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(Gun Owners Alliance reveals themselves as Bush Homeland PROPAGANDISTS!!)



                    GUN OWNERS ALLIANCE ALERT!

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                          28 August 2004

              Will there be another Terrorist attack?

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To freedom lovers everywhere,

All those who believe that new terrorist acts similar to 9/11 won't
touch them should delete this e-mail. That which I have to say does
not apply to you, and I don't want to waste your time.

Those of you still reading this know that most recently we have seen
how militant radical Islamists swayed the elections in Spain using
terror attacks on civilian train commuters. It worked. Spain elected a
socialist president that promised to distance himself from America
in our fight against terrorism. Never mind 9/11!


(This is BALONEY!  The people there saw the government trying to then blame the BASQUE separatists and KNEW their government was LYING just as ours is to U.S.!!)

Earlier in the week I read from a CNN e-mail alert, "Explosives
found in jet crash debris, Russia says". Now I just read from an e-mail

Militant radical Islamists want to sway our November 2004 elections
like they did in Spain just a few months ago.
Intelligence estimates
are that additional mass casualty terror attacks like 9/11 are very
likely on American soil, likely before our November 2004 presidential
election. Homeland Security is focused on protecting hard targets
and critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, bridges &
tunnels, and the transportation, electrical and communications grids.
There are literally hundreds of thousands of unprotected, high-value
soft targets in the US - places like churches, synagogues and schools
just to name a few.


(This is the same Bushshite PROPAGANDA they're using to justify postponing or even CANCELLING the SHAM election.)

If anyone understands how to deal with militant radical Islamists, it is
the country of Israel.

(WHAT A FARCE LIE!!   Israel has a clear HISTORY of staging 'terror' to be BLAMED on the arabs!!)

Israeli experience with militant radical Islamists shows there is so much
more that civilians can do beside wait for the next attack to occur. It
doesn't take a lot of time or money; it does require a sense of patriotism
and civic responsibility. This is where the rubber hits the road, where
all the Internet rhetoric about Patriotism and the War on Terror becomes
fact on the street.

Rabbi R. Mermelstein of the ever popular pro-gun Internet column known as
"Ask the Rabbi" found at
has this to say about Operation Shiloh (OpShiloh):

      I have reviewed the course curriculum of Operation
      Shiloh under the expert directorship of Yehoshua
      Mizrachi and have found it worthy of my heartiest
      approbation. Go to

      Operation Shiloh is not another training academy
      for the defensive or tactical use of firearms. It
      teaches much more - training, awareness and prevention.

      According to ancient Jewish tradition the fate of all
      living creatures for the coming year is determined in
      Heaven on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Our sages,
      of blessed memory, taught "It is not incumbent upon you
      to complete the task, but neither are you free to exempt
      yourself from it" (Ethics of the Fathers, 2:21). While
      this injunction was intended to address the continual
      study of Torah law by Jews, the concept is universal in
      all matters essential to the continuation of Mankind.
      Both Christians and Jews learn, "Do not stand still when
      your neighbor's life is in danger" (Leviticus 19:16). Go

      We are required by G-d's law to not stand by idly when
      another's life is in danger, but the actions to take to
      prevent the loss of life are vague to most people.
      Training and awareness are not instinctive. It requires
      instruction from experts.


(More BALONEY from these LIARS!!  This smacks of the TALMUD people and NOT THE TORAH!!

See: and research the satanic TALMUD!!!)

      Operation Shiloh, I believe, can teach you to save lives.
      It has my unequivocal endorsement."

Read the original endorsement by Rabbi R. Mermelstein on the "Ask the Rabbi"
website found at

OpShiloh course material has been reviewed by members of the House
Intelligence Committee and the Department of Homeland Security. Operation
Shiloh has been profiled by Fox News Channel, ABC, CBS, NBC, and dozens
of other international broadcast and print news media. Operation Shiloh
has also been endorsed by such prominent scholars as Daniel Pipes, who
observes: "Operation Shiloh impresses me as a way, drawing on Israel's
unique counterterrorism strengths, for concerned citizens to equip
themselves against terrorist threats. I recommend it highly."


(Daniel Pipes is yet another media WHORE.  A lying CFR member!)

The three day OpShiloh counter-terrorism training course will be held
September 6th through the 8th, 2004 in Miami, Florida
. Please contact
the Program Director immediately at [email protected] if you are planning
to attend. Course specifics can be found at
Additional courses will be offered in the near future! Time is of
the essence!

There is a time for talk and there is time for action; NOW is the time
for action. Put your patriotism to work and help stop the next terror

Here's how:

Starting a Volunteer Security Committee (VSC)

You can help fill this security gap by forming a much needed Volunteer
Security Committee (VSC) at your school, synagogue, church, or in your
neighborhood. Operation Shiloh at provides
Israeli training counter-terrorism training for American civilians.
Operation Shiloh also offer free consulting for setting up your VSC.

