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Affiliate ISPs

FreeRide guy at the computer Meet the people with the pipes. For as little as 1000 points a month, these folks will give you free, unlimited Net access from now on.

We're adding to our list of Affiliated Internet Service Providers (ISPs) every day, so if your provider isn't already here, check in again next week, or ask them to contact us!

If you switch to a FreeRide affiliate ISP be sure to contact us at: [email protected] to tell us your new email address.

EarthLink Network specializes in providing inexpensive Internet access throughout the United States, and now offers dial-up access in 338 cities.

First Internet Alliance
First Internet Alliance has over 120 POPs (Points of Presence) nationwide, including most major cities and many small towns and rural areas. Start earning your FreeRide with First Internet Alliance. Click here to sign up.

InfiNet is a fast-growing Internet access and service network. Here's a direct link to their page describing services for individual users.

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1800Access/Net Concept Inc
1800Access provides fast access to the Internet, at home, at work, or on the road. With 104 local numbers, expanding rapidly in 1997,you can reach 1800Access Service from anywhere within the U.S. E-Mail our staff at [email protected] to learn more about our other services.
To sign-up, call: 805-676-9490

Akron Beacon Journal
To sign-up, call: 1-800-308-8411

Annapolis Capital
To sign-up, call: 1-800-711-1739

Bangor Daily News
To sign-up, call: 1-800-836-3291

Basec Net
"Basec.Net is one of South Dakota's largest internet providers. We Live the Net!
To sign-up, call: 1-800-233-0206 or email sales info: [email protected],

To sign-up, call: 1-914-271-4500

Boca Raton News
To sign-up, call: 1-800-836-3295

Boulder Daily Camera
To sign-up, call: 1-800-368-6814

Bradenton Herald
To sign-up, call: 1-800-850-4301

Caller-Times Interactive
To sign-up, call: 1-800-856-2696

Carroll County Times
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-800-811-3143.

Centre Daily Times
To sign-up, call: 1-800-301-8330
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-800-850-4349.

Chattanooga Online
A true local system, with local servers, and a direct T1. Here are the details about Chattanooga Online.

Chronicle Online
To sign-up, call: 1-800-856-3137

Coast Net
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-800-308-8385.

The (Columbia) State
To sign-up, call: 1-800-301-8354

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-800-308-8384.

Community Times Online
Sales e-mail address is e [email protected]

Compuworld provides non-toll connections throughout the state of California.

The Courier-Journal
To sign-up, call: 1-800-849-7214

DBS Technologies
To sign-up, call: 1-512-729-2323

To sign-up, call: 1-800-836-3301

Democrat and Chronicle
To sign-up, call: 1-800-836-3288

The [email protected]
To sign-up, call: 1-800-850-4374

Des Moines Register
To sign-up, call: 1-800-721-9703

Detroit News
To sign-up, call: 1-800-721-9703
Serving Colorado's Front Range from Castle Rock to Boulder
and now west to Conifer and Bailey.
To sign-up call: 1-303-573-5020

Digital Telemedia Inc
To sign-up, call: 1-212-255-4500

Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-216-615-9400.

Excel Net Inc.
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-414-452-0455.

Fayetteville Online
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-800-811-3141.

The Fauquier Citizen
To sign-up, call: 1-800-811-3141

FireBurners BBS
"Fireburners BBS is the leading internet provider in Lincoln County. We offer connect speeds to 33.6, professional web publishing and custom domain registration."
To sign-up, call: 1-541-336-1028 or email [email protected]

The Florida Times-Union
To sign-up, call: 1-800-301-8331

Florida Today
To sign-up, call: 1-800-422-0869

The Freep
To sign-up, call: 1-800-391-7493

Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-800-811-3147.

Gateway Hometown Plus
To sign-up, call: 1-800-368-6806

GetNet Int'l
GetNet International is a full service Internet Access provider in the Phoenix, AZ marketplace, offering Net access, hosting, and web site development. Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-602-874-4500.

Gettysburg Times
To sign-up, call: 1-800-849-7214

Go Cincinatti/The Cincinatti Enquirer
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-800-721-9693.

