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Happy Fathers' Day from the Signatories to the Fathers' Manifesto


As the rate of fatherlessness in the US continues to approach 40%, and as the number of fathers who will have less than a fulfilled "Fathers' Day 1997" continues to grow, the Signatories to the Fathers' Manifesto would like to wish all fathers worldwide the best "Fathers' Day 1997"!!!

Because each Signatory contributed so selflessly and significantly to reestablishing responsible fatherhood throughout the world, there is much good news on this "Fathers' Day 1997" which was totally and completely unpredictable when this document was created on August 17, 1995:

  1. The elimination of affirmative action in California with CCRI (Proposition 209) -- spearheaded by the first 100 Signatories.
  2. Almost 1 million fathers and their supporters worldwide have become Signatories to the Fathers' Manifesto thanks to the tireless efforts of the Signatories.
  3. The magnitude of the terrible social and family strife caused by feminism has been unveiled by the Signatories.
  4. The most damaging feminist falsehoods were exposed and those responsible for spreading feminist misinformation were soundly discredited by the Signatories.
  5. The great majority of the $1.6 Trillion federal budget is used to fund programs which accomplish little else than to undermine family stability, doubling an already world record high divorce rate and quintupling the illegitimacy rate, was demonstrated by the Signatories.
  6.  The fact that men pay 115% of federal taxes was demonstrated by the Signatories.
  7. The "One Page Stories" written by the Signatories revealed the personal strife represented by the shocking statistics.
  8. Fatherlessness was established as a civil rights issue in the US.
  9. That fatherlessness is not caused primarily by "walkaway fathers" but by "throwaway wives" aided by chivalrous judges was amply demonstrated by the Signatories.
  10. We documented with the documentary "Father Figure" the total absence of solutions to this social pathology from feminist leaders.
  11. We 'encouraged' the National Organization of Women (N.O.W.) to shoot itself in the foot with its "Resolution" plunging N.O.W membership to less than 90,000 members (0.04% of the US population) worldwide.
  12. With facts and statistics and not with hysterical mantra, the media myth that fathers are more violent than mothers was exposed by the Signatories.
  13. In less than 3 weeks, we gained, imore than 1,000 Signatories to the "Reaffirmation and Declaration" --  the means by which the Fathers' Manifesto will be implemented.
  14. We did this, as we pledged, "by honorable, vigorous, and sustained means"
  15. We will ensure that affirmative action is quickly voted out across the USA.


Even with 100% media and political support, feminism was completely discredited when its promised massive demonstrations to oppose the passage CCRI never occurred.



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