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June 20, 2000

Dear LHHS Baseball Coach,

I am writing to you to provide background on Jerome Urbini, a freshman next year at
LHHS. I urge you to give strong consideration to him when selecting your baseball team,

I have managed 14 baseball teams in the Rancho Niguel Little League during the past 8
years, most recently in the Junior League Division. Junior League is for 13 and 14 year
old boys. They play on a full size 90-foot diamond, as opposed to Pony which plays at
80 feet.

Jerome Urbini has been on four of my Junior League teams during the past two years,
including 2 All-Star teams. During this past spring season, he played on my team, the
Indians. He was the first player drafted, and is clearly the best player in our league.

Offensively, Jerome is very aggressive, and is considered the strongest hitter in our
league. His batting average this past season was .571 in 17 games. Extra base hits
included 5 doubles, 5 triples, and 3 home runs (the furthest went 320 feet, straight away
center field). He is also an extremely fast and smart runner. He led the team (and
probably the league) in stolen bases.

Defensively, Jerome is the best catcher in our league, and will play that position on our
All-Star team. Many runners were thrown out at second and third by Jerome. He also
stops the ball well, minimizing passed balls. If he drops the ball on the third strike
(which doesn't happen often), the batter is tagged before he even drops the bat.

As amazing as Jerome is both offensively and defensively, what I admire most about him
is his team leadership. He leads the team on the field, calling plays and providing moral
support. He inspires his teammates. On his own initiative, he helps the other players
with their skills. Early in the season, one of our players clearly needed some extra help.
Jerome, on his own, arranged to meet this player at the field an hour before practice to
give him some pointers to improve his game. If we are losing, I can always count on
Jerome to rally the team. I often think of him as an assistant coach. I also think of him as
"Iron Man", in that he has never missed a game, nor a practice, and he is behind the plate
every inning of every game.

I know this all sounds very glowing, but that is the only way to describe Jerome Urbini. I
hope you will give strong consideration to him. If you would like to speak with me, I can
be reached at 643-2126 (home) or 448-8188 (work).

Thank you for your consideration.



Manager, Rancho Niguel Junior League Indians and All-Star Team
Player Agent, Rancho Niguel Little League



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