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Yes, another topic that I got sucked into in Usenet and have spent a couple of months hotly debating in several newsgroups. You see, the basic problem here is that sometimes women, for various documented reasons, level false rape accusations against sometimes arbitrarily selected males and see them prosecuted and put in prison, with complete malice and forethought. I'm not talking here about a goofed line-up identification, or an egregiously snafu'd DNA test. I'm talking about a malicious and known false charge.

The reasons are many, and, oddly enough outrageously trivial in many cases. Most of the time it has to do with protecting a woman's reputation.

1) Girl coming home late from a party claims that she was on her way home at the prescribed time, and fabricates a rape situation to explain her late arrival, knowing full well that such a story will go unquestioned. The event eventually snowballs to the point where she is forced (in her mind) to fabricate a description of the assailant, and then identify an individual who matches that description. Mystified person who has never even seen her gets to go to jail to protect her credibility.

2) Divorcing housewife fabricates rape charge against her soon-to-be ex-husband, knowing full well that the charge itself will guarantee her custody of her children despite any other evidence that can be brought to bear, or perhaps just in a spiteful gesture to jam a brick up her husband's ass in retribution for some perceived slight. Mystified husband wonders what the fuck he ever did to justify being thrown in prison.

3) Woman who is mortally insulted to her face (perhaps somebody calls her a tight-assed snotty fuckhead bitch to her face) trumps up a rape charge as a form of revenge. Mystified individual who serves time for being indiscreet and foul-mouthed begins to consider the idea that, if he has to serve the time anyway, he probably has the right do the crime.. Big-headed female who came up with the gambit in the first place realizes that she has tossed her ticket to humanity out the window and begins to worry about the same thing, and starts a community movement to try to prevent him from getting out of prison or ever showing up in her city of choice.

These are just a few scenarios culled from reading many reports of malicious false charges. My only interest in them is that any person who levels such a false charge should be charged with it, and punished appropriately, which, in this country, means fourteen years in prison. Keep firmly in mind that I am not talking about real rape, or an innocently fucked up investigation. I'm talking about a known, malicious abuse of the justice system for a perceived personal gain.

That would appear to be fairly self-evident, obvious, and fair. However, that is not how it is dealt with. The counter-position taken is that women who are caught for doing this or admit to doing it should be let off scot-free because, apparrently, whatever happened to them that 'forced' them to lay such a false charge must have been enough to warrant the false sentence suffered, apparrently even if the person who spends time in jail has never seen the woman before in his life. After all, the jailbird is a male, and everybody 'knows' that every man deserves to spend some time in jail for things that he has done to women but simply has never been caught doing (????).

The alternate position is that, if we start punishing women for making false rape charges, then that will act as a deterrent to them coming forward and admitting their crime, which is complete bullshit, because maybe if we slapped a few of these women in jail for 14 years, women in general would give some serious thought to whether or not their reputation or spiteful revenge was worth spending 14 years in jail with a bull dyke named 'Butch' who doesn't give a fiddler's fuck for that woman's reputation, and, indeed, takes great delight in abusing and exploiting it at every possible opportunity.

It may come as a complete shock to you, but it is that jail time that prevents lots of people from killing other people. If I did not know for certain that I would face jail time for it, I can come up with a dozen people right off the top of my head that I'd off in an eyeblink if I knew I would get away with it. That's why we have punishment, people - it causes people to think twice before they abuse the rights of other people. I'm not a horribly tolerant person by nature, but I am horribly tolerant at all times out of necessity, because I know that my almost reflexive urge to choke the life out of complete shitheads is illegal, and if I submit to that urge, then the local gendarmerie will have me in a cell next to a large ugly person named 'Bubba' who wants to be my most intimate proctologist in the proverbial blink of an eye, and I really don't relish the thought of having Bubba's dick shoved up my ass for the next ten years. Case closed.

The fact is that misleading the law is illegal, no matter how personally imperative it may appear to whatever loser wants to do so, and unless that law is rigidly enforced across the board then certain people will see it as their privelage to abuse the law for personal reasons. The way to prevent that abuse is not to coddle those criminals and mumble sweet nothings in their ear, but rather to slap the miscreant in fucking jail without remorse and let them serve their time so that the next time they get a self-righteous urge to jimmy a completely innocent person they'll suck back, reload, and think about it for awhile.

That proverbial ten-count is not a ten-count but 24 hours, and if you still think you should go IV it after you've cooled off for a day, then go IV it, but if you're lying then I say you should go to jail anyway because your personal interpretations of umbrage are inconsequential. It doesn't matter to anybody if you don't like being called an asshole to your face, because that ain't illegal, chum, and if you don't have the self-control to still your swinging fists and try for a better verbal volley in return then I have no sympathy whatsoever for you. Go home and learn the language and get used to the idea of duking it out on intellectual ground or wander out to a remote cave someplace and live your hermit life in an atmosphere where the squirrels are unlikely to offend, because you're not even in real life, compadre - you're living in Faery Land.

To pose a scenario, if you want to throw my butt in prison for some perceived grievance that is not actionable under law, then you'd damn well better be prepared to pay the piper when I get out, because my sense of revenge is Old Testament Biblical, if you get my drift, and if anybody has the gall to throw my utterly inoffensive and completely innocent butt in jail for some amorphous perceived slight, I will visit that umbrage on them in full measure when I get out, even if it means that I have to go back, and that cycle will continue.

The reason for that is: If I've paid for a crime that I didn't commit right up front by virtue of a malicious attack by a knowing criminal, then I have the right to perform that crime one time free of charge, exactly as tried. That is simple barter in a free enterprise world. If the price is extorted from me in advance, then I will see the goods in hand, and should that be, horror of horrors, your self-respect and sense of worth then it's mine by right and I'll take it even if I have no use for it and toss it Lorena Bobbit-like on the side of the road as I leave. If you have a problem with that then you might consider that my own self-respect and sense of worth did not seem all that important to you when you had it to throw away and saw fit to toss it in a stinking hole full of criminals.

This page last updated on December 24, 2009.

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