What follows is a guide to establish your VSC.

Since the disparate terror groups all work from the same playbook, the
terror attacks to come in America will likely be patterned after the
attacks and attempted attacks that have occurred in Israel. (In fact,
American ground troops in Iraq have benefited significantly from Israel's
experience with terrorist insurgency.) Therefore, Israel's experience in
terror suppression is instructive. This is the underlying premise of the
OpShiloh course.

In many Israeli towns, kibbutzim and moshavim, you will see four layers
of terror prevention
(going from least to most intense):

1.) The generally high alertness level of all residents. (In Efrat last
year, an alert mother dropping her son off at school noticed an Arab man
approaching the school with an ill-concealed butcher's knife. Once spotted,
the man fled on foot. The woman was able to alert the RVSH"Tz [see below],
who reacted immediately and thus prevented an atrocity.) (There's more to
this story - e-mail the OpShiloh Program Director at [email protected] and
he will tell you the rest of the story.)

2.) Shomrim: Able-bodied citizens, mostly army reservists, do take turns
patrolling the community, watching the perimeter and approaches, guarding
the entrance gates, etc. The shomrim are armed, and trained in communications
rules of engagement, and the like. The community is patrolled by such shomrim
24/7, even on the Sabbath and holidays.

3.) Kitat Konenut: A small cadre of citizens (all in the active reserve)
are organized and trained as a first response unit in the event the community
is infiltrated or comes under any other kind of attack. Their main mission:
flush out and neutralize the terrorist(s). These brave people are Israel's

The shomrim and Kitat Konenut are trained and organized by a RVSh"Tz
(pronounced rav-SHATZ) which is Hebrew acronym for "Public Security
Coordinator" who is in charge of overall security for the community.

4.) IDF: The regional Army base supports the security network described
above and monitors the regional security comms net, ready to respond as

Instead of protecting an entire community, your VSC will probably be
working to protect a church, synagogue, private school or organization,
or perhaps a neighborhood. For the purposes of clarity, general guidelines
will be used and future reference will be made to protecting a church.
Please feel free to adapt these recommendations to suit your unique situation.

For the VSCs, OpShiloh is recommending a hierarchy loosely patterned after
the foregoing. Again, from least to most intense:

1.) The alertness level of all residents. Your VSC will be responsible for
running education programs to heighten the general alertness level of the

2.) VSC: Your VSC will be a small cadre like the Kitat Konenut, but will
function in a more defensive posture, like the shomrim.

Your VSC will be tasked with continually reviewing the security arrangements
at the church with the objective of making the facility harder to attack, and
if attacked, easier to defend. You will be trained with an emphasis on terror
prevention and close coordination with local law enforcement in the event of
an attack.

3.) Local law enforcement: instead of the IDF, your VSC will establish close
working liaison with local law enforcement. Developing these good working
relationships in advance will be critical to your terror prevention program.
Again, these details will be covered during training.

You will likely find that the local police will be eager to work with you
for two reasons: first, there is a general sense of frustration that the
general public is not taking the terror threat seriously; secondly, they
understand all too well that more trained eyeballs means the better the
chances of preventing an attack.

Where to Begin:

1. Speak with the Pastor and church leadership to get their approval for
setting up the VSC. Have them announce it from the pulpit, publicly support
it, and have them ask for volunteers.

2. Post flyers requesting volunteers for the VSC. The ideal size of your
VSC depends on the size of the facility that you wish to protect, the
amount of activity in the building, and other factors. In general, though,
the more the merrier as there will be plenty to do. Again, specific tasking
will be covered during training. Encourage both men and women to participate.

3. Start reading. Here are a few suggestions:

Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America, by Yossef Bodansky

Militant Islam Reaches America, by Daniel Pipes

American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us, by Steve Emerson

The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma
City Bombing, by Jayna Davis

We know there are thousands of terror cells in the US; we know that
they are collecting intelligence for future attacks; and we know that attacks
have already been attempted. Once alerted to these facts, the question most
people ask is, "Yeah, but what can I do about it?"

Gun Owners Alliance believes that the VSC (taught by OpShiloh as found
at ) is an answer to that question. During WWII,
America had effective Civil Defense Committees. In Israel, alert citizens
have prevented or preempted terror attacks too many times to count.

Thank you for standing up and for being willing to be counted.

Contact information for Operation Shiloh:

Yehoshua Mizrachi - Director
Operation Shiloh
Israeli Counter-Terrorism Training for Civilians
[email protected]


Gun Owners Alliance
Chris W. Stark - Director
[email protected]

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(KNOW THY ENEMY is the reason I resend this post to you.  The REAL enemy is NOT 'islam' per se but the SATANISTS following Albert Pike's PLAN to have ZIONIST Israel start WWIII WITH THEM!!)



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