Greenville News
To sign-up, call: 1-800-836-3280

The Hartford Courant
To sign-up, call: 1-800-811-3145

Heraldlink-InfiNet (Miami)
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-800-850-4322.

High Point Enterprise
To sign-up, call: 1-800-711-1742

Hilconet Inc.
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-210-896-4734.

Hot Coco
To sign-up, call: 1-800-308-8405

I-100 Inc
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-802-496-9876.

"Central Illinois Quality Internet Service Provider"
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-309-454-4638.

Internet Blue Ridge
To sign-up, call: 1-704-286-1771

Internet Services of NorthEast
To sign-up, call: 1-814-725-4638

JanRix, Inc.
To sign-up, call: 1-910-868-8777 or email: [email protected]

Journal and Courier Online
To sign-up, call: 1-800-849-7214
To sign-up, call: 1-800-308-8423

The Knoxville News-Sentinel Online
To sign-up, call: 1-800-391-7497

Lancaster Online
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-800-850-4341.

Las Vegas Online
To sign-up, call: 1-800-301-8561

Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-800-308-8410.

Lexington Herald-Leader
To sign-up, call: 1-800-856-2605

Macon Telegraph
To sign-up, call: 1-800-811-3146

McHenryCom. Company, Inc.
To sign-up, call: 847-516-5700

MegaHertz Communications Corp.
To sign-up, call: 1-718-638-5758

Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-770-978-2221

To sign-up, call: 1-414-644-0728

Naples Daily News
To sign-up, call: 1-800-836-3292

Networld Online, Inc.
To sign-up, call: 1-419-334-9042

The News-Enterprise Online
To sign-up, call: 1-800-849-7214

To sign-up, call: 1-800-368-6815

North Coast Web
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-216-639-5293.

The Paducah Sun
To sign-up, call: 1-800-836-3294

Paradise Southwest Florida Online
To sign-up, call: 1-941335-0453 or sales email is [email protected]

PCM Visual Listing Service
To sign-up, call: 1-818-786-2156

Pensacola News Journal
To sign-up, call: 1-800-301-8593

Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News
To sign-up, call: 1-800-811-3139

Pilot Online
To sign-up, call: 1-757-622-4289

Pioneer Planet-Pioneer Press Newspaper
To sign-up, call: 1-800-856-3134

The Press Telegram
To sign-up, call: 1-800-856-2607

Pottsville Republican
To sign-up, call: 1-800-811-3142

The Poughkeepsie Journal
To sign-up, call: 1-800-368-6834

PROMedia Publishing
To sign-up, call: 1-800-711-1743

Quantum Communications
To sign-up, call: 1-217-875-9335

Riverview Net
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-616-652-2562.

Roanoke Times
To sign-up, call: 1-800-811-3140

Rocky Mountain News
To sign-up, call: 1-800-811-3140

San Jose Mercury News
To sign-up, call: 1-800-818-6397

South Bend Tribune
To sign-up, call: 1-800-711-1738

Southwest Florida Online
To sign-up, call: 1-800-721-9701

To sign-up, call: 1-800-308-8409

Style Weekly
To sign-up, call: 1-800-308-8424

The Sun News
To sign-up, call: 1-800-836-3296

TCTNET is an Erie, PA Internet provider with 33.6 hypermodems for the fastest service over normal phone lines. This is personal home town service for the World Wide Web. Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-814-833-2758.

Tallahassee Democrat
To sign-up, call: 1-800-811-3144

Telegram & Gazette
To sign-up, call: 1-800-308-8414

To sign-up, call: 1-800-856-2606

Virginian-Pilot Online
To sign-up, call: 1-800-849-7214

Washingtonian Magazine
To sign-up, call: 1-800-850-4327

Washington Times
To sign-up, call: 1-800-368-6807

Westchester Today
To sign-up, call: 1-800-850-4297

Wichita Eagle
To sign-up, call: 1-800-368-6840

Wings ISP
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-616-696-8939.

Wings Inc.(Wings BBS)
To sign-up, call: 1-616-784-7365

WorldSurfer Inc.
Sales e-mail address is [email protected], or call 1-603-859-2436

WTVF NewsChannel 5 Online
To sign-up, call: 1-800-711-1720

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