Council of churches merged with twelve
Protestant missionary agencies to form the National Council of Churches,
with Rockefeller providing the initial capital to fund a wide-ranging
of organizational structures for the new group and donating a large parcel
of land near Riverside Church for its headquarters".

Although no figure is given, the Rockefellers funded the National Council
of Churches with many millions of dollars. A classic shabez goi operation,
the National Council of Churches was staffed by impeccably groomed
graduates of Ivy League colleges, many of whom married into the
family or its immediate executive group.  One Rockefeller trustee, Dean
Rusk, was forced to give his white daughter in marriage to a strapping
black man, the final humiliation for this old Southern family.

From the outset, the thinly veiled missionary goal of the National
of Churches was to destroy the white race.  In the United States, this was
to be done by forced integration of the races in their schools, churches
and homes, and in the first step towards this goal, it was necessary for
them to murder the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United
Fred Vinson, to overcome his opposition to forced school integration.  In
Africa, every white settlement was to be destroyed or to be brought under
black domination.  To this end, the national Council of Churches purchased
arms for the most vicious black gorilla groups throughout Africa, and
trained them to massacre white settlers without mercy.      By 1980, most
of the goals of the National Council of Churches had been achieved.  With
the exception of a small white enclave in South Africa, the white
settlements in Africa had largely been exterminated in a well-planned and
executed program of racial genocide. [Today - the whites that were left
now leaving south Africa]  But the NCC had come under much criticism for
its program of arming the murderous black guerillas, and for its
well-publicized programs in the United States promoting drug use,
homosexuality, Communist fronts and forced racial integration.  It was
for the NCC to retreat under attack, and for new front groups to be formed
and financed by the Satanic forces.  If the National Council of Churches
had been so successful in achieving its goals, would not an even more
fundamental Christian front be even more useful in promoting the program
Satan?  Certainly there were plenty of shabez goi wretches to be found who
would be glad to do anything for money.  The new "fundamentalists" sounded
very good in their initial programs. They preached against drug usage,
homosexuality, abortion and fornication.  In short, everything which the
previous Rockefeller front, the NCC, had stood for.  It seemed that a new
era had begun, an era in which the Christians of America would rejoice in
the celebration of the most basic tenets of their religion.  Alas, it was
not to be.  The "fundamentalist Christians" always wound up their
preachments with the universal admonition, "We must be good to the Jews.
And we must always support the State of Israel". When the American people,
in all their majesty, rose up on November 4, 1980, and voted out of office
many of the most degenerate of the Satanic stooges in Washington,
expressing their righteous indignation and disgust with the most notorious
of the shabez goi at the polling booths, the Rockefellers' new stooges,
"fundamentalist Christians", immediately tried to seize credit for the
victory.  In fact, the Israeli stooges had little direct impact on the

Billy James Hargis.

Let us look more closely at our Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, whose
programs are designed to prevent the Holy Shrines of Christ from being
taken from the Jews and returned to Christian hands.  First is the
notorious Billy James Hargis, a confidence man so smooth that he even
managed to get sizeable donations from the late patriot H.L. Hunt, until
Hunt's agents discovered Hargis' unsavory practices.  Hargis always needed
plenty of money to finance his expensive sexual debauches.  This "patriot"
had a penchant for committing perverse sexual acts with handsome white
boys.  Being under constant threat of exposure, he needed to expend large
sums of money in order to continue his filthy pursuits.

He insured a constant flow of money to his "religious" work by acting as
unregistered agent for the State of Israel.  He repeatedly exhorted his
Christian followers to defend the State of Israel, and to uphold the
"right" of the Jews to expel or massacre the Arab families who had owned
the land for thousands of years.  Despite his personal predilections for
white youths as his sexual partners, Billy James Hargis also embraced the
Rockefeller doctrine of racial integration, and he used his preachments of
"fundamental christianity" to persuade his followers to adopt hordes of
mulatto, black and Asiatic illegitimate children and to bring them to the
United States to further pollute our nation.      Although Hargis' sexual
perversions were well known, and were even the subjects of stories in such
national magazines as Time and Newsweek, the man was so utterly without
shame that he refused to get off his lucrative gravy train.  Instead, with
the full approval of his Jewish backers, he has continued as a full time
fund raiser, ignoring the national exposes' of his notorious personal
habits, a typical shabez goi. 

Billy Graham     

The second of our Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Billy Graham, has been even more shameless in
his promotion if Israeli political goals than Billy James Hargis.  Billy
Graham, as a young, struggling preacher, suddenly was promoted into
national prominence. How did this happen?  Billy Graham and his ambitions
came to the attention of William Randolph Hearst, the publishing tycoon.
Without giving any explanation for his action, Hearst dispatched a terse
note to his editors, "Puff Graham".  This order went out to newspapers all
over the United States which were owned by Hearst.

