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The Importance of Male Motivation

bulletAs the percent of managers and administrators who are males dropped from 81% to 57%, Real US GDP dropped by $6 Trillion.
bulletAs the percent of Supreme Court justices who are males dropped from 100% to 78% the number of cases heard by the court dropped by 41% (from 137 to 81 cases per year).
bulletAs the percent of West Point graduates who are males dropped from 100% to 89%, the percent of West Point Alumni who make the military a career dropped to 33%, and ROTC graduates now fill the top positions once held only by WP Alumni.
bulletAs the percent of families headed by males dropped from 91% to 61%, the number of Americans behind bars increased ten fold.
bulletAs the percent of educators who are males dropped by 100,000 and as the number of female educators increased by 350,000, the cost of education as a percent of GDP tripled and US education quality plunged so far that the US now ranks 27th out of 31 nations taking the IAEP tests and dead last in TIMSS.
bulletAs the percent of judges and lawyers who are males dropped from 100% in 1960 to 82% today, the incarceration rate quadrupled, the murder rate tripled, and the "clearance rate" for murders (the percent of murders solved) dropped from 92% to 63%.
A one percent increase in females in the US workforce reduced incomes $5,000 per worker. A one percent increase in females in workforces internationally reduced incomes $2,000 per worker.


LYING with the Consumer Price Index

There is general agreement that, regardless of how US incomes are measured, they have dropped since radical feminism has taken hold.  The Consumer Price Index  may be used to measure inflation, though it is not intended to be because it is misleading in calculating incomes.  It makes US incomes appear to have been flat, or to have even increased slightly, since 1960 (see the blue bars on the chart).  The Gold Standard (see the red bars) is more accurate and makes it obvious that US GDP per Capita has decreased by $49,394 since 1960 and by $87,400 since 1970.  The chart shows that, roughly, for each 1% decrease in the percent of males in the US workforce, GDP/Capita decreased by $5,369 since 1960, and by $12,310 since 1970.  The x-axis shows the percent of males in the workforce, the size of the workforce in 1,000s, and the year.


The International Data Shows The Same Trend

The same rule applies across the world today where, for each 1 percent decrease from nation to nation in the percent of the workforce which is males, GDP per Capita is an average of $2,000 lower.  Sweden's GDP/Capita is $7,100 lower than the US, the difference in the percent of the workforce which is males is 2.3%, which is an average of $3,087 per 1 percent difference.  Germany's GDP/Capita is $2,700 higher than the US, the difference in the percent of the workforce which is males is 4.4%, which is an average of $614 per 1 percent difference.  Japan's GDP/Capita is $18,400 higher than Sweden's, the difference in the percent of the workforce which is males is 7.5%, which is an average of $2,453 per 1 percent difference.  Italy's GDP/Capita is $26,300 higher than the UK, the difference in the percent of the workforce which is males is 7.4%, which is an average of $3,554 per 1 percent difference.

LYING with Purchasing Power Parity

In order to disguise this rapid decrease in US incomes, "Purchasing Power Parity" is used to make foreign incomes look lower than they are.  This graph in PPP dollars  makes it appear that per capita incomes in the US are up since 1963, and that Japanese per capita incomes are not that much higher than the US today.

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But when measured in ounces of gold which aren't subject to inflation, the Consumer Price Index, or Purchasing Power Parity, it can be seen that the single-working parent families in the US earned quite a bit more in 1963 than the two-working parent families in the US do today, and that Japan's single-working parent families of today earn almost double what our two-working parent families do today, and even more than our single-working parent families of 1963 did.

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Restoring the Motiviation of American Men

It is a fact of life that when men are motivated, not when women are motivated, economies thrive, and when men are demotivated, economies collapse.  When men are motivated, unprecedented standards of living are achieved, just as occurred when the US achieved the highest standard of living the world had ever known by 1963.  Particularly, the status of women is enhanced when men are motivated.  These charts demonstrate how our failure to motivate American men hurt both sexes.  As radical feminism emerged in the 1960s  SAT scores dropped 98 points the gender gap in SAT Math scores grew from 15% to 22%.  The drop in SAT scores has been touted in the media, but this has not had as serious consequences to both men and women as the widening of the gender gap.  It is also interesting that the recent manipulation of the SAT tests to attempt to achieve gender equality did not reverse this persistent trend..

The US has the potential to reestablish its world economic superpower status again, but it must abolish destructive feminist ideology and replace it with productive and proven Christian family principles.  This requires some really simple but mandatory steps:

bulletReestablish the father as the head of the family.
bulletReestablish spoken Christian prayers in public schools.
bulletGive "free exercise of religion" as much emphasis as our Forefathers did.
bulletIncrease teacher salaries for MEN sufficiently to attract them back to education.
bulletEnd Affirmative Action.
bulletEnd the Equal Pay Act. 

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