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Doesn't Gal Fridman look like an Arab, not a jew?


Gal Fridman

It would appear that the ONE "Israeli" Gold Medal winner in more than half a century is an ARAB, not a jew.


updated 9:41 a.m. PT, Wed., Aug 25, 2004

ATHENS, Greece - A windsurfer whose first name means “wave” in Hebrew gave Israel its first Olympic gold medal ever Wednesday, taking a plunge in the Saronic Gulf to celebrate.

Gal Fridman sailed a remarkably consistent regatta, never finishing worse than eighth in the 11-race series. He placed second in Wednesday’s decisive race.

After Fridman crossed the finish line, he took a victory dip and then wrapped himself in an Israeli flag when he came out of the water.

Fridman’s victory finally gives Israelis the chance to hear their national anthem during a medal ceremony, scheduled for later in the day. The song is “Hatikvah” — The Hope — and Israeli fans sang it spontaneously last week when Ariel Zeevi won a bronze medal in judo.

There has been tremendous pressure on Israeli athletes to get their country’s first gold at the Athens Games. When Zeevi won his medal, he called it “the hardest day of my life” because of the scrutiny.

In 12 previous Olympics dating to 1952, Israel had won only one silver and three bronze medals. Fridman won a bronze in his event in 1996.

Until Wednesday, its Olympic legacy was primarily somber — political complications, occasional snubs by athletes from Islamic countries and, overshadowing all else, the killing of 11 athletes and coaches who were seized by a Palestinian terrorist group called Black September at the 1972 Games in Munich.

Two other members of Fridman’s sailing club had a chance to win a medal in doubles at Seoul in 1988, ranking second heading into the final day of competition. They didn’t compete because it was Yom Kippur, the most holy day of the year for Jews.

Fridman’s victory came after Ricardo Santos of Brazil, the leader through 10 races, finished 17th in the finale. Nikolaos Kaklamanakis of Greece won the silver, and Nick Dempsey of Britain took the bronze.

Faustine Merret of France won the gold in the women’s race. Yin Jian of China won the silver, and Alessandra Sensini of Italy got the bronze.

After a tough day sailing in light, shifty wind, the U.S. Tornado crew of John Lovell and Charlie Ogletree dropped from first to second after finishing sixth and seventh. They trail defending gold medalists Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher of Austria by seven points with three races to go.

On the Star course, Americans Paul Cayard and Phil Trinter rode a wind shift in making a spectacular comeback to win the day’s first race, but then finished 15th. They remain in third place with 42 points. Brazil’s Torben Grael continued to build his lead, finishing second and seventh for a total of 20 points with three races left. Canada’s Ross MacDonald and Mike Wolfs are second with 39.2 points.


Arab Israeli wins Maccabiah gold

'The Maccabiah belongs not only to all the Jews, but also to all the Israelis, and I am a proud Israeli,' father of teen swimmer, 200-meter breastroke champ says

By Avinoam Porat

Published:  07.11.05, 15:09 / Israel Homepage

TEL AVIV - An Israeli Arab teenage girl from the town of Sakhnin became one of the first medalists in this year's Maccabiah Games with a victory in the women's 200-meter breastroke in the Wingate Institute pool, causing a wave of pride in her father, family and community.


Halaj Shahada, proud father of Asala, 17, said there would be celebrations in Sakhnin following her gold medal win.


“The Maccabiah belongs not only to all the Jews, but also to all the Israelis, and I am a proud Israeli,” Asala said


The Arab Israeli town of Sakhnin has known many sporting celebrations, but up until now all of them were connected with soccer: last year’s win of the national cup, this year’s success in surviving the premier league, the vital goal scored by Abbas Suwan for the national squad in World Cup play, and Suwan’s decision to stay in Sakhnin and not “defect” to Maccabi Haifa.


Asala’s little brother, Jamal, plays in the children’s soccer team of Bnei Sakhnin, and her old brother, Avar, is in the youth squad.

Proud moment


“But with all respect to the soccer team, which we all support, today is Sakhnin’s swimming day,” said Sharada, who arrived at the Maccabiah games with his wife, Hanna, and other relatives.


It's true that the Maccabiah record for the 200-meter breast stroke, set 16 years ago, belongs to the U.S.’s Larot Gradotzky, but this does not detract from Asala’s accomplishment.


Gradotzky swam the distance in an outstanding time of 2:40.26, whereas Asala did it in 2:46.93 after a close battle with Lauren Fox (USA), who trailed behind by 21 hundreths of a second.


Hard worker gets her day


The Maccabiah, often called the “Jewish Olympics,” are open to Jewish athletes from around the world, and to all Israeli citizens - whatever their religion.


Asala, who learned to swim in a cistern at the age of 7, trains today at Wingate.


“She works so hard. Finally she has had a happy day,” her father said.


Asala Shahada’s gold medal is another accomplishment in a chain of Arab sporting successes in Israel.


Other examples are Da’a Masrava from Taibeh, who swims for her town’s breastroke youth team, and Doa Saliman-Hativ of Nazareth, who only last week seized a double win in Israel’s Track and Field national








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