With this backing, Billy Graham became an overnight sensation.  He soon
began to lard his preachments about Christianity with many strange and
unfounded statements about the Jews.  He was the first Christian in the
United States to publicly advance the biblical claims of the Jews to the
Holy Land, claims which were prepared for him by the Anti-Defamation Leagu
of B'Nai B'Rith, with whom he has always worked very closely.  Graham's
claims ignore the entire history of the Jewish people, the Zionist
being direct descendants of a tribe, the Khazars, who lived in central
Russia and who had never had any connection with Palestine.  Ben Freedman
first exposed the geographical origin of Khazar Jewish Zionists some
years ago, and his work was fully confirmed by a famous Jewish
intellectual, Arthur Koestler, in "The Thirteenth Tribe". Jerry Falwell
Although Billy Graham's passionate love for the State of Israel was never
matched by his concern for the United States, he has become an elder
statesman who is preparing to retire with his millions to his palatial
mountain estate in North Carolina.  As Graham's successor as the leading
Israeli stooge, the Jews have been grooming Rev. Jerry Falwell of
Lynchburg, Virginia.  Like Graham, Falwell was recruited from the
Anglo-Saxon heartland of America, the Southern Appalachians.  He came from
what is known as a 'rough' background.  His father and uncle, twin
brothers, operated roadside 'tourist cabins' on the outskirts of
        As was customary in the nineteen thirties, these cabins came
complete with prostitutes, liquor and gambling.  During a quarrel over the
division of the lucrative "take" from these operations, Falwell's father
shot and killed his brother.  Because he had been paying off local law
enforcement officials who allowed him to operate these enterprises,
escaped punishment for his crime.  He later died an alcoholic.  Young
Falwell was to have been named Valedictorian of his high school class, but
was denied the distinction after school officials learned that for an
entire year he had been lunching with bogus tickets.  His schooling stood
him in a good stead after he began to rake in a million dollars a week
his television program, "The Old Time Gospel Hour".

In 1973, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged him with "fraud
deceit" in selling $6,600,000.00 in church bonds.  An out of court
settlement provided that Falwell would turn over supervision of his
financial operations to a group of businessmen.  The head of the SEC who
has launched the investigation into Falwell's operations was a Jew.
Falwell got the message.  He soon became known as an enthusiastic
of the State of Israel, and there were no further investigations into his
financial operation.

Jewish Week, February 10, 1980, headlined "TV Evangelist Denounces
Misguided Foes of Israel.  Dr. Jerry Falwell, Christian evangelist who
supports Israel and contributes to the Jewish National Fund headquarters
42 E. 69th St. (New York City) on the occasion of an announcement that a
Jerry Falwell Forest was to be created in Israel, Falwell. . . denounced
anti-Semitism and declared that anyone who wishes to destroy Israel
against God'. . . Falwell said that he loves Israel and the jewish people
because God loves them and that the enemies of Israel and the Jewish
are enemies of God".      One can only wonder if the contributors to
Falwell's "Christian work" Know that he contributes money to the Jewish
National fund.  In his own paper, Moral Majority Report, Falwell proudly
published a photograph of himself visiting with the world's
and notorious mass murderer and former Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem

Pat Robertson

The fourth of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Pat Robertson, claims
that he had only $1.75 in his pocket when he founded the Christian
Broadcasting Network.  He has managed to parlay that stake into millions
dollars a week, a splendid office building, and the other appurtenances of
national prominence and affluence.  Like the other Four Horsemen,
Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network repeatedly exhorts his
to love the Jews and to support the State of Israel.

His political stance is more understandable when we learn that he is the
son of the late Senator A. Willis Robertson (D. Virg.)  A loyal and
lifelong supporter of the Byrd machine in Virginia, Robertson was a
Congressman until he was named the successor to the famous Jewish Stooge,
Senator Carter Glass, who had been totally senile and unable to answer a
roll-call for eight year.  Not only was his mental condition considered to
be no handicap by his Jewish masters, but they even reelected him to
another term!

The Byrd machine, of course, was operate by Harry Byrd's mentor, Lewis
Lichtenstein Strauss, a partner of the international Jewish banking house
of Kuhn, Loeb Co., the American representative of the Rothschild family
interests.  Byrd named Robertson as his successor to the chairmanship of
the prestigious Senate Banking and currency Committee.  In his post,
robertson faithfully carried out the desires of his Jewish banking
  Should we wonder that his son found that public support for the State of
Israel would bring in a million dollars a week?      The public activities
of these Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse should serve to warn us of
approaching war, famine, pestilence and death.  Let us be courageous and
hold fast to our true Faith in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and let
us not be misled by these propagandists for the State of Israel.



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