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What is Patriarchy?

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Thank you for visiting the Fathers' Manifesto Home Page. To become a PatriarchSign Here! 

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JOhn Curray <[email protected]>
London, CA USA -

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Sign me up. Iam currently preparing to go to battle with my spouse to gain full custody of my 3 year old son. My wife is from a dysfunctional family that only know one way to deal with men, get rid of them and take all the money they can get from him and then prevent him from seeing their kids. My wife is an ex con ex drug addict, Obessive compulsive, manipulitive and controlling totalitarian, split personality, double standards,hipocrite,volital temper with violent tendency, and in total denial,turn every negitive event she perpetuates on you. on top of being a bitch.She has made many false allegations of me to family friends and the police. I am ready to be an activist for fathers rights. I want my children with me always. Totaly sincere Ned Kramer
Ned Kramer <[email protected]>
arleta, ca USA -

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Eternal enemy: My children will never feel the sting of your ideology which was felt by me and my generation. They are well prepared for the battle and will keep the vow. Patriarchy FOREVER!!!! as God intended.
Dave <[email protected]>
Tujunga, Ca USA -

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Feminism is more evil than either Nazism or Communism because it has done a far better job of disguising its true evil intent.
Gary Clark <[email protected]>
Las Vegas, NV USA -

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Me encanta la idea de poder ayudar y recibir ayuda de otros padres que sufren lo mismo que yo. I'm learning how to love my children now Thank you
Rodrigo <[email protected]>
santiago, CHILE -

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The more the feminists "fight poverty, crime, and violence" the more there is of it. The ONLY solution which has ever worked around the world and throughout history is PATRIARCHY!! I am proud to be a PATRIARCH!!! Le Roy Marshall
Le Roy Marshall <[email protected]>

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Fathers Manifesto should receive a Standing Ovation and a thundering round of applause for all the spadework that has prepared the ground for the seed. Now is the time for every man who loves his family, his wife, his children - to stand with you in fighting the enemy. ps. We will be having a seminar the end of March 1998 that deals with these issues. More info at: God Bless You - God Bless America - God Bless Our Families
Wayne Wymore <[email protected]>
Veneta, OR USA -

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I pray that the feminists detest my name forever, and forever. Sincerely, Art
Art Books <[email protected]>
Stockholm, Sweden Sweden -

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I don't want the feminists to ever forget my name. I want them to know that I am going to personally assure that their crimes are punished. Sincerely, Bob Cheney
Bob Cheney <[email protected]>
Chico, Cal USA -

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I hereby declare myself to be the first "Patriarch" to go on record as deploring feminism, feminists, matriarchy, and all of the social pathology created by this adverse ideology! I consider it an honor that the feminists have insulted and detested me, and hope that they will never, ever forget my name. Sincerely, John Knight
John Knight <[email protected]>
Newport Beach, Ca USA -

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